GTA 4 Android game OBB File game on pc is a famous android game today. You can play and download GTA 4 Apk for free directly on your pc and android devices with an Android emulator app. We manage to download and install this excellent android game on our android devices and desktop/laptop pc for free. You don’t need to complete any no verification step to download GTA 4 Apk + Obb data file. This means you can easily GTA 4 Apk Download For Android Without Verification. We also provide you GTA IV Apk OBB direct media fire link. So guys read this article to GTA 4 Download For Android mobile phone.

It’s an android. OBB, a file that helps you install the game on your Android and lets you get away with paying for it legally (when installing on a rooted device). These .obb files are nearly identical to .apk files, and they’re easy to overlook if you’re not a tech-savvy user. This .obb is just one example of something cool I found while looking for a quality .obb file to install GTA 4. The GTA 4 Free Download For Android Phone download link given in below. It’s a pure GTA 4 Mobile Apk video game that means this, not GTA San Andreas mod apk.

GTA-4 Android Game Info This GTA game from Rockstar North was release in 2008 for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, etc. The graphics are pretty good, some of the areas are huge, as is the city itself you can even fly planes and helicopters if you want to. This app is a massively 3D open-world game where you can do everything. We will tell you how to download the game for the obb.

GTA 4 For Android 2.3 Free Download needs no introduction because GTA IV Android is one of the best games in the world. This Apk is not a GTA 4 APK + OBB DATA directly from Google Play, but if you need to download an android game called GTA 4 Apk, this post is for you!


GTA 4 Apk

GTA 4 free Android OBB Game is one of the most played and popular games in the mobile gaming world. Rockstar Games developed this game, and it was earlier launched on the 9th of October, 2008. The latest version is 3.0.0, and it has a top ranking in app markets.

Grand Theft Auto 4 OBB data android apk for mobile is fascinating. This game consists of a 3D view. The game is designed for more than 20 hours of gameplay and 250 missions. The player must complete various tasks in different Los Santos and Liberty City cities because police should miss him.

GTA 4 Apk is a lot better than GTA 3 PPSSPP, not just because it’s graphically superior, but it has many new features that were added. It doesn’t feel like you’re playing the same game as before; there are significant changes in the storyline and how you get to play the game. The game allows you to choose your mode of transportation, including on foot, by car, or by boat. You can also use helicopters to fly over the city and discover its secrets. And of course, there’s the graphics; GTA 4 Apk looks like a real-life movie!

The game is a split-screen multiplayer. Half of the screen displays external controls, while the other half is for the Android phone and has the target. You use your phone as a target with the characters on the screen using domestic equipment. Of course, you need to maintain these vehicles to shoot well.

GamePlay Of GTA 4 Mobile Apk

GTA 4 Apk
GTA 4 Apk

GTA 4 OBB Android data packages is a free video game that consists of an open-world action-adventure with a first-person shooter, driving, and occasional role-playing elements. The world can be navigated using either the player’s vehicles or by foot. The player goes on a journey to free his cousin kidnapped by an international mafia and the most powerful crime family in Liberty City, the Pavano Family. He also tries to find out the truth about his past.

New Updates

Get to the game in GTA 4 Apk Android game faster and jump into multiplayer matches, character selection, and races as fast as you can. Save 20 minutes off your long download time.

The next revolution in mobile games has arrived. With just one touch of the screen, you can explore a rich urban environment or a vast countryside. With next-gen technology, it’s easier to track down your in-game friends, join multiplayer modes, or even start your own. Play GTA 4 on your android mobile device like you play the Grand Theft Auto 5 PC version of PPSSPP.

 Features Of GTA 4 Android

  • Get a fresh and immersive experience-excellent support for multi-touch, an improved HUD, and Native Controller support.
  • It is free-to-play, meaning users will not have to spend something extra to get better gears. Also, it has no subscription fee and allows players to invest money only for additional in-game advantages.
  • Your GTA 4 Apk android file will be updated, unlocked, and free of lags or Bugs
  • You can save time, earn money, become powerful and do whatever you want.
  • GTA 4 Apk OBB data android apk will give you Better graphics quality and better sound.
  • Your system will run faster, smoother, and have an overall more positive gaming experience.
  •  The main feature of the GTA 4 Apk OBB File was Mod and Play, No piracy, No internet requirement, Free games.


  • I stuck at a level and have had enough of being killed by the same enemies over and over again
  • The game is fantastic 4, but the response time is so terrible, and the mission that you are going to play now and then just stopped and did not move.
  • The most significant limitation of the GTA 4 Apk OBB File is not available in the android emulator.

