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Diablo Immortal APK + OBB Download For Android/iOS (Beta Version)

APP NameDiablo Immortal APK OBB
File Size96.8MB + 2.32GB
Latest VersionV1.5.4
Android VersionAndroid 6.0 and Above
DeveloperBlizzard Entertainment
CategoryRPG Games
Last UpdatedSeptember 2022
Total Downloads100M+

Multiplayer fighting games are loved by people all over the world because you can play them against real players. Not only this but these games allow you to add your friends to the game, form a team, and play altogether. You can search for games like these in the app store to find a huge list but not all of them will be worth downloading. If you love playing these types of games then you might be interested in downloading Diablo Immortal APK for Android although there are many Diablo games available out there but the Diablo Immortal is the latest among all. It has got some pretty good graphics and a storyline.

Diablo Immortal Android APK

You can learn more about the Diablo Immortal game from this page and even download it. Doesn’t matter what type of Android device you are using, you can always play this game on it. Diablo mobile game is already very popular around the world and this new edition has increased its popularity a lot more. If you haven’t played this game yet then it is your chance to try your hands at it. Although the game is about a few GB in size, it won’t put a burden on your device. Because of the highly optimized interface and options. So, don’t wait more and download Diablo Immortal APK’s latest version from this page.

What Is Diablo Immortal APK MOD?

Diablo Immortal is basically a massively multiplayer online role-playing game which is developed by Blizzard Entertainment, Inc. The game was first launched in the month of May and has been downloaded more than 100M times from the Play Store itself. It is very easy to play so you don’t have to worry about being new to the game. Also, this game comes with many new features that aren’t available in other editions of the Diablo mobile games. Since the game showcases violence, it must be played by players who are at least 17 years old and we will recommend you watch its gameplay video first before downloading it.

Diablo Immortal Android APK Gameplay

Diablo Immortal APK OBB Download For Android
Diablo Immortal Beta Version
Diablo Immortal Offline Version

This game basically shows the fight between angels and demons where both of them try to take control of the region. New players will find this game interesting because no other RPG games like Diablo Immortal are available out there. Remember that while fighting the demons, you have to prevent the return of Lord of Terror and collect the shattered fragments of the corrupted World stone. You can easily customize your character and upgrade his skills to become stronger than your enemies. Players of this game have got a very vast world to explore. So this game is definitely going to indulge you in the gameplay.

Diablo Immortal APK Offline Version Features

High Graphics Quality

There are only a few mobile games out there that have proved to be a worthy option. When it comes to good graphics quality. Well, the Diablo Immortal game is built with the latest technology and methods so you can expect it to look good to the eyes. The game will adapt the best video quality settings automatically but if you want then you can also customize it accordingly.

Works On All Devices

Since the game is made to run on all types of platforms (mobile and PC), it is necessary to make it run cross-platforms. You just need to have a few GB of space to play it as there are no specific requirements for it. We have mentioned the information about the installation file below and you can read it if you want to know what type of devices are supported by it.

Upgrade Your Characters

The Diablo Immortal game becomes more enjoyable when you upgrade your characters to have more skills and weapons. There are 5 main characters in the game and each of them has got different attacking techniques. You must understand their playing abilities and use them properly to take down the enemies. With these installation files, you will get unlimited resources to reach the maximum level of your characters for free.

No Payment Required

While the game can be downloaded for free, there are some in-game purchases available. You will have to shell out some real money if you want to enjoy those features and that isn’t a cup of tea for every gamer out there. That is why we have shared the Diablo Immortal MOD APK on this page that comes with all paid features for free so you don’t have to spend anything.

Completely Free & Safe

We have provided the Diablo Immortal direct download link here. Unlike other websites that are asking users to complete their surveys in order to get the game. You can always use this page to get the game for your devices and also, and the files are scanned too. For additional security, you can scan the files locally before installing them.

How To Download Diablo Immortal Alpha APK + OBB For Android

The features mentioned above are enough to let anyone understand what this game has to offer. If you have read them then you might have got an idea already and we think you are now ready to do Diablo Immortal APK download. You can use the link mentioned below to get yourself a copy of the Diablo Immortal APK file. Once you have downloaded it, use the manual APK installation method to install the game on your devices. The game will come with an OBB file too and it contains necessary data related to the game so you will have to download and use both the files shared here to run the game smoothly.

  • Use the links mentioned above to get the installation files for your device.
  • Next, open the device’s Settings and go to the Security Settings.
  • You have to enable an option named “Unknown Sources” to begin installing the files.
  • Go to the folder where you have saved the downloaded files.
  • Use the APK file to Install the game but don’t run it.
  • Then use the OBB file to extract its contents into the Android/OBB folder.
  • Now you are ready to run the game.
  • Simply use the shortcut created on the home screen to run the game.

How To Download Diablo Immortal iOS For iPhone

Diablo Immortal game is available for both Android and iOS devices. You can either visit the respective store to get this game or look for an installation file on websites like ours. The files shared above will work only with Android OS devices. So if you are looking for Diablo Immortal for iPhone or iPad, then do get in touch with us.

FAQs Related To Diablo Immortal APK Latest Version

Can You Download Diablo Immortal APK For PC?

Yes, the game can be played on PC devices by using the Battle.net website. Once opened, the website will let you know about the steps that must be followed to get this game running on your PC. If you want unlimited resources in the game, then you might want to download and install the Diablo Immortal APK OBB files on an Android emulator.

How To Update Diablo Immortal Android Game?

Once the game is installed on your PC, the installation status of it will also change in the app store too. You can either install the updates from your respective app store or you can use the Diablo Immortal latest version APK and OBB file from this page to install the updates. Either way, it can be done without any assistance.

What Is Diablo Immortal Release Date?

Diablo Immortal game was released in June 2022 worldwide and now it is available on every device. Though remember that there are some places where the game might appear in the app store. If you are facing such an issue, then you can always use the Diablo Immortal APK + OBB files to install the game manually.

Is Diablo Immortal APK Download Safe?

Every file shared on this website is tested by our members so you can download and use them without worrying about anything. Beware of fake websites that might try to provide unauthorized installation files. If you want the best and safest version of the game, then consider using our website for downloading it.

Final Words

Diablo Immortal APK for Android is among the highest searched terms around the world and you’ll understand it after trying your hands on it. We have already provided the latest Diablo Immortal game for Android on this page and you just have to use it to install it on your devices. So, don’t wait and give it a try today.

We always keep the post updated with the updated download link. So you can always visit it to get one for yourself. The game isn’t very hard to play so you won’t need assistance in playing it although you might need help in downloading and installing it. If so, then you can always contact us with your queries.

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