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FIFA 20 APK+OBB Download (Offline) For Android

Are you getting tired or bored and want to play a unique sports game? If so, then the FIFA 20 apk game will be the best choice for you because of its gameplay which will give you the ultimate gaming experience. Moreover, this soccer game allows you to play many popular leagues with your favorite football players.

FIFA 20 mobile game has introduced a few features such as changing the mechanics of matches. The addition of new modes, and many more to increase the excitement level of gamers. So, read this post till the end as we have covered everything about this FIFA 20 ios game. Its tournaments, gameplay, features, gaming modes, installation process, and many more.

About Of FIFA 20 APK


FIFA 20 apk is a famous football simulation game of the top-rated FIFA franchise. It is 27 installments that are offered by Electronic Arts for many devices. Such as Android, iOS, Microsoft Windows, Xbox, PlayStation, MacBook, and many more. Moreover, this FIFA 20 android game will feature a new gaming mode i.e. VOLTA Football which allows you to experience the gameplay of the FIFA Street game. This game helps you to play both small-sided street soccer matches and traditional matches. That’s why this FIFA 2020 apk game is popular among many gamers worldwide.

FIFA 20 Android Features


As we know, the FIFA 20 download for the android game comes with many features. Which makes this game more enjoyable and interesting to play on any device.

High Graphics

The developers of this FIFA 20 apk game have improved the graphics to make it more realistic. Moreover, the game comes with 3-D high-resolution graphics. Which makes many things realistic like players’ faces, T-shirts, flags, audience, trophies, surroundings, and many more.

Allows To Play Offline

Most importantly, this FIFA 20 android offline game can be played without an internet connection. As the game comes with many offline modes such as Career mode, Volt mode, Kick-off mode, and many more which allows you to play without an internet connection. Instead of that you require an internet connection to get the apk and OBB file of this football game.

New Camera Angle

The FIFA 20 game has brought improvements in the camera angles. Which makes it more exciting to watch football matches or pitch from all directions. Also, you can enjoy the same PS4 wide-angle in this latest version of FIFA.

Simple And Easy Controls

Also, this football game comes with simple and smooth controls that make it easier for gamers to play this game. The FIFA 20 game has its own inbuilt gamepad which comes with all necessary buttons. Moreover, the touchpad is very smooth and makes moves quickly which gives you an ultimate level of gaming experience.

FIFA 20 Mobile Gameplay

Undoubtedly, this fifa 20 game comes with unique gameplay. Then the previous version as it is mainly focusing on a new feature titled VOLTA Football. But it is very exciting and fun to play this football game due to its high-quality graphics. Most importantly, this FIFA mobile 20 apk game allows gamers to play in 3vs3, 4vs4, 5vs5 matches with futsal rules. Additionally, the game allows you to build your professional team with your favorite players. Which you have to use to fight with other gamers. You can even customize your T-Shirts, team name, game position, and many more.

Most importantly, you can play many gaming modes which allow you to enhance your football gaming skills. Also, the gamers who want to win the football match have to score more goals than their opponent.  In addition, you should train your players before playing the match as it helps you to learn soccer skills like kicking, dribbling, defending, attacking, passing, various shots, and many more. These skills help during the game to score or defend goals. 

Latest Updates On FIFA 20 Mod Apk Unlimited Money

Moreover, the FIFA 20 game has many new updates is best because it allows you to play many popular leagues. Some of the leagues which are part of FIFA are Bundesliga, A-League, Allsvenskan, Argentine Primera División, Austrian Bundesliga, Chinese Super League, Eliteserien, Football League Championship, Indian Super League, J1 League, Premier League, Primeira Liga, Russian Premier League, Series A, and many more.

Build Your Own Team

In addition, this Football game allows you to create your team with your favorite team. You have to manage your player’s skills, team funds, name, players position, and many more. Also, you can select many football players such as Zakaria Aboukhlal, Cristiano Ronaldo, Kaka, Lionel Messi, Ronaldinho, Luis Diaz, Neymar Jr, Kilian Mbappe, Michael Owen, Willian, Pepe, Paul Pogba and many more.

Play In Various Stadiums

.Additionally, to make this FIFA 20 apk no verification game more real, you can play matches in different stadiums which are located at different locations. Some of the popular stadiums are Sanderson Park, Stadion Hanguk, Ivy lane, Stadion Olympik, Eastpoint Arena, Union park stadium, Akaroa Stadium, Arena del Centenario, BC Place Stadium, Century Park Arena, Euro Park, Goodison Park, Juventus Stadium, and many more.

