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FTS 18 Mod APK + OBB Download (Unlimited Money) For Android

App NameFTS 18 MOD APK
File Size 50 MB
Latest Version V7.1.0
Android VersionAndroid 5.0 and Above
DeveloperFirst Touch Games
Last UpdatedOctober 2022
Total Downloads20M+

Playing sports is a different kind of fun, and that’s why people prefer playing sports games too. Everyone like a particular sport, and these days at least a game is available for every major sport out there. When it comes to soccer or football, there are hundreds of mobile games available out there. First Touch Soccer 2018, or FTS 18, is among the highly-searched mobile football games around the world. If you have not played this game yet, then you must download First Touch Soccer 2018 game today. The official FTS 18 MOD APK OBB Unlimited Money has been taken down from the app stores like Google Play Store and iTunes Store.

Also, there’s no information on this game available on its official website, so you can’t download it from there too. If you want to do FTS 18 football game download, then you will have to download its installation files. Right now, these files are available only for Android devices, so you can get started easily with the game. We have shared a lot of information about the FTS 18 original APK, along with its installation files. Even a novice Android user will be able to download and play this game without anyone’s assistance if he reads the post till the end. So, let us understand what this game is all about.

What Is FTS 18 MOD APK Unlimited Money

FTS 18 mod apk unlimited money

First Touch Soccer 2018 is basically a soccer simulation game which is developed by First Touch Games. As the name says, this edition was released in the year 2018 and gained a lot of popularity very quickly. It became the #1 grossing sports game around the world, and even to date, millions of people are playing it daily. Though without any clarification, the official FTS 18 game for Android and iOS was taken down from both app stores. The users are left with only the manual installation method if they want to play this game. Hence, you can also use the FTS 18 MOD APK to get unlimited resources in the game.

FTS 18 MOD PES 2022 APK Gameplay

FTS 18 mod apk download unlimited money
FTS 18 mod apk for android
FTS 18 mod apk obb unlimited money
FTS 18 mod pes 2018 apk

Since you can’t do the First Touch Soccer 2018 download for Android, it became a mystery for many people to find and see its gameplay. Well, there are so many FTS 2018 gameplay videos available on the internet that can show you how the game actually looks. According to experts, the developers have withdrawn the FTS 2018 game and launched Dream League Soccer 2022 with improved features. In this game, you will have to play the role of both players and the team manager. There are various tournaments and events available in the game that can give you rewards. Exchange these rewards or use the in-game currency to upgrade your players.

First Touch Soccer 2018 Unlimited Coins Features

Ultimate Soccer Experienc

The main aim of the developers behind this game was to give football lovers a complete playing and viewing experience on their mobile devices. With 3D motions, real-time updates, live commentary, different locations and weather conditions, you will feel like a soccer player yourself. Not only playing, but you will have to manage your team also by upgrading the players and their skills to beat your opponents and to stand on the top of the charts. So, don’t wait and do FTS 18 MOD APK free download today from this page to experience this amazing soccer game yourself.

Get Unlimited Resources

While the game is more enjoyable when you earn and spend in-game currency in a legit way. Every match played will give you a certain amount of currency that can be used to upgrade the skills of a particular player. You can also spend the money on buying new players for your team to make. It the best soccer team in the world. You don’t have to do FTS 18 download APK because the installation files provided here come with unlimited coins by default. Also You just have to play the game in offline mode to enjoy unlimited coins, kits, players, locations, etc.

Works Online & Offline

Don’t forget to do the FTS 18 OBB file download because only this file has got the necessary data to run the game. Recently, in the latest version of FTS 2018, the developers have added the option to play this game both online and offline. If you want, then you can compete with other players around the world when playing in the online mode. While the offline mode allows you to practice the gameplay and train your players. Since you are getting unlimited money in the game. Don’t forget to spend it to increase the abilities and skills of your players rather than on their appearance.

Play With Your Friends

Every First Touch Soccer 2018 player is eligible to add his friends to the game and play with each other. To enjoy this feature, everyone has to be on the same version. That is why you must do FTS 18 OBB download for Android from this page and share it with the one with whom you want to play the game. Currently, there are eight types of tournaments available in the game. You can participate with your friends in it to win exclusive rewards. Don’t forget to participate in the ongoing events as they will give you a lot of new things that you don’t own at that time.