Review Of GTA IV Apk OBB

GTA 4 with the new look, new features, and more previous amazing games. For the past two months, I have been playing hundreds of games. But GTA 4 android data game is by far the most entertaining one. GTA 4 android mobiles is a great game, the graphics are fantastic, and it also has excellent music in this game. All world developers have done outstanding research regarding this game and put all their hard work into creating such an excellent game.

I give it a 4.5/5 rating when it comes to graphics, gameplay, and classic game modes but don’t forget there’s only one player online, and from all the other GTA Series games, you can play up to 16 players online.

Info of GTA 4 OBB Android Data File

  • Application name: GTA 4 apk
  • Version: 1.3.4 Android Mobile game
  • Android Version Reuirement: 4.0+
  • Developer name: RockStars Game
  • Installation: 8M+
  • Size: 460MB

System Requirements of GTA IV Apk Obb

  • 1 GHz processor
  • 512 MB RAM
  • 28 MB video memory
  • 2 GB of free hard disk space and a graphics card with OpenGL 2.0 support or equivalent capabilities.

How To Setup GTA 4 Apk Without Verification On Android

Installing the GTA 4 Apk OBB is a 3-step process. We’ll walk you through, step by step, so you don’t miss a thing.

  1. Firstly, you need to download GTA 4 OBB game from the link below.
  2. After installing the GTA 4 Apk you have, you will automatically go to the download folder part.
  3. After installing the game, we highly recommend that you download the OBB DATA from here. This game will ensure that you are playing the latest version of Dragon City.
  4. Go to the Android >> Data >> OBB folder and copy Grand Theft Auto San Andreas. Then paste the apk file into this folder. (If you copy and paste the folder into another location, the game will not work.)
  5. Now that you’ve successfully installed and download the GTA 4 Mobile Download, it’s time to jump in and play.

Well, we have finished our detailed article on the GTA android game using OBB data. We hope we have covered every major thing about this game and given enough information for the beginner to start downloading and playing this game. I believe everyone should play Grand Theft Auto 4. It’s not just a great game. You’ll also learn a lot about America and the world.


Q1) Can I play GTA 4 on Android?

A1) GTA 4 android is available to play on Android, as you can play the fantastic game on your mobile devices whether it is an android user or an ios user. You can use the GTA iv android without any difficulty, but you will not experience the same graphics like on a PC.

Q2) Can I play GTA 4 on Android?

A2) If you want to play GTA 4 Apk on your Pc, then you required a PC that should have 8 GB ram. Therefore, It cannot run on that laptop or pc with 2GB ram as it will be challenging for 2GB pc to render the GTA IV Apk on it.

Q3) Which is better, GTA IV or V?

A3) In my opinion, I will say GTA V is reasonable as compared to GTA IV because of some features. GTA IV game firmly focused on various gangs while GTA V was too focused on boring rich people. GTA 5 has good graphics than GTA 4 Apk mobile game, but GTA 4 has a more appealing storyline than GTA 5.

Q4) Can I run GTA 4 without a video card?

A4) You can run GTA 4 Apk game without a video card or graphics card, but you will see few objects while you will play, and it also becomes difficult for you to play as it starts lagging and sometimes gets crashed due to the unavailability of the graphic card on GTA IV PC game. So, I recommended you to play GTA 4 Apk mobile gamer if your laptop contains a graphic card; otherwise, it will become difficult for you to run GTA IV Apk on your pc.

Q5) Is GTA IV offline?

A5) Yes, GTA IV android is an offline game, but you have to use the internet while downloading the GTA 4 Apk OBB file from this post. After, then you will play GTA 4 Apk game offline on your Android and PC without any difficulty.

Q6) How can I download GTA 4 Mobile without verification?

A6) If you want to download the GTA 4 Apk No verification, follow the steps given above in which we have shared how you can download the GTA 4 Apk and OBB file on your android device or pc for free.

Q7) What is the darkest GTA game?

A7) GTA 4 Apk is the darkest GTA game as compared to the GTA5, GTA3, GTA2, VC. The GTA IV Apk focuses on various gangs and their criminal violence, making this game so darkest than other GTA games.

Q8) Bank in GTA 4?

A8) No, you cannot see any bank in the GTA IV Android Apk. If you want the money, you can take it from other people by killing them or get money by doing various GTA 4 Apk OBB games. You can also get the GTA mob Apk, i.e., GTA 4 Apk, which helps you get unlimited capital, so you don’t have to rob any bank.


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