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Gas Station Simulator APK + OBB Download For Android

Nowadays, you can play various simulation games such as goat, truck, car racing simulation games and many more. If you love to manage the gas stations, then gas station simulator apk obb for android mobile is the best choice for these people.

In this mobile game, the main task is to manage your gas station and grow it. Moreover, this game comes with animated graphics that make playing on your mobile devices more enjoyable. Also, to earn more profit in this game, you can face various complex challenges or perform different activities. If you want to know more about this game, then read this post until the end.

About Of Gas Station Simulator Apk

Gas Station Simulator Apk

Gas Station simulator mobile game is the best and latest simulation game developed for mobile users by Royal games and offered by Lion Studio. The game starts with you as a petrol station worker and collecting the money.

Using this gas station simulator ios game currency, the gamers can build more and more petrol stations in different cities, towns. Also, you can hire various other people to earn more money. Moreover, your station must do its chores swiftly to attract the people towards your station; Otherwise, they might go to another station.

Most importantly, this gas station simulator apk download game can be played on various other devices such as PSP, windows, Mac, Android, iOS devices, and many more. You can even perform various activities in your station like giving rewards to customers, which will increase the earning. So, this game is so much exciting to play as you will enjoy it when you play it on your mobile device.

Gas Station Simulator Android No Verification Features

Gas Station Simulator Apk
Gas Station Simulator Apk

This gas station simulator download apk game comes with lots of features that are loved by many gamers. Some of the fabulous features of playing this simulation game are mentioned below.

Vehicle Refuelling

The gamers have only one responsibility in this gas station simulator free download android game to fill various cars as much as possible to refuel cars to earn profit. Moreover, you can test your driving skills in this game by parking various cars accurately at the gas pump.

The customer in this game can’t leave without paying the money as you can easily take the money from them without facing any difficulties. Also, the gamers have to deal with lots of customers in this game to earn more money to grow their petrol stations in various cities. Moreover, you can hire various other people to refuel the vehicles in your petrol station.

Spas Facility

As to increase the earnings in this gas station simulator download android game, the gamers can give various facilities such as spas where you can keep your customer relaxed.

Drive Lots Of Cars

Most importantly, you can drive many vehicles to test your driving skills in this video game that allows you to bring various services to your customers.

Car Washing Facilities

You can even give car washing facilities to wash their customers’ cars in this game. Also, you can develop various stores for the customer to earn more revenue from the station.

Unlock New Challenges

This game offers many different levels to play and exciting challenges to overcome. You can complete these challenges by using your driving skills, intelligence, quick response, and many more things.

Protect Your Cash

Also, in this video game, you have to protect your money from the thief who can take your money at night. So, you should take care of safety and protect the cash at any cost.

You Should Know It Gas Station Simulator Mobile Apk

The main thing is to grow the business in this gas station simulator, download android apk games and attract various other customers to your gas station. You will own various gas stations in this game. A modern gas station must accomplish many different things to be successful.

In the gas station, the gamers have to fill up their customer vehicles and you are responsible for managing or owning a new gas station in different cities. You can give various services to your customers including car wash and spa treatments that ensure the customer trust in you and can increase the earning of your gas station.

Manage Your Gas Station

As we know, the player’s main task is to manage their gas station, which you own. To run a petrol station successfully, the player has to do various work and provide lots of extra services to your customer to earn more profit. The gamers have to refuel as many cars as possible to manage the expense and grow their gas station.

This game is very interesting and exciting to play on your mobile device due to its gameplay. To manage your petrol station, you can give lots of service to their customers to earn more game currency. Also, you can test your skills by parking various cars precisely at the fuel pump and can do various things.


No doubt, the gameplay of this gas station simulator game download apk game is unique and exciting to play. In this game, you will act as a worker who has a task to fill as many cars as the gamers can to earn more money in the game. The only way we got inside the game was to fill lots of cars and load all the gas. If you are very successful in loading gas or filling the petrol, additional profits will be added to your account.

Different fuel filling stations are accessible throughout the game. The profit margin within such channels is significant. The later revenue is used to open additional filling channels for gambling and make quick money. Only one petrol station is easily accessible. The remaining stations are limited and can only be reached if the player has successfully paid the required amount. If the gamers have lots of in-app currency, they can easily purchase more petrol stations in this gas station simulator apk game.

Overall Summary

Gas station simulator apk game is the best simulation game ever made by the developer due to its extremely good gameplay, features, and more. We are confident that all your queries regarding this gas station simulation game get resolved after reading the article. Moreover, you can play this fantastic game both offline and online. Also, we have provided the download button form where you can get the latest version of this game. This gas station simulation game is undoubtedly the best choice for people who love to play unique games. So, we suggest you try and play this game on any device.

Version Information Of Gas Station Simulator Mod Apk Unlimited Money

Game Name Gas Station Simulator
Apk Size70.16 MB
Offered ByLion Studio
Released OnMay 18, 2021
Operating SystemAndroid/iOS
Android Version Required8.0 and more
Rating4.0/ 5.0

How To Download Gas Station Simulator APK OBB Download For Android

Downloading this gas station simulation apk game on any device is very easy for people. But suppose you find it difficult to install this gas station simulation Apk game on your android device. In that case, you can read the instructions below carefully.

  • First of all, click on the download button we have provided in this post.
  • After clicking, you will redirect to the next page to download the gas station simulations apk file and OBB file.
  • Once downloaded, click on the apk file to install this game on your android device.
  • Then, you will see a pop-up window asking to allow the unknown source permission.
  • After enabling, wait for a few seconds until this gas station simulator apk game gets installed on your android device.
  • Once installed, you have to copy the gas station simulator OBB file inside the androids folder.
  • Then, open the gas station simulation game and enable all the necessary permission.
  • Finally, start enjoying the unique and exciting gameplay of this game.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1) Can you play the gas station simulator on android?

A1) Yes, of course, you can play this gas station simulation game on your android. But your android phone should have an android version of 8.0 or more. Also, your android phone should have 3 GB space and a minimum of 4GB RAM to enjoy the lag-free gameplay of this game.

Q2) What platform is the gas station simulator on?

A2) This simulation game supports and runs appropriately on various devices such as PlayStation, Xbox, PC, Mac, Windows, Linux, Android, iOS devices, and many more.

Q3) Is a gas station simulator a good game?

A3) You might sometimes be confused about whether this game will be best for you or not. Then, don’t worry about it, as you will enjoy this gas station simulation game. It is exciting and interesting to play due to its excellent graphics. Moreover, the game has unique gameplay that you will not see in any other simulation game.

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