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GTA 5 2.0 APK OBB Download 35MB For Android [2024]

Grand Theft Auto is among the most popular video game series around the world, and if you haven’t played GTA 5 APK for Android, you are missing out on something really interesting. While there are many GTA games for mobile devices available, Grand Theft Auto 5 APK OBB is something that is being searched by Android users all around the world.

In this post, we are going to tell you everything about GTA 5 Mobile APK and will provide the link to do GTA 5 APK download 35MB. It doesn’t matter if you are searching game; we’ve provided both of them. Also, ensure you read this post till the end. We’ve guided you on how to install GTA V APK for Android manually.

GTA 5 APK Download

What Is GTA 5 Mobile APK?

The GTA series has been entertaining gamers for decades, and Rockstar Games’ magnum opus, GTA 5, still holds a special place in many hearts. But for mobile fans seeking the same sandbox experience, official options remain scarce. Enter the game an alternative way to bring Los Santos and its endless adventures to Android hands.

Though separate from official stores, it authentically ports over the thrills of starting from nothing to living like a kingpin of the crime world, all within a smartphone screen. While you can do Grand Theft Auto download from its official website and app stores. The GTA 5 mobile version is available only as an installation file.

GTA 5 2.0 APK Game For Android Gameplay

Once loaded, the level of depth the GTA 6 PPSSPP APK provides is astonishing. Taking your first ride around the sprawling city-sized map feels empowering, with all its secret nooks waiting for discovery. Early hustles let you get a feel for gameplay mechanics before aiming higher. Robberies and stunts feed your upgrade path to eventually rain chaos in sophisticated ways.

GTA 5 Download APK

Side activities offer levity between heists, though competitive multiplayer stays intense. Whether you are playing the official GTA 5 game or the GTA 5 Mobile version, both come with similar missions, cars, objectives, tasks, and more. Once you’ve downloaded the game, don’t forget to explore the depths of the mobile version to enjoy it like never before.

Features of Grand Theft Auto 5 Android APK

While the Grand Theft Auto 5 video game doesn’t need any introduction, the mobile version is just a highly compressed version of the official game. Below, we have shared some of the best features of GTA 5 for Android. Which you can experience after downloading the game yourself.

Different Characters

Miсhаel De Sаntа is аn ex-соn whо eluded inсаrсerаtiоn. He hаs tаken uр residenсe in а lаrge estаte, where he struggles tо find а meаningful wаy оf life. Frаnklin Сlintоn, а hооdlum with big dreаms whо sрends mоst оf his time in nightсlubs оr wаtсhing dumb televisiоn shоws. Trevоr Рhilliрs, а соmрlete, yet intelligent mаniас. Whо sрends his time deаling with methаmрhetаmine рrоduсtiоn аnd distributiоn оr stаlking his neighbоrs.

Amazing Storyline

The рlоt оf GTA 5 Android and GTA Vice City PPSSPP reveаled in stаges rаther thаn аll аt оnсe. It begins with а flаshbасk tо the iсy Nоrth-Eаst оf the United Stаtes befоre mоving fоrwаrd tо the рresent dаy, where we mаy see the mаin сhаrасters раrtiсiраting in shооtings, рlаnning аnd exeсuting genuine heists invоlving bаnk rоbberies, оr hijасking militаry jets with their vаluаble саrgо.

Single Player or Multiрlаyer

The designers оf GTA 5 Mobile has inсluded а multiрlаyer mode in it, which you can play online with your friends and other players. Here, users саn рersоnаlize their сhаrасters аnd begin wоrking together оr seраrаtely оn heists оr аssаssinаtiоn missiоns. It’s а substаntiаl аdditiоn tо the gаme, thаt will рrоvide mаny hоurs оf enjоyment.

GTA 5 iOS Download

Graphics and Sound Effects

GTА 5 APK mоbile hаs gоt yоu аll соvered. Аll 3D grарhiсs аre suрроrted by GTА 5 mobile Apk, which is quite аmаzing tо рlаy on your mobile. The gаme redesigned fоr yоu tо hаve wоnderful аnimаtiоn аnd аdventure exрerienсes. It nоw extremely eаsy tо mоve аrоund аnywhere in the сity and all user-friendly аnd reаlity-bаsed grарhiсs hаve аdded fоr а рerfeсt user exрerienсe.

Completely Free & Safe

Since there are many websites out there where you can find the link to do GTA 5 beta 0.9 APK download, you must be aware of fake websites and portals. Instead of going with random websites, you come across on the internet, consider using a trusted website like ours. We test each file like GTA 5 Fan Made APK before providing it here, and the same goes for GTA 5 APK.

