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Days Gone APK OBB Data Download For Android/iOS Mobile

Hello friend!! Are you confused about which horror game will be best for you to play on mobile devices and looking for an action-packed horror game? If so, you have clicked the correct articles as we have discussed a fantastic and exciting horror game, i.e. Days gone apk which comes with unique gameplay and storyline than other horror games available in the market.

Days Gone apk an open-world adventure game made for people who love to play the game, full of action and horror. It is considered the best simulation horror game in terms of features and graphics. So, read this post until the end to learn everything about the game, its features, plot, gameplay, how to download it, and many more.

What Is Days Gone Apk OBB

Days Gone Apk

Days Gone mobile apk one of the most popular action-adventure horror games ever made by SIE Bend Studio. This game officially launched in 2019 by Sony Interactive Entertainment for the PC, PlayStation, Xbox users. Still, later due to its demand, this game launched for mobile users. Most importantly, the game created using the UE4 (Unreal Engine 4) and considered the best survival horror game ever made by the developer.

This game a full action-packed and adventure game because it comes with various thriller challenges. Making it more exciting to play on your android device. Most importantly, the graphics and gameplay of this day gone download for the android games are different from any action horror game available in the market.

Features Of Days Gone Mobile

  • There is no doubt, the day’s gone download apk comes with 3-D High-quality graphics that make your gaming experience more exciting and thrilling. Moreover, it gives you a realistic feeling that you are playing a real game.
  • In this days gone android game, you will explore many areas such as mountains, mines, forests, caves, small rural towns, and many more, which are both beautiful and lethal.
  • Most importantly, this day gone apk game comes with multiple gaming modes. Such as survival mode, Challenge mode, practice mode that makes this game more exciting to play.
  • In this day gone android apk obb download Game, you can use various customized items to defeat the gangs and Freakers. Some of them are customizable weapons, taps, drifter bikes, invaluable tools, and many more. Even you have to upgrade your skills to stay alive in the game.
  • Moreover, the days gone download for android games is straightforward. Because of its simple controls and even comes with an easy and attractive user interface.
  • Most importantly, you will enjoy playing the days gone game download for the android game. Due to its eye-catching environments such as exploring a dynamic world. Which you can adjust accordingly to surroundings like dramatic weather changes, a dramatic day and night cycle
  • Is free of cost as you don’t have to pay to download this game on any device, whether it’s an android, iOS or Windows, MacBook. You don’t even have to purchase the things inside the game.
  • No doubt, the storyline of this day gone game download for android is so exciting and a thriller as you are Deacon St. John who has suffered deep personal losses.


The game comes with an exciting story that begins with Deacon St. John, the main character of the story, Sam Witwe. Both of them are struggling in post-apocalyptic Oregon to survive. With Boozer, who has become his most trusted friend, he finds ways to live with shelter and the necessities of life.

In this game, Zombie-like Freakers pose various threats that you have to fight smartly. Freakers are just converted and infected by people who continue to attack you. Sometimes you will be carrying a few of them, but they can be a significant threat when they come in large numbers.

Gameplay Of Days Gone Android

Days Gone Apk
Days Gone Apk

The gameplay of this game download for android game is so exciting and exciting to play. It is similar to other survival games in which you have to protect yourself from various dangers. On days gone android, the player passes through Oregon, a region full of many Freakers and you will be riding a bike.

The player would only get a Deacon’s motorcycle to ride on. So take good care of the bike and do the proper care when it is most urgently needed. While building your camps, you will need to clear out criminal camps and Freaker nests. Make sure craftsmanship plays a significant role in days gone.

What Does A Player Need To Do In Days Gone Apk

The latest version of this days gone mobile game comes with many changes like adding new features, missions, enhancing the gameplay, which makes this game more exciting and exciting to play on any device. So, we recommend you play this horror game on your mobile device and get it for free. As the days have gone apk obb game progresses, players will need to make weapons, medicine, and other advanced equipment to stay in a terrifying open world.

The Stiff Protagonist

This game is undoubtedly the developer’s best and unique horror game due to its unique storyline and gameplay. Moreover, we are confident that you know everything about the games in this article. We have even provided a direct download link to get the latest version of the days gone game without verification.

New Update Of Days Gone Mobile

  • They Introduce New Game plus version.
  • In the upcoming update, the gamers might play multiplayer mode and enjoy this game with their friends or other people.
  • They have improved the graphics and sound quality of the days gone mobile apk obb game to enhance you more while playing the game.
  • Moreover, you may see a few more customized weapons in the game with different abilities to defeat the player.
  • They introduce many new modes, such as Survival Mode and challenging mode, which will make this game more enjoyable to play.
  • New features are also introduced, like Ultrawide monitor support for the PC version of this days gone apk obb download for android game.
  • Also, they added various Bike skins of different styles and unlocked frame rates.
  • The most important update you will see is that the game developer has increased the level of details, field view, foliage draw distances, and many more changes have been made to improve this game.

Device Requirement

  • The latest version of Android 5.0 or up required to start playing this game
  • At least your phone may have 4Gb RAM
  • Minimum your phone should have 6GB of free space needed in internal storage.
  • Good display and speaker to enjoy the graphics and sound.
  • Good internet connection

Short Information Of Days Gone Game Download For Android

Name Of GameDays Gone Game
Developer NameSIE Bend Studio
App Size60MB
OBB Size2.4 GB
Published BySony Interactive Entertainment
Installed Apk5M+
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How To Download Days Gone Apk No Verification

It’s easy for gamers to download days gone apk and OBB data files on your mobile device. If you find it difficult to install and download this Day gone game on your mobile device, then follow the instructions mentioned below.

  • First of all, get the days gone apk file and OBB file from the download button we provided in this post.
  • After this, find the apk file and OBB file of days gone inside the download folder.
  • Then, simply click on it, and immediately, a pop-up window will appear to permit access to unknown sources.
  • Now, simply enable the unknown sources and start installing this game.
  • Once the game gets installed, you have to copy the days gone obb data file to the correct folder; otherwise, this game will not work or show an error if you copy the file in the wrong folder.
  • After this, you have to open this Day gone game on your mobile device and allow the necessary permissions.
  • Finally, start playing this horror game on your mobile devices and enjoy its gameplay.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How many hours of Gameplay are Days gone game?

The gamers can finish the campaign of the Days Gone in 30-60 hours as we know that gameplay is so straightforward to play, and even those who are looking to make a straight run to complete the gameplay and rush the experience in l 30-35 hours only.

Is Days Gone available on Android?

Yes, this day Gone apk game is available on android devices due to its demand and popularity. Moreover, your android phone must have at least 4GB RAM and 6 GB free space in internal storage to run this game smoothly. Also, your phone should have the latest android version as it requires Android 5.0 or more. In addition, you can get this game on your android device from the download button, which we have provided in this post for totally free.

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