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Friday Night Funkin APK for Android Free Download 2021

Do you love to play music games and look for a game that explores your sense of rhythm? If yes, you’ve landed at the right post because friday night funkin apk game is a perfect game for those people. Who wants to test their rhythm sense. In this post, we have discussed how this game works, its features, how to play this game, and much more.

Friday night game is one of the top-rated music games that comes with three interesting characters. That make it very fun to play on your android and iOS device. Most gamers even do not know about this friday night funkin game. But if you play this game one time, you will enjoy this game. Also, the popularity of this Friday night funkin game is increasing day by day by which most gamers love this game.

What Is Friday Night Funkin Apk

Friday Night Funkin Apk

Friday night funkin download apk game is a mobile game for those who love music or are passionate about music and singing. Cameron Taylor, a video developer, made it. This friday night funkin mobile apk game comes with unique gameplay and storyline, making it so much funny and exciting game to play on their mobile phone. It was first introduced for the PC, PSP, Xbox user. Still, due to its popularity and demand among various gamers, the developer made it for android and iOS users, which comes with the same ameplay and storyline.

In this friday night funkin download android apk game, you are a white kid who has blue hair and wants to play a karaoke duel against the girl’s father to please her. You have to defeat the girl’s father as he gets agree and like him. This game explores the sense of the rhythm of the players. It is essential that the player presses the button at the right time.

Friday Night Funkin Mobile Apk Features

This friday night funkin mobile game comes with many features that make it a very impressive musical game than other games in the gaming world.

  • Free: Is Friday Night Funkin free? This question might be stuck to your mind that whether this game is free or paid. Then don’t worry, as this friday night funkin ios download free to play on each device.
  • Simple controls: This friday night funkin ios download game comes with a simple and attractive user interface. Which makes it simple for the gamers to understand the controls of this game. Even you can practice mode. Which will help the gamers to understand the ameplay and controls of this amazing musical game. 
  • Safe and secure: Friday night funkin apk provides a secure platform to users. Who play this game and even takes care of their data. 
  • Support various devices: Also, this Friday Night Funkin game support and run smoothly on each device, including PC, PPSSPP, Computer, PSP, Xbox, android, iOS devices, and many other.
  • Ad-Free Platform: You will enjoy this friday night funkin without any distractions of paid ads as you will not see any type of ads in this game
  • Various Songs: There is no single song per week; you will get to play with at least three songs. The song in the middle of each week is important in the story because the player finds the game very exciting.

Friday Night Funkin Android Gameplay

Friday Night Funkin Apk
Friday Night Funkin Apk

You can easily play this friday night funkin mobile iOS game on your mobile device without any difficulty. Because of its easy controls and gameplay. This game is a rhythm in which you will act like a boyfriend. Shee has to kiss her girlfriend, but her dad is acting like an evil vampire. Instead of her dad, you have to sing against her dad by hitting the right key. You have to defeat all the opponents to continue dating his girlfriend and needs to pass levels called weeks in this game, and there are three songs each week. 

The player in this friday night funkin iPad download game has to deal with different opponents at each level, who are very different in structure each time. Duplicates within the game, the opponent sings a note pattern regularly. The patterns of some songs are very complex. During each week, the player has three options: Easy, Normal, Solid, to choose from before starting the game. Also, you play practice mode, which helps you understand the friday night funkin apk game controls and gameplay, increasing your gaming experience. Even you have to battle with the opponent player and have to win against them to impress the father of your girlfriend. 

Pros & Cons Of Friday Night Funkin iOS Download Free

In this friday night funkin apk android game, you act like a boy who wants to kiss his girlfriend the next night, but it will only happen if the girl’s father agrees, which is against the boy. The girl’s father will stop the boy because he does not like the boy, so his character will have to do certain things to please the girl’s father. And now you have to play as a boy in this game. 


  • Comes with impressive 3-D graphics
  • Support all devices such as playing this friday night funkin apk   game on your PC, Xbox, PSP, Android, iOS device, etc. 
  • It is very interesting and exciting to play because of its level, which is complicated after each level. 
  • It is completely free and safe to play 
  • The songs in each level are relevant to its storyline, so it is very interesting to play. 
  • An easy and attractive user interface that makes it easy for gamers to understand.


  • Sometimes this game may crash due to some bug
  • Your phone may get heated if you play this game for more than 5 hrs. 
  • Sometimes this ameplay of this game lag. 
  • Sounds quality is not up to a point. 

Let the music play!

Most Importantly, before starting to play the friday night funkin download ios game, gamers can select three options whether they want to play music in easy, Normal, hard level. That is why it makes it a very famous rhythm game among various gamers. Overall, this friday night funkin mobile download ios game is very funny and interesting to play on their mobile devices because of its impressive graphics, gameplay, storyline, and many more. So, you must try the game on your mobile device. 


In this friday night funkin apk ios game, the player has to battle with the opponent player and girl father to impress him. You have to beat each opponent in a battle to impress your girlfriend’s father. The levels in this game are called weeks, 7 to play. The game gets more and more difficult every week. For the player to continue having more fun by playing the game, his interest also increases.


Friday Night Funkin ios game comes with Interesting and impressive gameplay and storyline. Because of it, I think every gamer should try to play this game once. It is a rhythm game that is very famous and spread in the gaming world. So, we recommend you download this friday night funkin mobile game on your android device. 

There is no doubt that the graphics of this friday night funkin ios game is very impressive that making it very excited to play. It comes with high-quality 3D graphics, which give a realistic feel while playing this game. 

Review & Rating Of Game

Friday night funkin apk game is a top-rated rhythm game in the gaming world and received good reviews from many gamers who play this game on their mobile or iOS device. They gave an average rating of friday night funkin mobile download iPhone game, 4.5/5.0. Due to its amazing and interesting gameplay and storyline. Even the level gets complicated after each week, and you will get to play with three songs each week which makes it very fun gameplay. 

Additional Information About Of Funkin Debug Apk

Game NameFriday Night Funk Game
App Size100MB
DeveloperCameron Taylor
App Versionv1.0,1
Android Version6.0+ and more
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How can I install the Friday Night Funkin Apk on my Android iphone?

It is very easy to download Friday Night Funkin mobile Game on your phone whether you have an android or iOS device. You only have to read and follow the instructions or steps given below to install the Friday Night Funkin Game on your mobile phone. 

  • First of all, get the Friday Night Funkin apk file from the below downloading button which we have provided in this post. 
  • Now, before installing the game, you have to allow the “unknown source” permission, which helps you install the third party application on any device which you can allow from the setting of your phone. 
  • After this, you only have to install this Friday Night Funkin Game on your mobile device. 
  • Now, simply open this Friday Night Funkin Game on your android or iOS device and allow all the necessary permission. 
  • Finally, start playing this amazing and romantic game on your mobile device and enjoy it. 
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1) How to download Friday night funkin on iPhone?

A1) You can easily download friday night funkin apk game on an iPhone device from the above downloading button, which we have given in this article. You can download this game for both android and iPhone devices. Also, you have to follow the steps to install this game on your iPhone device. 

Q2) Is Friday night funkin on iOS?

A2) Yes, this Friday night, Funkin is available for iOS users to play on their iOS devices for free. The best part is that this game is more secure and safe for iOS users. 

Q3) How to download Friday night funkin on iPad?

A3) No doubt, this Friday night funkin game is very easy to download on iPad. You will get apk file of the Friday night funkin iOS game from the above downloading button, which we have provided in this post. If you find it difficult to install this game on your iPad, you can follow the steps we have given above.

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