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Honkai Star Rail APK + OBB Download For Android (Beta Version)

APP NameHonkai Star Rail APK
File Size357.8MB
Latest VersionV1.25
Android VersionAndroid 6.0 and Above
Last UpdatedSeptember 2022
Total Downloads20M+

In the dreamy world of miHoYo, things are quite different from what they seem to be. Whether we surrounded by the beautiful scenarios of Genshin Impact, or whether it’s the trailing gun blaze of Honkai, it is still the same thing. Many people classify Honkai Star Rail APK genre as JRPG, rather than RPG. This is mainly because of the fact that role-playing games, developed by famous Japanese developers or even certain individuals, heavily influenced by anime. If you don’t know what anime is, you need to come out of your cave and look at the modern world.

miHoYo has always been one of the most exciting and famous developers in this genre. Japanese and anime-based RPG games have been a major part of his success, where Genshin Impact scored the highest points. It became the top grossing game on Play Store, breaking all records of other RPG games. It was surprisingly beautiful to interact with, and people loved the game. Then, Honkai was released which featured warriors with classic anime abilities. Honkai Star Rail is the continuation of the previous release, but this takes place in a much different universe. Let us look into this APK and how we can download the game.

What Is Honkai Star Rail APK?

honkai star rail apk

Honkai Star Rail Mobile version and PC versions yet to released so far. In this article, we will discuss the game in detail, and you can play the game by downloading it from the link mentioned below.  Honkai Star Rail is a successor of the series of Honkai games and you can play alternative of this which ZOZ Final Hour APK. These designed with a JRPG atmosphere, with natural abilities and fighting techniques. Here, we witness Himeko, who is the protagonist of the game. Although you can choose your own protagonist, the train on which you would arrive at the stars belongs to Himeko. The game begins when Himeko discovers a universe, much larger, much more beautiful and peaceful serene, different from her own.

Honkai Star Rail Beta APK Gameplay

honkai star rail apk
honkai star rail apk
honkai star rail apk

Let me point out the cons of this game. As since the beta version was released; everyone has voiced their own opinions. But, there only one feature that was considered to a proper disadvantage. The problem with Honkai Star Rail is that it uses the same scenarios, fairies, magic and basic anime abilities in all of the miHoYo games. To be honest, this gameplay is far better than any other game I have ever come across. You can select any character from a list of 20, as released by the developers. These characters have their own personality and input into the story of the game. The controls are smooth and buttery, and as far as the beta version goes, it was truly a magical experience!

Latest Version Honkai: Star Rail Android Game Features

Some of the amazing features of this game are as follows: –

Amazing Astral Adventure

Now, I am quite familiar with astral planes and reviving your dead spirit or leaving the body, but it’s all based on what I see in anime. As for this game, it has broken all limits. You actually feel as if you are controlling an anime scene with joysticks and buttons. When Himeko discovers the other universe, and that wretched train, her soul rises and the scenery unfolds into a magical scene. You can see the various universes of miHoYo clubbed in the adventure with many characters that we are already aware of.

Same Character Input

This feature has actually been heavily criticized by a good minority of people. Developers spend years upon years perfecting a game. When it’s released, gamers expected to pay for several in-game benefits. Simply remodelling characters and stealing scenes from miHoYo’s own games won’t make the cut. But professionally, the majority of gamers including myself loved this repetition. We get to play with March 7th, Welt and Danheng again. Their personality and social life have changed since they belong to another universe, but the fighting style and magic attacks are still the same. It’s like a multiverse of miHoYo!

Universes Within Universes

The Star Rail considered to a magical train that can lead you to the stars. Himeko is a resident of our world, who trips and falls over pieces of broken train parts. These pieces somehow let Himeko see the world beyond, and far within the reach of humankind. Instilled with a sense of gratitude toward life, she starts to rebuild the rail train, focusing on the space exploration part. Eventually, she succeeds in embarking upon the journey herself, but she realizes that she cannot proceed to the stars alone. Here we get the introduction of different characters, along with the pit stops that they would take. Here you discover the various universes within us, and as passengers, we visit different worlds for different purposes.