Completely Free & Safe

Many portals are providing FTS MOD FIFA 18 download links, but none of them claims to be safe. This isn’t the case with our website because we have played the games ourselves before on our own devices. After trying every possible option and feature, we upload it and make it available for everyone. There can be a slight difference in the performance as it depends on each device. You can also import jersey color & logo designs from external sources in the game to change how your players look on the field. For an additional layer of security, you can use the VirusTotal website to scan the file before uploading.

How To Download FTS 18 MOD APK OBB For Android

If you have read the information shared related to the FTS 18 game data on this page, then you might have got an idea of how this game actually looks. When you are ready, you can use the links mentioned below to do FTS 18 APK OBB data download. After doing that, you can use these files to install the game yourself. It is very easy to install Android OS apps and games using their unique APK and OBB files. There are some APK installer apps available too, but doing it manually will help you understand the entire process. So, don’t wait and do FTS 18 game download for Android today and enjoy playing it on your Android mobile and tablet devices.

NOTE: Both of these First Touch Soccer 2018 files are required to run the game. Or else you will get a corrupted installation error. Also, make sure both the APK and OBB files match the version number of each other. We have shared the latest version of the First Touch Soccer 2018 APK and OBB data file that comes with the latest patches and updates.

How To Install FTS 18 FIFA MOD APK

To run this game without any runtime issues, you must do both First Touch Soccer 2018 APK and OBB file downloads only from this page. We are not responsible for anything wrong happens to your device if you use files from some other websites. If you don’t know how to use these files to run the game. Then follow the steps mentioned below to get started with it.

  • Use the above links to do APK and FTS 18 zip file download.
  • Save both of these files in your device’s internal storage.
  • Next, open the Android Security Settings option.
  • Go to the Device Administration section and enable “Unknown Sources”.
  • Now use the FTS 18 APK file to install the game but don’t run it yet.
  • You will have to extract the FTS 18 OBB file into the Android/OBB folder.
  • Once the process is completed, simply use the shortcut created on the home screen to run the game.

FAQs Related To FTS 18 MOD APK Download For Android

How To Get FTS 18 New Update APK OBB Files?

Since this game can’t be updated from an official app store, new FTS 18 additional content download must be done from external websites only. The links provided on this page direct you to the latest version, and you can visit this page anytime to find the updated FTS 18 APK OBB download links for Android.

Can You Do FTS 18 iOS Download?

If you are doing FTS 18 file download from this page, then you won’t be able to run it on iOS devices. Right now, the First Touch Soccer 2018 game is available only as an APK file. If you are searching FTS 18 for iPhone or iPad, then keep visiting our website as we will post about it very soon regarding the latest developments.

Where To Find The Latest First Touch Soccer 2018 Patch?

Well, if you want to enjoy the original game, then you must do FTS 18 APK download along with its data file. Though if you don’t want any restrictions and want everything unlocked by default, then you can download First Touch Soccer 2018 MOD APK and use the same OBB Data file to load the necessary resources.

Is It Safe To Do FTS 18 Download APK and OBB?

Many websites out there are providing links to do FTS 18 download, and a lot of users are playing this version too. But do remember that these files might not be completely secure because they always have some sort of data leakage. Instead of putting your entire device at risk, give the original version a try first.

Can You Use First Touch Soccer 2018 MOD APK On PC?

First Touch Soccer 2018 is a mobile game which is developed to give soccer experience to mobile gamers around the world. If you do not like its gameplay on smartphones, then you can do FTS 18 free download for Android by using the links mentioned here and use these files with Android emulators to play it on your PC.

Final Words

You will not be able to find the First Touch Soccer 2018 Play Store link anywhere because the developers have taken down the game themselves. According to reports, this was done to launch updated and advanced soccer games like Dream League Soccer 2022. Still, we have provided the latest and working FTS 18 soccer game on this page.

You will be able to do the First Touch Soccer 2018 app download, and it will work without any issues too. We are always here to help, and users who are facing issues in downloading or playing the FTS 18 Android game can contact us with their questions. If you know something more about this game, then do share your reviews.

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