GTA 3 Definitive Edition APK+OBB Download For Android/iOS

You can download GTA 3 Definitive Edition APK OBB for Android to enjoy this amazing sequel to the Grand Theft Auto video game series. Not to mention, there’s a GTA San Andreas Definitive Edition MOD APK available, which comes with everything unlocked and gives unlimited money. It is available for Android but can be used with iOS and PC devices, too, by using an Android emulator player. Read on to learn more about the game.

Grand Theft Auto 3 – The Definitive Edition is a remake of the genre-defining open-world action game, now updated with modern graphics and gameplay improvements. Released in 2001, GTA 3 allowed players freedom in a 3D open city, kickstarting the blockbuster GTA series. With enhanced models, 4K resolution, new lighting, and improved targeting, Liberty City comes alive like never before.

GTA 3 Definitive Edition Android APK OBB

What Is GTA 3 Definitive Edition APK OBB?

GTA 3 Definitive Edition is an Android version of the upgraded GTA 3 remake available on consoles and PC. It includes the core game files along with high-resolution texture packs and other assets for smartphones and tablets. By installing both the APK and OBB data files, Android users can enjoy GTA 3 with HD visuals, improved controls, and modern gameplay refinements.

Performance will vary depending on hardware, but mid-range and high-end Android devices should handle the Definitive Edition well. The mobile port retains the full open world and storyline using new Unreal Engine capabilities tuned for Android OS. So, if you are a fan of this video game series, then you must download and play this game today.

GTA 3 Definitive Edition Gameplay

With its city enhanced in HD, GTA 3 Definitive Edition makes Liberty City a visually stunning backdrop for open-world chaos and crimes. Also, the core gameplay combines third-person shooting, melee brawling, vehicle theft, and street racing across a massive, interactive cityscape filled with physics objects and destructible scenery.

GTA 3 Definitive Edition APK Data
  • Take on missions from underworld figures.
  • Build criminal empire through bank heists, assassinations, and more.
  • Constantly upgraded tasks and missions to complete.
  • Lock-on targeting and controls make gunplay and combat more responsive.
  • Increased pedestrian and traffic variety.

Features of GTA 3 Definitive Edition Fan Made APK

Nevertheless, as a fan-made mobile game, this special Definitive Edition mod for GTA 3 offers a wealth of additions and enhancements over the original release. From graphical tweaks to gameplay changes and beyond, fans have packed their passion into this APK to create the ultimate GTA 3 experience on Android. We’ve highlighted the most notable features that make this mod a must-try below.

High-Quality Graphics

By pushing mobile hardware to the limit, this game delivers stunning visual enhancements to Liberty City. The expert fan team has sharpened and upscaled textures across characters, vehicles, and environments for true high-definition clarity. Not to mention if you want, you can also customize the graphics settings from the game’s menu.

Various Missions

While the Definitive Edition focuses mainly on graphical improvements, all of GTA 3’s varied and creative missions return better than ever. From tense opening scenes dodging bullets on a bridge to casino heists, this game never lets your entertainment down. With over 60 story missions plus side tasks to complete, you are never getting bored of it, for sure.

GTA 3 Definitive Edition Free Download

Play Without Internet

Unlike many modern multiplayer-focused titles, once downloaded, this classic gangster campaign remains completely playable offline. That means you’re free to explore Liberty City anytime, anywhere – no internet connection or mobile data is required after the initial installation. It makes this game stand out from other similar open-world games for Android devices.

Works With All Devices

By modifying rendering setups and providing graphics options, this edition proves highly customizable across numerous Android phones and tablets – budget models all the way up to top-tier flagships. Also, the team has optimized support from Android 5 through 12+, ensuring virtually any device can run GTA 3 Definitive well without any issues with consistent 30+ FPS.