Belobog and Other Cities

One of the cities mentioned extensively in the trailer. It said that this city is one of the most difficult cities to conquer in this game. When you travel on the train you would see the different types of universes that are available in your journey. One of the most beautiful of them all is the snow-clad Belobog. Here, defense is the primary objective, so make sure that you have Gerald with you. Belobog would give you enough treasures and supplies to hold on until the next city. In the trailer released by the developers, we see that completely surrounded by snow, but it also depicts the fall of ancient civilizations.

Aeons and Honkai

This is the main aspect of the game. All the characters that you see as passengers of the beautiful train have spirits that are descendants of Aeons. Aeons are magical beings that can travel through the multiverse without any trouble. They use a certain type of energy that was primitive and available throughout their entire existence. Using this energy, they were immortal and could travel between galaxies and universes. This led to their disappearance, and no one has seen any Aeons in these millennia. But, these characters hold some form of connection to these Aeons which help them travel through the train. Honkai an ancient energy like Hakai used by Beerus Sama in DBZ. It’s destructive energy that completely obliterates anything in its path.

How To Download Honkai Star Rail APK OBB Beta Version For Android

The release date of this game has advertised to October 2022. However, if you are familiar with miHoYo, you won’t be happy this early. We were promised that Genshin Impact would released by 8th June 2019, but we got it by September 2020. This is usually common in terms of developers. But an error this huge can only done by miHoYo. In many interviews, people have pointed out that miHoYo actually polishes the game too much before releasing it to the public. So, if you want to play the game, you can wait till March or May 2023. But, the closed beta version is available for testers and gamers, and you can download the game by the steps below.

  • Use the link provided above to get the Honkai Star Rail game file for your device.
  • Save this file to your Android device’s internal storage folder.
  • Allow installation from Unknown Sources from your Settings -> Security Settings.
  • Now you can use the APK file to install the game.
  • Simply click on the downloaded file and tap on the Install option.
  • The game will generally take a couple of seconds to install.
  • Now you can use the shortcut created on the home screen to enjoy playing the game without any issues.

FAQs Related To Honkai: Star Rail For Android

What Is Honkai Star Rail Android Release Date?

Honkai Star Rail for Android will be released just a few weeks from now and you must stay connected with our website to know the latest news about it. Though if you want to try this game then you can download Honkai Star Rail APK+OBB files from this page and install the game manually to try its beta version before everyone else.

How To Do Honkai Star Rail PC Download?

Well, the Honkai: Star Rail game will be available for Android, iOS, and Windows PC devices officially when it will be released. Until then, the only way to play this game is by using its manual installation files. The good thing about these files is that you can use them on a PC by utilizing an Android emulator player.

Can You Update The Game From Honkai Star Rail Play Store?

No, the Honkai Star Rail Android game can’t be updated from any official app store like Google Play Store. Since the game is not available there, you won’t be able to see its status in the Play Store. Even after being released, we will recommend you visit this page again and get the new files instead of updating the game from the app store.

Is Honkai Star Rail Download Safe?

Everything available on this website is tested and scanned multiple times by our team members. You can stay secure if you continue using our website to get installation files of apps and games. Instead of trusting and downloading files from third-party websites that you don’t know about, consider giving our website a try.

Where To Find Honkai Star Rail PS4 Version?

According to official sources, the game won’t be available for console devices like Xbox, PlayStation, etc. You can either subscribe to the social media channels of this game/developer to know about other variants or you can keep visiting our website. We will keep you all posted about the Honkai Star Rail game updates.

Final Words

Honkai Star Rail is an all-rounder. I won’t classify this game as belonging solely to the RPG genre, because this has several aspects that can be easily overlooked. When Genshin Impact came, it was as if this game had designed for 16-year-olds that watch romance or slice-of-life anime, with a hint of magic.

However, the game rose in popularity and became the top-grossing game in no time. This is surely the case for Honkai Star Rail as well. I have played the beta version myself, and it felt really smooth. Although you do experience bugs and other glitches, it can waived off as this is still in the beta version. Also, please register yourself for the game. So that you would get a notification as to when the actual game would be downloaded.

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