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Hello friends today I am brought you new dragon ball z mugen apk for android phone. Friends, this is absolutely new dragon ball z game. This game comes with playble character from around 77 with different different Stages. You will get to see character of dragon ball af, dragon ball super and dragon ball gt in this game. Very good friends. This game is like this for windows platform but you can play this game in your android phone. This means this game runs in android phone with the help of exagear name emulator.

This game is based on dragon ball z. This is a mugen fighting game. In this game’s graphics 2D pixel type friends, I want to tell you that in this game you have any type of dragon ball z, dragon ball super, dragon ball gt. Will not see the story line of this because it is a fan made dragon ball z game. This game is quite good and this game can run in android mobile with the help of cable emulator, friends only want to say that this is not an apk game.

Friends, you will need a good mobile phone like proccesior of at least 2gb ram and 1.2ghz. If you play this game in 1gb ram bale mobile phone, you will have some lag in this game.


About Of The Game

Dragon Ball Z Mugen

Friends, as you can see in the image above, the background of this game looks exactly like dragon ball z Budokai 3 and the character in this game is also up to 77 and friends as you know are very good at playing Mugen game of dragon ball z.

  1. Friends, in this game you will get to see all the forms of goku like goku suoer saiyan 5 and goku mastred ultra instinct etc. Also you will get to see all the forms of Vegito in this game with animation potara fusion style.
  2. In this game you will get to see gogeta super saiyan and super saiyan 4 playble character. And this game comes with all forms of vegeta like vegeta super saiyan 3 and vegeta super saiyan 4 with bt4 attack.
  3. Guy’s you will get to see turlesh, bardock and napa character in this game.0This means the game comes with all the characters of dragon ball z.
  4. This dragon ball z game comes with the character android 16, android 17 gt style, android 18 etc.
  5. Friends, you will get to see the character of this game all dragon ball, this is an amazing dragon ball z mugen game and you will get to see many options in this game.
  6. In this game you will get to see some new features like combos, new ki charging, Ultimate attack like kamehameha, guard counter attack and fusion character like Gogeta, vegito and gotenks

Information Of Game

Dragon Ball Z Mugen
Dragon Ball Z Mugen
Dragon Ball Z Mugen

Friends, as you can see the images of the game, it is the best dragon ball z game.

  • Z Story :- Friends, you will see a z Story name option in this game. This option is based on the story line of dragon ball z and this game comes with the sagas of dragon ball z and dragon ball gt.
  • Arcade Battle :- Friends, this is an arcade mode which is on the battle mode or friends you can play this game with your friends as well. But guys this is a multiplayer dragon ball z game and. You will not need to unlock any character in this game, because in this game. You will get all the character already.
  • Other Option :- Friends, you can also customize the graphics like game resolution, game music and. Battle timing of this game is the size of the game is up to 1.6gb. riends, the size of this game is much higher but it is a very good DBZ mugen game.
  • Team Mode :- Friends, this game comes with the option of. Team mode name, this means that you can create a team of your favorite three character and enjoy this game.
  • Watch :- The watch name option is based on the option of cpu vs cpu name and the controls of. This game are quite good guys, you can control the character spacial attack of. Dragon ball z with the option of watch name.
  • Game Size :- Game size is up to 1.6 gb it a amazing DBZ Mugen game for android phone.
  • Game Platform :- Friends, you can play this game only on android phone.

Dragon Ball Z Mugen Apk Information

Name Of The GameDragon Ball Z Mugen
Game Size1.6 Mb
Type Of Game3D Game
Graphics Type Of The GameFighting Anime Game
2D Game Requirements1GB Ram, Android 6.0

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