Bully Anniversary Edition APK+OBB Highly Compressed Download For Android/iOS

Hey buddies we have come back again with an amazing and exciting game that is a popular real-life-based game. The game is bully anniversary edition apk which is an open-world game and known for its gameplay and missions it is based on school life where the main character stops bullying in the school which is interesting to play, trust me.

Bully anniversary edition mobile is the best role-playing and TPP open-world game set in the Bullworth i.e. a fictional town. In this bully anniversary edition free download game, the player will not get any harmful weapons such as guns, bombs, etc. But instead of this, you will get pocky weapons like normal punches, slingshots, paper, and many more. So, this post will help you to get to know more about this game, its missions, gameplay, and many more things.

About Of Bully Anniversary Edition APK

Bully anniversary edition apk game is a mobile game that is famous for its action-adventure gameplay and offered by Rockstar games. Usually, they develop Grand Theft games but this game gives them a good and new concept. If you like to play open world intense action games, then the bully anniversary edition is the best choice for you as it provides lots of thrilling moments which the gamers are thinking about. As we know, the game is based on the character which has the main motive to reduce the bully in college life. Therefore to reduce it, Jimmy Hopkins faces many difficulties which he has to clear and progress in the game.

Most importantly, the bully anniversary edition was firstly released on PC, Xbox, PlayStation5, Windows, MAC, PlayStation 4 but later due to its popularity the developers have made it for mobile users. Bully scholarship edition apk is a combination of an exciting story with limited combat like you will a paper ball, slingshot instead of a bomb, guns. These things make this game more interesting and make the story better.

Features Of Bully Anniversary Edition Android

  • An open-style world that is completely free to explore while roaming the university of the game.
  • Gimmicks such as rats from the toilet, chemical classes, and more are found to be interesting.
  • In this bully anniversary edition apk gamers can make their weapons or chemicals in the classroom which they can use in many situations.
  • Also, the main motive is to help Jimmy Hopkins so that he can change the wrong system of school .
  • Most importantly, if you find it difficult to complete a particular mission, then you can take help from your former partners in the bully anniversary edition apk game.

High-Quality Graphics

Most graphics are redrawn from the beginning or can said from the beginning. It is because the apk game of the most pressing game is a redesigned version. That is why the developer of this game has redesigned or brought some changes to make it more thrilling. The new thing which added in the game makes a new life for the video game as from there it gets more popular. With the latest photos designed with everything. The mobile version of the bully anniversary edition is a game for everyone.

Gameplay Of Bully Anniversary Edition Mobile

Undoubtedly, the bully anniversary edition apk game comes with extremely good and unique gameplay which you will not see in any other game.  In this 3-D open-world game, you will play the world of a character i.e. Jimmy Hopkins has the main motive to stop bullying in the school. This game is a single-player mode game and players have to control Jimmy Hopkins. Moreover, the gamers will get many pocket weapons such as paper balls, slingshots, and many more things used in the classroom which the gamers have to use to stop bullying. Throughout the story, Jimmy rises to the ranks of the school circles, the roots of which include Bullies, Preppies, Greasers, and Jocks.

Various Characters

The gamers will face many characters in the bully anniversary edition apk game. Major characters mentioned below which you will face.

  • Main Characters: Dr. Crabblesnitch, Jimmy Hopkins, Pete Kowalski, Russell Northrop, Gary Smith, Zoe Taylor.
  • Kissable Characters: Seth Kolbe, Miss Kopke, Pete Kowalski, Krakauer, Leon, Mrs. Lisburn.
  • Miscellaneous: Mom, officer Monson,  Trevor Moore, Moratti, Chad Morris, Officer Morrison, Bryce Montrose, and many more.
  • Cliques: There are six main cliques groups in the game such as Nerds, Bullies, Preppies, Greasers, Jocks, and Townies.
  • Authority Group: Karl Branting, Burton, Carvin, Dr. Crabblesnitch, Edna.
  • Faculty: Mr. Galloway, Hattrick, Officer Ivanovich, Seth Kolbe, Max MacTavish, Matthews, McRae, and many more.
  • Other Characters: Angie Negi,  Russell Northrop,  Kirby Olsen, Zack Owens, Bucky Pasteur, Miss Peters,  Ricky Pucino, Ramirez, and many more.

