Henry Stickmin Collection Apk Download (Latest Version) For Android/iOS

Henry Stickmin Collection Apk

Here we come back with an excellent and exciting adventure game with unique gameplay that you cannot see in any other game available in the market. The name of the game is henry stickmin collection apk, in which you will play the role of an agent or thief.

This game is the best action-packed game ever made because of its exciting storyline. Moreover, Newgrounds choose your own classic game and come with a collection of 6 epic and popular games. Also, read this article until the end to get to know more about this game, its gameplay, and many more.

What Is Henry Stickmin Collection Apk

Henry Stickmin Collection Apk

The henry stickmin collection apk is a popular adventure game offered by Willam Rose developers. As discussed above, this application helps you play every stickmin game in this single application. Moreover, this henry stickmin apk game was first introduced for the PSP, PC, Laptops, and many more. Still, later due to its demand or popularity, this game is now available for mobile users.

Most importantly, you will get all six stickmin games available in the market, such as Henry Stickmen, Infiltrating the Airship, Stealing the Diamond, Escaping the Prison, Fleeing the Complex, Breaking the Bank, and many more inside the application.

Features Of Henry Stickmin Collection Mobile

This henry stickmin collection apk android game comes with lots of features that enhance the gameplay and mission. So, below are some essential features of this game.

  • The developer of this henry stickmin collection download apk games has re-masted various things such as homes, museums, the background at night, parking lot, and many more to increase the gamers’ interest.
  • Moreover, the henry stickmin collection android game comes with excellent sound quality, which enhances the gameplay of the individual gamers.
  • You can also change various things in the henry stickmin collection download android games, such as the cabin deck, stairs, and even other parts of cabins, many more.
  • Most importantly, this adventure game comes with an attractive and simple UI which makes it easier for people. It also comes with an app guide that guides people to understand gameplay.
  • In addition, this game comes with various gaming modes, like the gamers have to turn the whole floor red and the wall brunette. In this mode, the player will get new weapons and tanks which they have to use. Also, this mode is not available on the PC, PSP, version of this game.
  • Moreover, the developer of the henry stickmin collection android game makes in-game animation graphics.
  • Also, henry stickmin collection download android is a multiplayer game that allows you to play this game with other people.
  • Even the UI is so simple and attractive that many people don’t feel bored while using or playing this henry stickmin collection ios game on their smartphone or tablet.


Henry Stickmin Collection Apk
Henry Stickmin Collection Apk

The gameplay of this henry stickmin collection android apk game is not so difficult for the gamer who plays it but too dangerous to play. There is a series of multiplayer games in one edition—basically, not one game but one app. Moreover, in the henry stickmin collection iphone game, you will find lots of game collections based on different series. The game is straightforward, making it a perfect standard game as you have to choose what you have to do, what you fail to do, or what you are doing in this game. There is a new repetition of advanced repetitions and demands for an exciting visual game! They stick though

The designer takes funny colours and clues to the depths of the best depth. They pulled the older man out of the water, and he saw the older man again. But stay tuned to the history of the sounds, not the art of the characters, complete the latest game activity (left to break the bench down!). Most people can not afford to buy.

Guidelines To Play The Game

As you already know, in this henry stickmin collection mobile game, you will find the various game collections, and for each game, you may need a guide to understand the controls and gameplay of that game. Therefore, the henry stickmin collection apk download game offers different instructions for each level or step. Therefore, below I have listed a detailed list of those user guidelines.

  • Prison Escape (Achievements)
  • Diamond Stealing (Achievements)
  • Completing the Goal (2 out of 2 achievements)
  • Achieving the Goal (Success 1 out of 2)
  • Escape Complex (Achievements)
  • On Air (Achievements)

It has a series of six games that I have mentioned above. Thus, the instructions, tips, and tricks can only be found in the above sequence. But in future updates, you might see many features in this game that will make it more interesting and exciting to play.

Main Objective Of Henry Stickmin Collection Android

The henry stickmin collection apk Mobile aim is to revitalize the beautiful, transformed, and young field of this game. This 6-game event leads to a perfect conclusion. Moreover, you can choose an option such as calling Charles, your friend, or a TV operator who guides you at every moment in this game. Wrong choices lead to action, but bad decisions are overcome. Most importantly, You will not get anything until you complete the first attempt at this game. Henry Stickmin’s game remake had a good time on the old internet, but his age was not accessible. The bank split has been wholly postponed. In addition, the story of the henry stickmin collection ios game came back as all of them were able to get out of jail, loot various treasures, attack various things, and run away from campus.

Pros & Cons Of Henry Stickmin Collection iOS Game

You can have easy access to everything and enjoy it. There are choices, the results of which are far more enjoyable than achieving a goal. So, it would help if you tried everything. The game offers you a particular category if you have trouble completing any category.


  • Easy controls
  • Free to play on any device
  • Easy and simple UI
  • Controls are easy to understand.
  • A new genre of game.
  • In this, you will get a user guide.
  • Fast loading
  • Build your legends in this game
  • Moreover, you can take out the guard with a sniper rifle.


  • This game may crash or not work properly due to the old version.
  • Your phone may get heated while playing out continuously.
  • If you download it from the Google Play Store, it is costly to play.
  • You need a good internet connection to play this game.

Overall Summary

The henry stickmin Collection Mobile game is divided into various sections. But many gamers face the issue of limited game collections. As you already know about this game, the game starts on a bad day when the main character decides to rob a bank but ends up tied up. Therefore, you need to get the character out of jail. There are different events where you have to make other decisions and bring different results.

Therefore, the gamers must make a quick and good decision while playing henry stickmin collection apk download for android games. Most importantly, when you get out of jail, you first have to steal the Tunisia Diamond, making you a big thief and officially making your character. After that, there are various machines that users have to complete, and many episodes have been added to the series.

Version Information Of Henry Stickmin Collection Apk Mediafire

Game NameHenry Stickmin Collection
Developer NameWilma Rose
File Size600 MB
Current VersionV2,2
Installed Apk10M+
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How To Download Henry Stickmin Collection Apk For Android

It’s straightforward for you to download this henry stickmin collection apk game on your mobile device. You only have to follow the below-mentioned instructions to install this game on your android or iOS device.

  • First of all, get the henry stickmin collection apk file from the download link below.
  • Secondly, go to phone settings to allow the unknown source permission inside the security option.
  • Then, find the apk file of this game on your mobile device and click on it.
  • After this, you have to wait for a few seconds until this adventure games get installed.
  • Now, open this game and enable all the required permission.
  • Finally, start playing this fantastic adventure game with your friends.


After reading this entire post, all your queries regarding this henry stickmin collection apk game get resolved. Also, we have provided a direct downloading link to get this game. This game is undoubtedly the best action-packed and adventure game ever made by the creator of this game for the people who love to play games like this henry stickmin apk download game. Most importantly, you will not see this game’s gameplay and graphics in any other game. Overall, many games love this game, and they give a 4.4 rating out of 5.0 on various websites. So, I recommend you play this game and enjoy its dynamic gameplay.


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