GBA Emulator iOS Download For iPhone 2022 (100% Working)

Playing games on mobile devices is what every smartphone owner is doing these days. You can literally visit your respective app store to find and download games for your device. While it is very easy to download and install games on mobile devices from the app store, many games are not made for every device out there. This post will tell you about the GBA Emulator iOS version is not very popular among the mobile users out there. If you are a fan of GBA games or just want to try out some of its games. Then you can install the GBA emulator for iOS 2022 on your iOS devices to get started with it.

That is when emulator comes in handy as they allow you to emulator a different operating system on your devices. For example, you can run Android games on Windows, MAC, or iOS devices with the help of an Android emulator app. The same goes for Game Boy Advance (GBA) console and there are quite a few emulator apps available for it too. The app comes with all features that were available on the official, Game Boy Advance console device. So you don’t have to worry about anything. Since this emulator developed by private developers, you will not find it on iTunes or Apple App Store. Don’t worry because we have shared the link to do a free GBA emulator iOS download right from this page.

What Is GBA Emulator For iOS 2022

GBA Emulator iOS

As we told above, GBA for iOS emulator is an app that allows you to run Game. My Boy Advance games on your iOS devices like iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. You can easily find a GBA emulator for Android but the iOS version has limited availability. So we thought to share about it. GBA emulator iPhone version allows you to import the game files from your device’s storage to play the games. You can also configure the emulator to perform best on your device and use it with external controllers too. There are quite a few benefits of using this emulator player, so don’t forget to try it at least once.

How To Use GBA Emulator On iOS

GBA Emulator iOS
GBA Emulator iOS

Using the online GBA emulator iOS 2022 is very easy and you don’t have to worry about anything. If you have not worked with any emulator app before. Once you have installed the GBA emulator iPad version after downloading it from this page. Open it and you will be told the basic settings and information about the app. The game files need to downloaded externally as they don’t come with this emulator player. There are many Game Boy Advance forums available out there. Where you can find GBA ISO files that can imported into the emulator. You can also ask us for the files if you are looking for a specific GBA game ISO file.

Best GBA Emulator iOS No Jailbreak Features

Best GBA Emulator iPhone

GBA Emulator for iOS is currently the best My Boy emulator app for iOS devices like iPhone and iPad. This app comes with a lot of useful features that aren’t available in other emulator players for iOS devices. You can use it to play games as per your choice but that need to downloaded externally. The developers gather information like usage and crash reports so the issues can fixed in the next update. Unlike other Game Boy Advance emulators for iOS devices, this ap highly-advanced and supported by the developers. You must give it a try before moving on to other similar apps.

Very Small In Size

The app won’t take more than 100MB of space on your device so you can use it without any worries. When you install and run this app, it will not eat your device’s resources so you can run it simultaneously with other apps. Remember that the game ISO file might be bigger and the size completely depends on the type of game you are downloading. Developers have fixed BIOS emulation in this app so you don’t have to upgrade the firmware or BIOS manually. This is a huge advantage for users who don’t have technical knowledge of these things. Right now the app supports OpenGL rendering in the background to save additional resources of the device and for less GPU usage.

Supports External Controllers

There are many games out there that are enjoyed the best when you play them with a controller. That is why this My Boy emulator for iOS comes with external controller support via Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. You just need to connect the gamepad to your device and the emulator will detect it automatically. The app’s settings menu gives you the freedom to customize the controls of your gamepad. You can map the buttons by using the GUI to play games with better controls. GBA Emulator allows switching of controls from external devices to an on-screen keyboard right in the middle of the game too.

Works With All iOS Version

Doesn’t matter if your device is running on iOS versions 12, 13, 14, or newer, the GBA Emulator app for iOS will run perfectly on it. The only requirement to run this application is iOS 12 or higher version. Because of the GPU rendering and OpenGL support. Once you have installed the application on your iOS device. It will automatically detect the device’s configuration and customize its settings according to the device. If your device is low on GPU memory, then the app will utilize its GLSL shaders technology to apply cool graphics effects to the games without any additional configuration.