Commentary Analysis And Soundtrack

You will be surprised to know that this FIFA 20 android offline 800MB download game comes with Commentary features that allow you to listen to Commentary during the football match. The main thing about this feature is to provide realistic feelings to its gamers. Moreover, you can also hear many soundtracks such as Another Sky – The Cracks, Cautious Clay – Erase, Danay Suárez – La Razón Del Equilibrio, Everyone You Know – She Don’t Dance, Foals – The Runner, GoldLink – Zulu Screams, and many more which make it more enjoyable to play.

New Modes On FIFA 2020 Android Offline

In this mode, you have to create your own dream team which you have to use to build a career in football. Moreover, you can play any match like cup match, friendly match, league, knock-out, or final match. It is considered to be the best mode to improve the skills of the player and to build a strong team.

  • Another interesting mode, you will be able to play in this game is manager mode. It helps you to play as a manager which has to manage everything about the team like funds, players, positions, and give training to players, many more.
  • Again, this mode helps you have a soccer match with random gamers across the world with your team. It will help you to build football skills and give you a team rating. You can have league, Drop-in, friendly, or cup matches with other people.
  • It is the best mode of this FIFA 20 apk download game. Because this mode helps you to understand the controls and skills. In this mode, you can learn various football skills which you can use during the game to have a good match with professional players.
  • Another gaming mode you can play in this fifa 20 android game is ultimate Team mode which helps to earn extra game currency. Also, the best part is that you can use any popular team or your dream team to compete in a soccer match with AI or other gamers.

Can I Download FIFA 20 Apk No Verification

Yes, you can download fifa 20 game on android without verification also if you want to experience lag-free gameplay and enjoy the graphics. Then below we have mentioned the minimum device requirements to play this FIFA 20 apk game on any device.

  • Need minimum android version 8.0 and iOS 10.
  • minimum 4 GB RAM Phone needed.
  • Need the latest good Octa-core process.
  • Required minimum 6GB free space in your internal storage of the phone.
  • There should be a good speaker and display of the phone.

Overall Summary

FIFA 20 apk game is not like other mobile football games because of its extremely good 3-D high-resolution graphics, interesting gameplay which is a combination of both street and traditional matches and gaming modes. Most importantly, this game supports both multiplayer and single-player modes that make it more funny and exciting to play on your mobile device.

If you are a football fan, then this FIFA 20 apk obb data download for the android game will be the best choice which you can download from the link provided below on this website. Moreover, we will keep this article updated with the latest version of FIFA 20 so that you won’t face problems during the update of this game. Overall, it is the best game as it gets lots of achievements and also gets good reviews from many gamers on various websites.

How To Download FIFA 20 APK OBB Data For Android

  • Firstly, get the apk and OBB file of this FIFA 20 game from the link mentioned below.
  • Once you download, go inside the download section and double tap on the apk file of this FIFA 20 game.
  • Then, a pop-up window will appear asking for the permission of unknown sources.
  • You simply have to allow this permission and wait for a few seconds until this game gets installed.
  • After this, simply copy the FIFA 20 apk OBB file to the right folder inside the file manager.
  • Now, you have to open this FIFA 20 game and grant access to all necessary permissions.
  • Finally, start enjoying the soccer match with your friends.


That’s all about this fifa 20 mobile games and we think all your questions regarding this FIFA 20 game get solved and you can easily download the game on your mobile device. No doubt, this is the best soccer game due to its graphics, gameplay, modes, and many more features which make it different from any other game.

Overall, this FIFA 20 game will be the best choice for the gamers who are big fans of football. Also, you will find many websites which provide the apk file of this game but out of them, some will not be safe. So, we suggest you download this FIFA 20 game from this website and enjoy its gaming modes and gameplay.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1) Can I play FIFA 20 offline?

A1) Yes, of course, you can play this FIFA 20 game without an internet connection i.e., offline mode. You can play many modes offline such as Career modes, manager mode, kick-off, and play with friends mode. But to play with other people across the world or want to purchase something in the game like T-shirts, teams, shoes, or many more, you require an internet connection.

Q2) Do you need money to play FIFA 20?

A2) You can play the FIFA 20 game for free which means you don’t need money to play this soccer game. Also, by playing the FIFA 20 mod apk game, you will get everything for free. So, you can download this FIFA 20 game from the link mentioned above in this post.

Q3) Is FIFA 20 available on android?

A3) Yes, this FIFA 20 apk game is available for android phones. But to get the lag-free gaming experience, you have to need that android device that meets the minimum device requirements to play this game. If your android phone has the same specifications, then you will definitely enjoy the graphics and gameplay of this FIFA game.

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