Fall Guys Apk + OBB Download For (Without Verification) Android/iOS

Hello friends!! Do you get bored and want to play an exciting and fantastic game on your mobile device? If so, then we have brought a tremendous game, i.e., Fall guys apk the gameplay is straightforward, but you will enjoy it for hours by playing this game There are many different types of games available, but they all come with different gameplay, controls, storyline, different kinds of levels, and many more.

But still, you can’t enjoy the game due to its gameplay or good player. Therefore, you can play this fall guys mobile apk game on your mobile device. Its gameplay is unique and exciting compared to other arcade games available in the market. This post will discuss everything about this fall guys apk game, its mod features, gameplay, games, how to download fall guys apk no human verification on your mobile, and many more.

Fall Guys Apk OBB Description

Fall Guys Apk

Fall guys ultimate knockout apk is one of the most popular entertaining simulation games for mobile users offered by Popup Studio developer and published by devolver Digital. It’s a multiplayer royale battle game that looks like 60 jelly beans compete, and only one player can claim the crown. Moreover, this fall guys android apk game comes with various modes like Bonus mode, Race mode, hunt mode, logic mode, final mode, and survival mode. It is considered the best party game to play with a group of people, especially with friends.

No doubt, the fall guys mobile game is fun in itself as you will enjoy this game when you play it on your mobile device. It comes with decent graphics, attractive and straightforward UI which will not make you bored. The game was first launched for PC, PlayStation, and MAC. Still, the developers launched fall guys on mobile devices due to its popularity. Also, this game is inspired by a popular game, i.e.Takeshi’s Castle game. Most importantly, the players can choose different outfits they have to wear in the game like pink unicorns, trendy dinosaur outfits, octopus, aliens, anime characters costumes, and many more outfits available in this game.

Features Of Fall Guys Mobile Apk

Well! It’s the Mod version of the Fall guys game, which means it comes with many premium features. Several great and amazing features of this fall guys mod apk game are mentioned below.

  • You will get Unlimited money and various other things for free by using the MOD version. Fall guys mod apk game makes it easier for you to purchase anything like skins, emotes, cosmetics, and many more. Moreover, the in-game currency of this ame is kudos. As in the original version, the gamers have to finish the race to earn kudos, whereas by using this version, you get kudos for free.
  • No doubt, fall guys android game comes with an attractive and simple UI that even a kid can play. Moreover, the gameplay is very simple and exciting so that you will never be bored.
  • Moreover, we should thank the developer for making this fall guys ios game in small size. It only needs less space on your mobile device.
  • Even you will have unlimited outfits which you wear during the game. There are different types of outfits that are based on anime, animals, and sweet characters.
  • Even you will love this fall guys android no verification game due to its eye-catchy graphics, which are never boring.
  • In addition, after finishing every 2 levels in this fall guys apk game, you will be able to play this Bonus round. In this, you can earn more kudos and outfits.
  • The best part of this fall guys download apk game is that you will not see any advertisements while playing the game.

Accessible To Play

Fall Guys Apk
Fall Guys Apk

Most importantly, fall guys ultimate knockout mobile game is very easy to play, but sometimes you may find it challenging to play on some level. But the controls are easy to understand as you only require your thumb to play.

Challenging Missions

As we know, the main aim for gamers is to finish the race. In a short time, you will face many challenging obstacles to cover and keep going. No doubt, this fall guys android download game is entirely free to play and download on any device. You don’t have to purchase this game from the official website. Moreover, you don’t have to buy anything inside the game like outfits, emotes, or more for free.


Most of the games in fall guys knockout apk is a game that involves playing the progression of small games. In contrast to straightforward games, which are clear pieces with a predetermined number of members. More minor games are usually grouped into four basic circles: sports, patience, fishing, and reason. Many discount games include the difficulty of turning down continuously, including a rotating platform or a large rotating hammer. Classes will change a player’s position by following or separating the science of game material. A few small games have co-op components.


The more minor games entered into the contest involve the paying members reaching the final goal. Other players will be eliminated until a predefined number of players cross the final destination. Many endless obstacles remain on the way, paving the way for the final goal. Extensive dynamic articles continue to follow the path of the final goal, avoiding players who clash with short-term goals. Intelligent stages are often an additional test during the obstacle course. Focused checks are accessible in a tangible way so players can continue the blocking process.