New Updates On Bully Anniversary Edition Mod Apk Latest Version

  • They have enhanced the graphics and added some new animation effects which make it look better in terms of quality.
  • Also, controls updated as well as which makes them more smooth.
  • The developer has also added 10 more new missions to make it a more interesting game.
  • Moreover, they have excluded the mice from the game as it is the most dangerous in the game.
  • They have added All bonus features to this game which helps the gamers to earn more game currency.
  • In this game, new characters and new classes introduced such as Biology, Music, Math, and Geography which makes it more exciting to play.
  • Introduces a new feature of backup and recovery that allows the player to save their game at any position.
  • Most importantly, all the bugs, errors, and problems have fixed by the developer in the update.

Device Requirements

If you want to experience lag-free gaming with high-quality graphics, then your android device should meet these minimum system requirements which we have mentioned below.

  • At least your android phone should have 4GB RAM.
  • Minimum 8GB space in internal storage.
  • Need android version 9.0 or more.
  • Need a smooth display.
  • Most importantly, the latest high-performance processor is needed.

Overall Summary Of Game

You get to play more than a hundred missions in the bully anniversary edition ios game such as Welcome to Bullworth, This Is Your School, The Setup, Slingshot, Save Algie, A Little Help, Defend Bucky, The Candidate, and many more which you have to complete. Moreover, each mission has its own unique story with a specific place and different targets. The gamers will face lots of difficulties while playing the mission. However, to progress in the bully anniversary edition mod apk game, they have to complete the mission.

Most importantly, on completing each Mission, the gamers rewarded with cash, new items, and many other things. If the Party respects Jimmy, it will act accordingly, if the Team insults Jimmy, they will beat him without hesitation. Without the machines, you can roam the open world of the game, destroy objects, and fight people for no reason, just for fun.

How To Download Bully Anniversary Edition APK OBB Highly Compressed For Android

Download bully anniversary edition apk game is straightforward for the gamers. They only have to read the instructions mentioned below to install this bully game on their mobile device.

  • First of all, click on the link and get the bully anniversary edition apk file and OBB file.
  • Then, grant access to unknown source permission inside the security setting.
  • After enabling, you have to tap on the apk of this bully anniversary edition and wait for some seconds until this game gets installed.
  • Once it gets installed, take the bully anniversary edition OBB file and copy it to the correct folder.
  • Now, open this amazing game and allow all required permission.
  • Finally, I’m starting to enjoy the gameplay and graphics of this game.

Final Words

Bully anniversary edition apk is the best choice for gamers who want to play some unique games. No doubt, this game comes with high-quality animated graphics but some bugs might be solved in future updates. Moreover, it is an overrated action-adventure game set in an open-world game that is played by many gamers across the world.

We are confident that after reading this entire post, your all queries get resolved regarding this bully anniversary edition game. Overall, this game comes with many good reviews that show it played by many gamers. Therefore, we suggest you get this bully anniversary edition mobile game and start enjoying the gameplay.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Bully Android worth playing?

Yes, of course, this Bully android game is worth playing on your mobile device due to its amazing gameplay, realistic graphics, and lots of gaming modes. Moreover, the game is different from any other action game in terms of controls which are very simple and smooth. 

Is the Bully anniversary edition for Kids?

No, this bully anniversary edition game is not available for the kids because its gameplay is suitable for adults. Moreover, it is not such a bad game for young gamers but some of the moments in the game are not suitable for them.

Can you get the bully anniversary edition on android?

You can get this bully mobile game on your android device from the link which we have provided in this post. Moreover, to play this amazing action game, your android device should meet minimum system requirements. If you want to experience lag-free gaming, then you should play this game on that android device that has these requirements.

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