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GTA Philippines APK + OBB Download For Android (Latest Version)

APP NameGTA Philippines APK
File Size76.82MB + 1.65GB
Latest VersionV6.87
Android VersionAndroid 6.0 and above
DeveloperRockstar Games
Last UpdatedSeptember 2022
Total Downloads10M+

Grand theft auto has always been one of the most popular games on the internet. The Rockstar production houses several games that come under this category. GTA San Andreas is already considered to be the number one game on several platforms. Other forms such as Vice City also received much appreciation. In this article, we are going to discuss GTA Philippines APK. The game can played on both Android and iOS devices. You can also play it on a PC using an emulator. It supports all Android versions from KitKat to the latest Android 12 and supports iOS devices from iOS 6.

In the world of grand theft auto, the main aim of the game is to become a billionaire, Playboy, and the ruling mafia of the Philippines. It is a single-player strategy game, and the genre is classified as action and crime. You are free to do as you please, and you get all the major benefits of normal GTA in this game. Plus, since this is the GTA Philippines MOD version, you can use cheats as well. This would make the game far more enjoyable and you can easily win over the final boss as well.

What Is The GTA Philippines APK?

GTA Philippines APK

GTA Philippines MOD APK an android game that can be played on all Android, iOS and computer devices. It is an action game, packed with numerous mobs and bosses that you would have to defeat. It an open-world game just like San Andreas or Vice City, however, it has been modified to represent the Philippines. Everything from CJ, the shops and the cars, to the missions have remodelled to the culture of Filipinos. All the MODs and cheat sheets are unlocked in the APK, and the steps to download the game have also been given below. Since the game developed by independent developers, you will always have to use manual installation files to play it.

Latest Version GTA Philippines APK For Android Gameplay

GTA Philippines APK
GTA Philippines APK
GTA Philippines APK

As for the gameplay, nothing has seriously changed except for the customs and attire. You are still the very CJ that you choose to be, but now as a Filipino. The game starts with the usual introduction of characters, sweeping glances at the city, the current mob, and the boss that you would have to overthrow. You need to amass money, power and weapons so that you would be able to surpass this mob. You can drive cars, run across the street, swim and basically do everything present in the previous GTA versions. In the upcoming versions of the GTA Philippines Android game, we can expect a few more amazing things, so always keep your game updated to the latest version.

GTA Philippines APK Download Links Features

Let us see some of the main features of this game:

MOD Cheat

MOD cheat might be one of the best things that this game has got. When playing GTA games on PC or video controllers, it is possible to input cheats and other through the keyboard. However, when you play the game through Android or iOS devices or even devices that are touch screen and without a keyboard; you cannot do so. In the GTA Philippines Android Game, you would be able to whip up the MOD cheat menu, which would instantly change your game. You can select the various weapon, car and health cheats from the MOD cheat menu. It would be helpful for missions as well.

Modified Vehicles

This was seen with so many games that it has now become a general category. No matter what game developed, people want to see other cultures and special editions that feature something special. Plainly remodelling everything won’t make it look like a good update. Thus, in this version, you would have modified vehicles, new cars and buses that specially adapted to the new terrain. This means that you would be able to see Filipino specials in the game as well. Plus, with the help of the MOD menu, bikes and cars would just drop from the sky for you.

Open World Maximized

Games have changed from being simple chase and run, to being able to manipulate your surroundings in 3D. This has changed the perspective of the game, and the competition has increased as well. Every other month, some new open-world game is released and people go gaga over it. However, in the GTA Philippines Android Game, the experience is subtly unique. You can enter houses, destroy buildings, swim, fly, handle any car or bike, fly airplanes, shoot grenades out of tanks and whatnot. It’s the ultimate open-world experience for even seasoned gamers.

Easy Control Options

Controls are the major risk factor in any game. The game can have the most surreal experience, strategies and dinosaurs, but if it doesn’t handle well with the controls, it’s over. As for GTA Philippines, it is said that the most work that they did on this update was on the controls. You might have seen Carlos getting stuck in the middle of the door and the van, because of some control glitch. Here, they are seamless. You won’t find any glitch in the controls, plus they are optimized for various vehicles. You can find plenty of special controls in the cycle/bike version.

No Root Requirement

It’s scary, isn’t it? Reading an article online that says that you would have to root your phone, to be able to access this part of the service. If you have even a little bit of common sense, you know that it is possible to lose the warranty on your device. iPhone users might even be in legal trouble if they jailbreak their phones for non-negotiable reasons. So, to break free from this, you can download the game from this website. Here, we don’t charge you anything, nor does our APK file need rooting. Just simply download and play.

How To Download GTA Philippines APK + OBB For Android

Now that you don’t need to worry about root authorizations and stuff like that, you can directly jump to the GTA Philippines download section. If you are new to this experience, you can continue with the steps mentioned below as they would guide you through the proper downloading and installation process. But, if you are already aware of the same, you can skip this part and read the general FAQs for the game to understand it better. The steps to download the game mentioned below, please make sure to follow them in their sequence else you will not be able to run it properly. So, don’t wait and download GTA Philippines APK OBB today from this page.

  • Go to the settings option of your device and search for installation permission. Find the browser that you are currently on, and allow it.
  • Once you are back on this page, refresh it and click on the button above.
  • You would directed to another page for downloading, or it would start directly on your device.
  • Make sure that you install the application once it downloaded.
  • The OBB file is available for download as well, and it is present on the same page.
  • Now, before opening the application, go to your file explorer.
  • Copy the OBB file from the download section, search for ‘Android’ and paste it into a new folder here with the name ‘OBB’.
  • Once done, use the game’s shortcut created on the home screen to run it!

FAQs Related To GTA Philippines MOD PC Download

Is GTA Philippines For PC Available?

GTA Philippines is made specially for mobile gamers so you will not be able to play it on your PC devices. There’s little to no information about its PC or console release available, so keep visiting this page to know about its latest updates. We will make its download link available here as soon as it releases.

Where To Find The Latest GTA Philippines Link?

A lot of Android app markets on the internet are providing links to download GTA Philippines and you can do it via the Google Play Store too. The official game will come with basic features so if you want to take advantage of unlimited resources, ammunition, etc. then you must download it from this page.

Is GTA Philippines File Safe?

The GTA Philippines APK file provided on this page is completely safe and we have tested it on our own devices before providing it on this page. You can literally download and play this game on all types of Android mobile and tablet devices. We have already scanned these files but if you want then you can re-scan them before installing.

How To Play GTA Philippines APK Game On iOS?

GTA Philippines for iPhone and iPad is not available yet because the game is released only in a few locations right now. You will not be able to use these installation files on any other OS than Android. Though we are looking for portals to get a GTA Philippines IPA file and we will post it on this website if we found it.

How To Update GTA Philippines OBB File?

You must ensure that the GTA Philippines game you are playing is the latest version if you want to enjoy the latest released features of it. We keep this page updated with the most recent version and if a new version is available, then you have to obtain the installation files again to install it from scratch.

Final Words

What more can be said about GTA? The game has awarded so many awards by many respected institutions. No matter whether you are a hardcore BGMI fan, a Minecraft fanatic or an Alpha from Counter-Strike, you love this game. GTA Philippines is actually a lot better and similar to the old versions that we are familiar with.

We personally loved the game and all its characters. The smooth controls paired with crazy detailed graphics left me playing it for 2 hours straight! It was fun though. Filipino culture has expressed very beautifully, and you can experience it, from the beaches and its people. Overall, we would rate the game as 9/10, and a 10/10 on the open-world experience.

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