Gameplay Of Fall Guys Android

There is no doubt in acknowledging that the gameplay of this fall guys apk download game is unique and exciting to play. In this game, 60 jelly bean-like players compete with each other. Most importantly, the developer gives this game a battle royale style like other popular multiplayer royale battle games available in the market.

Every player in this fall guys ultimate knockout android game is designed like jelly beans. They can perform several tasks such as jumping, diving, catching, and many more within the game. Our main goal is to find those who qualify for the next rounds. To do that, we have to complete our small games with randomly selected games. Even these mini-games have a goal to finish the race first to win the game. Moreover, you will come through many obstacles, which you have to avoid and keep going.

Those guys who appear to be very slow or fail to meet specific requirements within the mini-game game are removed and end up losing the fall guys apk game. The player who knows to be the last living player in the game becomes the winner.

Some Exciting Things About The Game

The fall guys ultimate knockout has many fun outfits which you can choose. You can switch to different beautiful colours from these funny and sweet outfits. Moreover, the gamers can get a dinosaur, pink vegetable outfits. Also, you can play this fall guys android apk download game by wearing different outfits like aliens, candy, anime characters, octopuses. Significantly, the wardrobe is constantly updated. You will indeed find something unique.

Another fantastic thing is that the rules and controls of this fall guys android game are straightforward. It means you must survive and complete the game. Significantly, after the end of the game, the players are not included in the ring.

Reviews And Rating

This game looks straightforward, but to be very honest, that is hard. However, some players are trying to survive in that circle. There are many circles where you will face different types of obstacles. Therefore, you need to avoid those barriers to keep yourself safe. Overall this Full Guys game is impressive and unique to play on any device because of its excellent graphics and gameplay. Most of the gamers have given an excellent review and gave a 4.8 rating out of 5.0.

Summary Of Game

Moreover, it is hilarious and exciting to play on your mobile device. Also, this game can easily be played by the kids due to its eye-catching graphics, simple controls, and many more. The gameplay is simple, but survival when long-lasting is difficult. But, I am sure that most gamers will love this fall guys apk game because of its fast and exciting gameplay. So, without wasting any time, play this Full Guys game on your mobile device. Also, It is free for everyone to play on any device. Additionally, there are other levels and features in the beta version. But at the moment, you have limited options.

Version Info Of Fall Guys iOS Download

App NameFall Guys Apk
Developer NameDevolver Digital
Current versionv1.0.4
Version Support5.0.1+
Total Installment10K+

How To Download Fall Guys Apk Without Verification For Android

It’s straightforward for people to download the fall guys android games on their mobile devices. You only have to follow the instructions below to install this game on your android or iOS device.

  • First of all, get the fall guys apk + obb download android game from the below download button.
  • You have to allow the permission of an unknown source from the phone setting.
  • After this, find the fall guys apk file inside the download folder and click on it.
  • Then, wait for a while until this game gets installed on your android device.
  • Now, open this Full Guys game on your mobile device and allow the permission this game is asking for it.
  • Finally, start playing this royale battle game on your mobile device and enjoy it with your group, especially friends.


Well! I hope we have discussed everything about this fall guys apk game in this post. Moreover, we have provided a direct download link to get this fall guys games without human verification. Overall, this latest version of this game will improve its limitations and make it more accessible and exciting. So, we recommend you to download and play this game on your android or iOS devices due to its impressive gameplay. Also, if you love this game, you can share it with other people, especially with friends or family members, and on their social media platforms.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1) Can I download Fall Guys on mobile?

A1) Yes, you can easily download this fall guys apk + obb download game on your mobile device. It was first introduced for PC devices, but the developers made it for mobile users due to its demand. Most importantly, get the apk file of this game from the below download button.

Q2) How do you play Fall Guys on android?

A2) It’s effortless to play this game on your android device. The gameplay and gaming modes are so simple that even the kids can play the game. In this game, you have to avoid the obstacles by pressing one button using your thumb and moving left and right by moving the mobile phone.

Q3) Is Full guys free on PC?

A3) Yes, it is free to play on PC if you download this game from the above download button. Also, follow the steps given above to install this game on your android or iOS device.

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