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Ben 10 Power Trip APK + OBB Download For (Without Verification) Android/iOS

Are you a big fan of the BEN 10 show? If yes, then you will not disappoint with us as we have brought an amazing and exciting game that has a unique concept but is inspired by a popular cartoon show. The game is the ben 10 power trip apk game which is an open-world game made specifically for gamers who love to play action-adventure games and want to explore a 3-D animated environment.

Ben 10 power trip ios game is best known for its many things such as aliens, animation, intense fighting, and many more. So, if you are interested to know more about this game, its characters, aliens, gameplay, and many other things, then continue to read this post or simply click on the link to get this game.

About Of Ben 10 Power Trip APK

Ben 10 Power Trip Apk

Ben 10 power trip mobile is a famous 3-D open world which is released by Outright Games and offered by PHL Collective. Moreover, this ben 10 game was firstly introduced for the PlayStation, PC, Windows, Nintendo Switch, Xbox devices. But later it was developed for Android or iOS users.

Ben 10 power trip apk game comes with lots of animation effects, high Lightning, and good shaders that make it different from any other game available in the market. In this Ben 10 game, you not only play with Ben Tennyson but also with Kevin Levin irrespective of the different looks and abilities or strengths of aliens. Moreover, you can play many modes but the most interesting mode is the story mode which allows the gamers to see all its enemies.

Ben 10 Power Trip Android Important Points

Ben 10 Power Trip Apk
Ben 10 Power Trip Apk
  • Most importantly, the players have to control their favorite character Ben Tennyson and entire aliens.
  • Moreover, this ben 10 power trip apk download for the android game comes with three interesting modes which are co-op mode, split-screen mode, and story mode.
  • In split-screen mode, the players can play the game with their friends and test their skills against them. Whereas in story mode, you have to play the role of  Ben Tennyson and complete various level.
  • In addition, the jokes which are featured in this ben 10 power trip apk game are similar to an original cartoon story.
  • Also, it comes with High-quality 3-D animated graphics which make it feel like you are watching a real cartoon. 
  • Moreover, Kevin has different aliens than Ben Tennyson aliens. That’s why their look, design, power, and skills are very different from each other.
  • It also comes with Various managerial shows encountered in boss battles.
  • Also, you can use coins to upgrade the real power and energy of various aliens.

Characters Names

In this ben 10 power trip download for android game, you will see lots of characters. Out of them some of the characters will be friends or enemies.

  • Playable Characters: Ben Tennyson, Kevin Levin.
  • Non-Playable Characters: Max Tennyson, Gwen Tennyson, Ranger Ryan.
  • Enemies: Tree Monster, Rock Monster, Ice Monster, Hex, Lord Decibel.

Run Mini Cycles

Also, you run mini-cycles in this game as you know, this ben 10 power trip android game allows you to play with many aliens that you may have seen in the show. Most importantly, each alien has its abilities, strength and is used in different situations within the game like for power use four arms, for fire use heat exchanger, and many more. Some of the aliens are mentioned below. Heatblast, Four Arms, XLR8, Diamondhead, Rath, Shock Rock, and many more. Hot Shot, Quad Smack, Rush, Crystalfist, Bashmouth, Thornblade, and many more.

Gameplay Of Ben 10 Power Trip Mobile

As we know, this Ben 10 power trip apk game is an open 3D world game in which the gamers can move anywhere in the world to complete the mission. Most importantly, you have to control Ben Tennyson and all ten or more aliens which you can use in different situations in the game. Each alien has its abilities, skills, strength and comes with at least two Special Attack and one Ultimate in beginning. But later by winning various fights in the game, you can unlock more attacks that might be very powerful and Dangerous. Moreover, you will love the gameplay as it brings you back to your old age because of its extremely 3-D animated graphics.

Play As Kevil Levin

The most interesting thing about this ben 10 power trip game download for android apk game is that you can also control Kevil Levin. He is an 11-year-old boy or the villain of Ben 10 which has developed its Omnitrix by taking help from Vilgax. In the co-op mode, the gamers can control Kevin without confirmation. Most importantly, the player can only control the Kevin characters not the aliens hers as it is different from Tennyson’s.

Unlimited Money Ben 10 Power Trip Mod Apk

The gamers can unlock aliens using the coins or game currency in this ben 10 power trip game download apk. Moreover, they can earn or collect coins by winning various battles against enemies or by completing various missions. Also, you can explore the world which will help the players to earn more coins. With the help of these coins in this ben 10 power trip apk game, they can also upgrade their aliens and purchase various other items like clothes, shoes, etc. No doubt, the game is too long for the gamers to complete as it comes with lots of levels and enemies which they have to defeat. However, it makes this game more enjoyable.

Can Be Play Ben 10 Power Trip On iOS

Yes, this Ben 10 Power trip game is available for the android device. Moreover, to play this game your android device should have a minimum of 4GB RAM, at least 8GB free space in internal storage. If you meet the above requirements, then you will get a lag-free gaming experience and you will enjoy its high-quality 3-D animated graphics.

Errors Of Game

  • The main error you might see in the ben 10 power trip apk download game is that when Kevin changes to an alien, a green light appears whereas in the show red light appears.
  • Also, in some places, the name of Shock Rock aliens is misspelled as “Shockrock”.
  • You might see that the XLR8 alien helmet turns blue when the alien jumps while running at high speed.
  • Most interesting thing is that the gamers can see and cross the other buildings which don’t collide.

Version Information Of Ben 10 Power Trip Apk Without Verfication

Game Name Ben 10 Power
Developed ByPHL Collective
Version Of GameV1.0.0.18
Published ByOutright Games
Android Version Required6.0 and up
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How To Download Ben 10 Power Trip APK OBB For Android

  • First of all, click on the button and get the  Ben 10 power trip apk file and OBB file.
  • Once it gets downloaded, go inside the security setting and allow the unknown source permission.
  • After enabling, you have to tap on the apk file of this  Ben 10 power trip game and wait for some seconds.
  • Once it gets installed, copy the Ben 10 power trip OBB file to the correct folder.
  • Now, open this Ben 10 power trip game and grant access to all necessary permission.
  • Finally, start enjoying this amazing game with your friends.

FAQs Related To Ben Power Trip Download For Android

How many hours does it take to best Ben 10 power trip?

No doubt, the Ben 10 game is difficult and too big to play. But if the player continuously plays this game for 8-10 hours, he or she can easily beat this Ben 10: Power trip. The gameplay is so exciting and interesting to play, that’s why it is loved by many people across the world.

Is Ben 10 Power Trips free?

You can easily get this Ben Power Trips game free of cost from the link which we have mentioned in this post. Moreover, they don’t even have to pay inside the game to purchase any items and aliens as you will get it for free.


Hope you guys will love to play this Ben 10 power trip apk game on your mobile device due to its excellent story mode. Moreover, this Ben 10 game is inspired by the popular show i.e. Ben 10 which is loved by many people across the world. So, if you are a big fan of Ben Tennyson and the aliens, then this Ben 10 power trip mobile game is the best choice for you. No doubt, this open-world game provides intense or thrilling gaming mode but it has some errors which the developer might improve in the upcoming update. So, we recommend you play this Ben 10 game and start enjoying it with aliens.

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