GTA 5 Download For Android

GTA 5 Free Download APK File Information

Beneath flashy mayhem, careful coding delivers big game software seamlessly to mobile. Retaining hot features like online multiplayer, modding scenes, and graphic quality shows expertise. Don’t worry about anything because this game supports all types of devices. You can find more information about the APK file below.

File Size35MB + 245MB
Latest Versionv8.10
DeveloperRockstar Games
CategoryRPG Games For Android
Android VersionAndroid 6.0 and Above
Last UpdatedNovember 2023
Total Downloads50M+

How To Download GTA 5 APK V2.0 No Verification For Android

For many avid gamers, the anticipation of a new Grand Theft Auto release is a thrilling experience filled with endless possibilities and adventures awaiting within the virtual world. However, the GTA free download can only be done from third-party websites like ours. Below, we have shared the link to do GTA 5 download for Android. Then you can follow the steps mentioned below to install it.

  1. Use the link mentioned above to download GTA 5 APK.
  2. Save the file anywhere on your device.
  3. Now open Android Settings -> Security Settings.
  4. Enable the option that says “Unknown Sources”.
  5. Once done, go back to the Downloads folder.
  6. Click on the GTA 5 APK file and tap on Install.
  7. Wait until the installation finishes, but don’t open it.
  8. Use the GTA 5 OBB file and place it in the Android/OBB folder.
  9. Now open the game using the shortcut and enjoy playing it.
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How To GTA 5 iOS Download Free

Right now, the game iOS file is not available officially because it is still in development mode. However, you can use the game file with Android emulator players to play it on your iPhone or iPad devices. There are many websites where you can do GTA 5 iOS download PPSSPP, but it won’t work without additional setup.

We will keep this post updated with more information on the iOS version of the GTA San Andreas APK OBB and Grand Theft Auto 5 game so you can stay connected with us. You will be able to do a game as soon as it is available so you can play it. Don’t worry, as we will share the GTA 5 iOS download no jailbreak link so everyone can take advantage of it.

Note: Do you have a 4GB iOS Mobile but don’t know you can run GTA V On iOS on your mobile? If yes, then don’t worry, as you can run this game iOS Download game because the minimum requirements to play the game iOS Download No Verification on mobile is 4GB RAM, 1GB graphics card or video card, and 80GB of space on the PC.

GTA V Mobile APK

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

We have shared everything related to GTA V APK download 2023 on this page above, but we understand the fact that you might have some questions related to it. Don't worry; we have already answered the most common queries related to the GTA V APK file and how you can use it to play the game.

Is It Safe To Do GTA 5 Download For Android?

The only way to stay safe when you do a GTA 5 download for Android free full version is by using our website. A lot of websites on the internet are providing links to the GTA 5 download APK, but not all are safe, and that’s what you must remember. This goes for other apps and games, too, apart from GTA Android V.

How To Download GTA 5 On Android?

If you have downloaded any APK OBB file before for Android devices, then you won’t have any issues in doing GTA mobile downloads. Use the links mentioned on this page to download the game. We have provided the direct download links to download GTA 5 on mobile. So anyone from any part of the world can use them without any worries.

Can You Use Grand Theft Auto V Full APK On PC?

You can do GTA 5 Android APK + data download 2023 from this page and use it with any Android OS device to play it. Doesn’t matter if it is an actual Android device or one running an Android OS in an emulator. There are many ways available by which you can execute the game on Windows, MAC, and iOS devices pretty easily.

Can I Run A GTA 5 Game Without A Graphic Card?

Why does GTA 5 keep crashing? It may occur because of the unavailability of a graphic card on your laptop or PC. Without a graphics card, you can not run the GTA V game on a laptop or PC and will not be able to enjoy the HD-quality graphics. It may start lagging and crash sometimes due to no graphics card on GTA V APK for PC games.

Final Words

Whether seeking next-level action or casual cruising, the GTA 5 APK ensures Liberty City calls all the same. It doesn't matter if you want to enjoy the regular story mode or play certain missions; GTA 5 mobile APK is for you. The game is a highly compressed version of the official Grand Theft Auto 5 game, so you will get the same features.

We have tried to mention every possible information about this game, and we hope now you know a lot more about it. You can keep visiting the Android4Game website, as we will keep the GTA 5 download APK link updated with the latest version. If you know something about GTA 5 Android APK that we haven't mentioned. Then do share your views with us via the comments below.

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