Completely Free & Safe

While updated releases grace modern consoles at premium prices, this fan-made Definitive Edition costs you nothing except storage space and bandwidth. Our direct download links bypass risky third-party sites to deliver APK and OBB straight from dedicated modders themselves. That means no ads, redirects, or mobile data theft – just pure optimized GTA 3 free of charge.

GTA 3 Definitive Edition MOD APK

GTA 3 Definitive Edition MOD APK File Information

Since this game is a highly compressed version of the official game, it does require some space to run smoothly. Make sure you have enough storage space before getting the main GTA 5 APK and OBB files to your device. It also requires downloading additional assets and compatibility packs for full functionality, so having over 2GB free is recommended. You can find more information about the installation files below.

App NameGTA 3 Definitive Edition APK OBB
File Size2.24GB
Latest Versionv1.72.42919648
Android VersionAndroid 7.0 and Above
DeveloperRockstar Games
Last UpdatedJanuary 2024
Total Downloads100M+

How To Download Grand Theft Auto III Definitive Edition APK & Install It?

If you’re excited to jump into Grand Theft Auto 3 with spectacular new graphics and gameplay improvements, this Definitive Edition is just waiting to be installed. By carefully following the download steps and installation guide provided right here, you’ll be able to run this game on your Android devices without any assistance.

1. Download the APK file from the link mentioned below.

2. Save the file anywhere on your device.

3. Open the Android Settings app and go to Security Settings.

4. Find and enable the “Unknown Sources” option.

5. Go back to the Downloads folder.

6. Locate the downloaded APK file and click on it.

7. Tap on the Install option and wait for the process to finish.

8. Once done, you can start playing the game right away.

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FAQs Related To GTA III Definitive Edition Android Game

We've already shared a lot about the game, and we think you understand everything about it. Don't worry if you have some questions related to this game because we have the answers. Below, we have already answered a lot of common questions related to this game. Read them to learn more about it, and our inbox is always open for new queries.

Is GTA 3 Definitive Edition APK OBB Download For Android Safe?

Absolutely - when downloading directly from our site, you can rest assured the Definitive Edition APK and OBB files are 100% safe and virus-free for your Android device. We thoroughly scan every file to guarantee full security with no shady malware or bugs. Our reliable download links point only to the authentic files, so you never have to worry while installing.

Can You Do GTA 3 Definitive Edition Download Android Game For iOS?

While an official iOS port has not been announced yet, there are ways to play this game on iPhone or iPad. By pairing the Android APK with an iOS emulator or screen mirroring app, Apple device owners can also experience GTA 3 with its amazing gameplay. We will update links here as soon as an official Definitive Edition iOS release or playable port becomes available.

How Do You Update Grand Theft Auto 3 Definitive Edition APK?

As the modding team improves and expands the Grand Theft Auto PPSSPP with new features, fixes, and content, be sure to check back here for APK updates. Also, we make it quick and simple to get the latest version - just re-download the core APK file from our site and install it over your current version to upgrade, and you will be able to enjoy the newest features.

Is There A GTA 3 Definitive Edition For PC Available?

Indeed, Rockstar Games has released an official GTA 3 - Definitive Edition for Windows PC through digital storefronts like Steam and Epic Games. So, gamers can purchase that dedicated PC version for the best experience on higher-end machines. Also, by pairing our Android APK here with a desktop emulator like BlueStacks, Windows users can play it on a PC for free.

GTA 3 Definitive Edition Game APK

Final Words

Finally, with eye-catching visuals, refined gameplay, and an enhanced Liberty City to explore, GTA 3 Definitive Edition makes a landmark title feel new again, even today. As both tribute and ultimate upgrade for diehard fans, it's a must-play for every Grand Theft Auto game lover out there - now easily accessible for Android and capable platforms.

We've tried to bring in all the information available related to this game, and we hope you are now able to play it without any issues. You can keep visiting the Android4Game as we will keep this post updated with more information on it. If you need assistance in installing the game or want to share something, then share your views with us via the comments below.

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