Download New DBZ TTT Mod Bt3 Mod For Android

The dragon ball Tenkaichi tag team is a best game for android it a psp game. Then friends today I am bringing a new dragon ball z tenkaichi tag team mod. Which come with new characters Goku mastered ultra instinct, vegeta blue evolution, gogeta Ssj4 blue. This is a amazing dragon ball z and dragon ball super game for android and you can play this game help us by psp name emulator. DBZ ttt is a Fighting 3D emulator game for mobile phone. This DBZ ttt mod have many dragon ball super characters also friends the game have customize menu. Can you see the screen shot the menu are very hd.

The mod create by ps touch youtube channel. They put the new characters and a fully new uniqe hd menu. The mod no have permanent menu this is a biggest cons of this mod otherwise it a uniqe dragon ball z tenkaichi tag team mod for android psp.

Game Features


Goku Lssj – The game come with Goku legendary super Saiyan form and this is a screen shot which you can see. Friends I am think this is a perfect model and textures of legendary super Saiyan goku. The modder perfectly add the green colur in Goku super legendary form. Goku Lssj form attack name super legendary kamehameha and a super genkidama port.

Broly 3D Lssj – Broly is legendary super Saiyan in dragon ball super characters. Can you see a image of Broly legendary super Saiyan. Then friends in this dbz ttt mod put the 3D Lssj Broly form. And Broly all attacks just based on animation attack.

Kelfla – Kelfla is a dragon ball super character and the kelfa all forms ssj are has been coming in this post.

Gogeta Xv2 – Gogeta xv2 port are coming in this with xenoverse 2 textures and model. This dbz ttt mod gogeta character have xenoverse 2 style kamehameha.

Vegito 3D – In this game has been coming vegito super saiyan blue with ultimate port and the texture model type are 3D.

Friends this is means in this dbz ttt mod graphics my means all characters textures and model are just based. On 3D super hd graphics which you see the some screen shot of this game so friends this dbz ttt mod is good and i am recommend you can try this dbz ttt mod because it a unique dbz ttt mod.

This mod recently develop by ps touch modder so this dbz ttt mod creator name is ps touch. This dragon ball z tenakichi tag team provide amazing experience for dragon ball fans because the dragon ball tenakichi tag team a famous android and psp game.

Game Characters List

  • Dragon Walker Z – The dragon walker is basically dragon ball z story line option so all dbz ttt mod have only dbz story line but. This mod have DBS walker story line.
  • TG. Mod – The tg mod just based on traning option the friends you can learn easily all controls of dragon ball z tenkaichi tag team mod.
  • Battle Mod – You can play different type arcade and battles in this game so select your favorite character and enjoy your game. Friends many peoples ask me can dbz ttt mod run on 1GB ram phones?. So friends my answer is yes you can play this game in 1GB ram phone because the original dragon ball z tenakichi tag team not want to highest device top play this game.

How To Download The Game In Mobile Phone

  1. First Download PPSSPP Emulator From Google Play Store.
  2. Second Step Download DBZ TTT Mod In Mobile Phone.
  3. The file type is rar or zipe you need to extract the file.
  4. Four Step Is Download Z Archiver App On Google Play Store.
  5. Fifth Step Extract Your Game File Help Us By Z Archiver.
  6. Six Step Open Your PPSSPP Emulator And Select Your Game.
  7. Friends You Can See Your Game Is Work So Enjoy Your Game.

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