Dragon Ball Super Mugen Apk Download

Dragon Ball Super Mugen Apk Download

Hello friends the dragon ball super is a 2D Pixel fighting game for android. It is a dragon ball super and dragon ball z anime game. But the game not run in one gb ram mobile phone so you have 1gb ram mobile phone. The dragon super mugen game upgraded version is a bleach vs naruto because the bleach vs naruto game come with 400+ characters. Another way the dragon ball super game come with around 60 characters but both games are the best. Then download DBS Mugen Apk on android.

In this version you will not all anime characters like bleach vs naruto 400+ characters game. Although you will see the dragon ball super characters and some bugs other wise the game so good. Goku ultra Instinct, Super sayian 5 goku, full power form of jiren, vegeta blue evolution. In this game you will see 60+ characters. The game graphics just based on bleach vs naruto game graphics. It a DBS Mugen apk do you not need emulator to play this game.

Which New Characters Ins DBS Mugen Apk

DBS Mugen Apk
DBS Mugen Apk

Guys which you can see a image of this game background are just liked dragon ball fighterz, dragon ball legends. Game option are basic team play, sibgle play, option, training all option are same and will you this option in bleach vs naruto & naruto shippuden storm 4 clima x let’s see the game characters name in this game.

The game characters list in divide in two parts then friends let’s know which characters in first part.

  1. Goku DBS – In the first characters list available dbs broly movie goku with cloth all attacks are based on dbs broly movie anime. Then this means you can see in this game all anime attacks of the characters.
  2. Gt Goku – Goku gt is non canon character but many peoples like the dragon ball gt anime so friends in this game available gt goku two forms. Goku base form and super saiyan 5 form.
  3. Jiren – Jiren base and final form are available in this game friends as you know that in dragon ball super jirent is most popular anime character. Many peoples want to me best dragon ball super game with dbs characters. Then this game are so good because this game come with all dbs characters also game come with character voice and different type game maps.
  4. Vegeta – The game has been come with vegeta base, super saiyan blue. Vegeta blue evaluation with galick gun official anime attack.
  5. Turles – The turles is a dbz character but you can see in this game turles character.

Game Play

DBS Mugen Apk
DBS Mugen Apk

Friends as you know that the dragon ball z is a very famous anime and every dragon ball z and dragon ball super want to play 2D & 3D dragon ball games in mobile phone. So friends i am want to say that i am brought. The dragon ball tenkaichi tag team mods and dbz Mugen game for android.

  • Game Size :- The bleach vs naruto game size about 2.0 Gb but the Dragon Ball Super Mugen game size 300mb and both game are same to comapre the graphics.
  • Platrfrom Of Game :- The game run on android no iOS devices then friends you can only play this game in android phone.
  • Game Requirements :- You need about above 2gb ram mobile phone and 6.7ghz octa core processor and friends the game is much better to bleach vs naruto Mugen game.
  • New Life Bar :- Friends as you know that a lot peoples like life bar mod friends which you can see the image the devloper add the Xenoverse 2 style life bar mod in this Mugen game.
  • Controls :- The controls is are similar to bleach vs naruto Mugen game so no new layout of controls in this Mugen game.

Friends I think this is a best dragon ball z game for android. In another word do you find a best dragon ball z and Naruto Mugen game so you can download this game becouse I am never see a better and best Mugen game like of this.

Name Of The GameDragon Ball Super Mugen Apk
Game Size300 Mb
Type Of GameFighting And Open World
Game ByN/a
Graphics Type Of The Game2D Pixel Graphics Game
2D Game Requirements2GB Ram, Android 6.0


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