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We all remember the famous cat robot that came into the 20th century, from 200 years into the future. The sweet robot with its charming personality and the instinct to help others. Nobita Nobi, the one who needed help from this robot, was the main character of Doraemon. This Japanese anime is considered to be one of the best anime in the world. If you consider the entire anime community, you would realize that it contains some serious anime series like Death Note and Dragon Ball Z. Yet, Doraemon tops the list of the most successful Japanese anime ever. In this article, we would discuss the Doraemon 3D game and all its amazing features. Doraemon 3 game download APK Android is one of the most famous Doraemon games on the internet. It has amazing gameplay, beautiful graphics, and a very heart-touching story.

doraemon 3d game

The story revolves around the same plotline as the original anime series, where the cat robot is on a mission to help a very foolish and not so sincere Japanese boy named Nobita Nobi.  Although foolish, the boy has a very sensitive heart and is good to all his friends. We also see Shizuka, Gian, and Suneo as characters as well. Doraemon 3 game free download MOD APK is a fun game that is good for your child to learn as well.

Doraemon 3 Game Download APK Introduction

The Doraemon 3 game download APK 20 MB is all about farming and utilities. The game revolves around the story of Nobita Nobi, and his pet cat Doraemon, who is actually a robot. This robot has been given to Nobita by his great-grandson, under the pretext that it would help his grandfather succeed in life. In actuality, Nobita is a very foolish student who neither scores well in his academics nor does he score well in his life. His only lady love, Shizuka, is rather annoyed with him regarding his wrongdoings, and he ends up marrying the sister of a bully. This is why the great-grandson sends Doraemon to help him with his life, and the game is all about farming with the help of Doraemon.

Gameplay Of Doraemon Gadget Rush Game

doraemon game
doraemon game download

Opening into the large expanse of Japan, and its famous cities, the game revolves around the main character Nobita Nobi. We all loved Doraemon and his 4th-dimensional pocket. The pocket allows him to carry almost anything and everything, and has gadgets that help Nobita to succeed in life. If you love Doraemon, you would have always wanted a bamboo copter and the famous door. Well, in this game it would be possible for you to get those objects as a part of in-game accessories. The game is all about farming equipment where you have to peacefully grow crops and make sure that the entire town is happy and the agricultural resources do not end. Doraemon Android game APK is an open-world game with unlimited possibilities.

Doraemon 3D game: Suneo DoraCat Run3D Features

Although Doraemon is an anime that focuses mainly on children’s viewership, the graphics of this game is actually insane. If you are an original viewer of this anime, and you have been watching this anime since your childhood, you would know that this anime is basically animated at low cost. It doesn’t have huge fights and high-quality scenes like Demon Slayer or any other anime does. However, when it comes to the game, we see that it is enveloped in graphics that are of high definition. You can even focus on the farming tools and not lose a single pixel from the screen. Doraemon 3 game Android APK has extensive graphic settings for lower specs devices as well.

Easy Controls

The controls of a game define the type of control that you have over the character and the scenes around the character. The video game is not just good in controls for characters, but it gives you a number of options to control the scenery, the game settings, the positioning of various equipment, gadgets, and other characters as well! It is basically designed to give gamers complete control of the game. You can move all your farming equipment if you combine them with the gadgets in your inventory. You can even control other characters and make them work for your field as well.

Non-Repetitive Gameplay

What was the worst thing that happened when you were watching Doraemon? Do you remember the rage that was boiling inside you because you had to watch the same episode for the nth time now? Yes, Doraemon does have some of the most beautiful episodes ever, and it has over a thousand of them to watch, but it does get repetitive a lot. However, the game is not like the anime. It has non-repetitive gameplay and you won’t see the same things again. Once you have enough tools and types of equipment, you would continually advance through the upper levels of the game and it would get even more exciting.

Interesting Story Mode

This game that is based on the original storyline intended for the anime. The main storyline is where the great-grandson of Nobita Nobi gifts a new robot named Doraemon to his grandfather, in hope that this would change his life for good. Originally, the main character is doomed in life and is unsuccessful by the end. As Doraemon lives with Nobita, he continues to improve his life by giving him certain 22 and 23rd-century gadgets that are so advanced that it feels like magic. This Doraemon open-world game APK revolves around the same perspective, where you are Nobita and you would have the help of Doraemon to complete your farming.

Play Online Or Offline

What’s common with Hay Day, Clash of Clans, Battle Royale, and Farm House Escape? They are all online games. What you need to play these games is a stable internet connection. Any problem with the internet would result in crashing the game and you would lose all your savings. People who love Doraemon come from different backgrounds and we all belong to the era of TV serials. We didn’t have Smart TVs back then, and it was weird to even imagine the internet. With that in mind, this game is also offline, and you don’t need to worry about pings and internet speed while enjoying this game. 

Quick Information Of Doraemon Game APK OBB File

App NameDoraemon APK
File Size56.4MB + 1.64GB
Latest VersionV6.54
DeveloperBandai Namco
Last UpdatedApril 2022
Android VersionAndroid 5.0 and Above
Total Downloads10M+

How To Download and Install Doraemon Game APK OBB For Android

Doraemon Android game download is easy and there is only one way where you could download the game. The original way was the Play Store, or the App Store, but once you search it on the Play Store, you won’t find the game. Due to some issues, it is not available in the store. The only way is to download this game from this website, and you would find it absolutely easy. You just have to follow all the steps mentioned below, and you can easily download and install the game. You need to have the following specifications on your device to download the file, and they are as follows:-

  1. 1 GB of RAM that is free.
  2. At Least 2 GB free.
  3. The Android version should be at least more than Jellybean.
  4. The APK for the game and the N64 Emulator.

To download the game, follow the steps below: –

  • Click on the download button on this website and download the zip file.
  • Go to the Play Store and download the Zarchiver or Google Files app and N64 emulator.
  • Unzip the file and make sure you make a separate folder for the same.
  • Now open the N64 emulator and locate the game on your device.
  • Open the game and enjoy.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. Is It Legal To Play The Game From The Unofficial Version?

A1. Yes, it is. Just because it is downloaded from this website and not the Play Store, it doesn’t make the game illegal. All rights and obligations for the game are complete to the developers and the producers of the game. This website is just a means to download the game easily since it is not available on the App Store.

Q2. How Would You Update The Doraemon Unreleased Game APK?

A2. It is as easy as downloading the game right now. You just have to follow up when the update is available on this website. Sometimes, the game would announce the update and direct you to this website. You can check updates from this website, about once a month, and you can download if there are any available.

Q3. Is Doraemon Game Safe To Download?

A3. The is said to have many viruses attached to the APK that harm your device. It is said that it is because many children unknowingly click on the download button. But, rest assured, this website is completely safe and the APK is screened for any viruses and bugs.

Final Words

Doraemon Android Game is said to be one of the most addictive games with amazing gameplay, an interactive atmosphere, and endless possibilities. The APK would not only give you a nostalgic feeling and remind you of the days when you used to watch Doraemon, but it would also give you a feeling of being inside the game.

The game is not about scoring points or collecting money or data or even farming. It is also not about the subtle gaming techniques that are used by other games. It is fun and relaxing and the objective of the game is to relax your mind and make you feel like a child again. So, don’t wait and download apk file today from this page.


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