GTA 5 Fan Made APK Download For Android (GTA V Fan Made)

GTA 5 Fan Made APK
APP NameGTA 5 Fan Made APK
File Size65.8MB + 1.65GB
Latest VersionV2.10
Android VersionAndroid 6.0 and Above
DeveloperFan Made
Last UpdatedMay 2022
Total Downloads20M+

It’s 2013. There are no deadly viruses, and you have just heard that your favorite game will release its fifth version soon. You know that it won’t have any other update shortly, and you are wriggling inside due to the sheer pleasure of playing this game. Now it’s 2022 and you want to play the game again, but this time you don’t want to worry about having a computer with a good ram or worry about whether it has a graphic card or not. You just wanted to play GTA 5 Fan Made APK download for Android offline, GTA 5 Fan Made APK 100 MB enjoy it on your phone. Thankfully, you don’t have to worry about all those things anymore.

GTA 5 Fan Made APK Offline

You don’t need that PC with extremely heavy specifications, your phone is enough to let you experience the world of Grand Theft Auto. In this article, we are going to look at GTA 5 Fan Made Android APK, and the various specifications related to it. We’d also discuss how to download it, and how it would affect your device performance as well. The features of this game are well advanced as compared to the usual San Andreas that we know of.

What Is GTA 5 Fan Made APK

To turn a game that was completely offline, to partially online, as well as to include several characters in the game, is an achievement in itself. GTA 5 Fan Made mobile game is a variation or a copy of the original GTA 5 APK. It has all the necessary characters as well as the original map in the game. The GTA 5 Fan Made full map APK is available for download on this website as well. It is a story of a gangster that renews working in the shadows, after being called by the FIB (the fake version of the FBI)

GTA 5 Fan Made APK Android Gameplay

GTA 5 Fan Made APK OBB
GTA 5 Fan Made Beta APK

Since it is not a PC game and it does not have all the necessary graphic codes, and you are going to run it on your phone, the graphics are suited well accordingly. If you look at the storyline and the plot of this game, you would understand that you are going to manipulate a criminal, to go back to the criminal life that he had. Michael has just caught by the FIB, stealing about 200 million or something. The summary is that you have to make sure that Michael stays on the right track, so that does not get caught again.

Features Of GTA 5 Fan Made Beta APK

The developers have gone berserk trying to create mayhem and chaos everywhere. But you would love this chaos, as it would help you enhance your experience of the game.

Both Offline & Online Mode

Once you go for GTA 5 Fan Made APK + OBB Download, you would understand that this game is not just offline but also online. You can not only play it without your data connection, but you can also join in with your friends online, and play several matches with them. Your character not just suited for the base story. But you can also do several things within. In the online mode.

Weapon Upgrades

In all the previous versions of the GTA, you would not find this exact feature anywhere in the game. You can not only upgrade your weapons now but also exchange them with others as well. In this GTA 5 Fan Made APK downloads offline, you can exchange all your weapons with the help of the switch feature. It would help you to analyze your situation and work on the best upgrade that you need. Also do this upgrade in the online mode. GTA 5 Fan Made offline download is best for weapon upgrades.

Character Optimization

Of course, it is a version of GTA San Andreas. You can get character optimization anywhere. When you  consider the parent company, Rockstar Gaming. With the new character optimization feature, you can make Michael look like anything that you want. There are even cheats available for this specific GTA 5 Fan Made MOD APK download. You can use those cheats to even buff your character. This would change not only your character’s appearance. But also upgrade its strength as well. It would be able to increase your stamina and your muscle mass. GTA 5 Fan Made 1.08 MB download has some of the best character optimizations ever.

Simple and Intuitive

Since this is not the original Carlos’s San Andreas, you might find this game to give a different experience. We are all afraid of something that we cannot control or imagine, and something unknown terrifies us the most. However, this game as beautifully designed as it was originally built. You can play GTA 5 Fan Made APK download for PC as simple as the original version, and you would see that most of the controls and everything correlates to what you would already know. Would not need to worry about understanding how to race cars or fire a gun, as it is simple as the original game.

Various Interesting Missions

In the GTA 5 Fan Made APK download for PC and Android, you would find certain missions that you would have to complete to secure a certain position in the game. These missions would not be a part of the main storyline, but like Easter eggs, they would drop in the middle of the plot. These missions would sometimes help you to gain weapons or cars that would be useful in the main storyline. With these missions, you can play them with your friends in the online mode as well. Make sure that you complete them, before jumping on to the plot time.

GTA V Fan Made APK Overall Summary

The game is available to download on this website by following the simple steps that are mentioned below. You need to have about 500 MB of free space available inside your Android device. Once you download the game, make sure that you boost your RAM and kill all tasks for proper function. You also need to select the root directory of the file, where you would download the APK file, and the place where you would keep the OBB file. To download, simply follow these steps:

How To Download GTA 5 Fan Made APK For Android Offline

  • Given below would be a download button, click on it to download GTA 5 Fan Made MOD APK.
  • You would be asked about the root directory of the file. Select downloads from your file manager.
  • Make sure that you have a stable internet connection while downloading.
  • After the download is done, you would either be asked to download the OBB file or both the APK and the OBB file would be downloaded simultaneously.
  • Use the APK file to install the game application but don’t run after the process ends.
  • Make sure that the OBB file stays in the Android > OBB section of your file manager.
  • Now, use the home screen’s shortcut of the game to run and play the game without any errors.

Final Words

Although we have been a fan of Carlos since we were a teenager, we have loved this game even more. GTA 5 Fan Made APK has a completely different look over the game, and how it produced. The simple gameplay, the surreal graphics, and the different missions that are like Easter eggs in the game are just amazing to play.

Once you start playing the game. You would be surprised to notice when hours would go by. A little tip here would be that if you download the mod version from this website, you would be able to experience the game in its utmost state.


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