Completely Free & Safe

GBA Emulator for iOS is a completely free application and you don’t have to lose your pockets to get it for your device. We have seen some websites and web portals out there that are asking for money to provide the My Game Boy Advance emulator download link for iOS devices. You don’t have to rely on such sites even if they are providing a newer and advanced version that is available on this page. We are directly connected with the developers of app version, so you will always find the latest version My GBA Emulator for iOS on this page, and that too for free without any worries.

Can You Play Gameboy Games On iPhone?

Officially, this is not possible because there are almost no working Game Boy Advance emulators for iOS devices available right now. The only way to get started with it is by utilizing third-party services to make it work. We have shared the version here just to let iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch users experience the GBA games on their devices.

Users Reviews On GBA Emulator iOS 15

We have shared a lot of information related to GBA emulator APK iOS above and if you have read that then you might have understood the working of this player. If you are ready to get your hands on this app. Then use the link mentioned below to obtain the GBA emulator IPA file. After downloading it, just install it like every other IPA file for iOS devices. If you are new then you can follow our unique and detailed IPA installation guide mentioned below to do it. After the installation, you will have to import the Game Boy Advance game ISO file using the File menu to start playing games on this emulator.

GBA Emulator IPA File Information

App NameGBA Emulator iOS
File Size98.2MB
Latest VersionV2022
iOS VersioniOS 12.0 and Above
DeveloperMy GBA
Last UpdatedJune 2022
Total Downloads50M+

How To Download My Boy GBA Emulator iOS File For iPhone

  • First, you need to get the GBA Emulator IPA file using the link mentioned above.
  • Save this installation file anywhere in your device’s storage folders.
  • You can also use your PC with iTunes installed on it to install the IPA file on your iOS device.
  • Connect your iOS device to the PC using a USB cable and open iTunes.
  • Wait for the program to detect your device.
  • Next, visit the folder where you have saved the file and drag-drop the IPA file into iTunes.
  • A new icon on your iOS device will be created. Just wait for the app to get installed.
  • Now, you can run the My GBA Emulator on an iOS device without any issues.
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FAQs Related To Free GBA Emulator iOS

Can You Get A GBA Emulator On iPhone?

Yes, it is possible but not officially because the emulator is not developed by any company or so. It is a modded or so-called developer version made by independent iOS app developers out there. You will have to use the GBA Emulator IPA file shared on this page to install the emulator player manually to run GBA games on iPhone.

How Can I Download My Boy Emulator In iOS?

Use the GBA Emulator iOS direct download link mentioned here to get the installation file. Next, you can either use iTunes to install it by following the steps provided here. Else, you can also use websites like for OTA installation of the ipa file on iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch.

Is GBA Emulator iOS Version Safe?

The safety of your device and data completely depends on the website and portal you are using to obtain it the installation files. While the problem is not only with the GBA Emulator for iOS but also with any other app you are trying to download and install from third-party websites. So, use a trustworthy website like us to get these files.

How To Update My Gameboy Advance IPA File?

Considering the fact that the app has been developed by an individual, getting updates officially is not possible for the iphone devices. You might get a pop-up or notification right in the application about the availability of an updated version. In that case, you will have to visit this page again to get the updated file.

Final Words

This is all we had to share about the My Boy GBA emulator iOS 15 and we hope you are able to download and run this player on your iOS devices without any issues. It is currently the best GBA emulator iOS no jailbreak version that can be downloaded and installed by any iOS user out there without any assistance.

We are constantly looking for more updates related to this emulator player for iOS devices, until then you can keep using this My Boy free GBA emulator iOS with cheats. If you are facing problems with My Game Boy Advance iOS emulator player or you want to ask any question related to this player, then you can contact us regarding it.

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