Dragon Ball Z Extreme V2 Apk DBZ Extreme Mugen Apk

Hello friends welcome back the another of our site android4game so friends today post are fully amazing. Becouse today I am brought you new DBZ Mugen apk so I hope are you like this game.

Friends this game name is dragon ball z extreme v2 Mugen apk. And this Mugen game are fully diffrent to others Mugen game and the game size only 37 mb.

The DBZ Extreme v2 Mugen apk have many features and the Game size is very small to compare other Mugen game. For example power warriors and z champions Mugen game.

Friends for your information Mugen is 2d pixel fighting DBZ game and anime fans also like. To Play new Mugen game in android phone then friends the DBZ Extreme Mugen apk V2 are nice Mugen gam I hope are you understand what is a Mugen apk games.

Friends the devloper make this game just like DBZ Extreme butoden. Guys are you know that DBZ Extreme butoden is good game but the game want highest ram mobile phone but friends you can play this game on 1gb ram phone easily.

Friends i provide the some game information and also screen shot of the game with media fire download link. Friends do you like the power warriors Mugen game so let’s check out our old post becouse. I am brought the how you can play power warriors 12.0 apk in mobile phone easily. Then friends let’s know some information about of DBZ Extreme v2 Mugen game.

Characters In DBZ Extreme Mugen Apk

DBZ Extreme Mugen

Friends are see a screen shot of DBZ Extreme Mugen apk so the game life bar and controls are fully new. The Mugen game graphics are very epic to other Mugen game I think friends. It’s a best mugen for android mobile phone.

Friends the game are good but in this game have only five characters. I know that the characters are very low other Mugen game but I am like this game graphics.

Which Characters in DBZ Extreme Mugen Apk :- Friends I am already say that the game have only five characters so let’s know which characters have in this game.

Goku – The Goku is a very famous characters in Dragon Ball series so Goku base and Goku ssg God form have in this ga. But the game not coming with Goku ui and Goku god blue form becouse the game is new.

Vegeta – In this game have Vegeta base form only so this game not coming with Vegeta all form this biggest cons of this game.

DBS Broly – Yes the game have dragon ball super broly with his legeandary form but this game no have any other character. For example gogeta blue Frieda golden other wise this Mugen apk are so good.

Goku Black : DBZ Extreme mugen apk have dragon ball super. Power full character Goku black with dark kamehameha and also sword.

Super Saiyan Rose :- The DBZ Extreme Mugen apk also have super Saiyan rose. Goku black with his sword rose thee sword look like real.

More About The Game

DBZ Extreme Mugen

1 Vs 1 – This mugen game have only one battle type mode this means in this game not coming arcade, team vs team option.

Training – This option just based on training mod then you can practice with your favorite character to using of this option. You also learn some controls so i am recommends try now this mugen game i am sure guys are you like very much to this mugen game in your phone.

Fusion Dance – In this game have goku and vegeta fusion dance the animation are just based on dragon ball super broly movie. Then the fusion dance is a great features.

Additional Information – Friends you can run this game easily 1gb ram phone so i think do not need highest phone like 4gb ram and snap dragon processor. I am provide the media fire download link of dbz extreme mugen apk .

  • Ultimate Coins
  • Media Fire Download Link
  • 2D Pixel Graphics
  • Fighting Game
  • New Life Bar
  • New Controls
  • Five Characters

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