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I Am Fish APK

As we know, there are lots of simulation games available in the market which allow you to have fun. If you want to experience the life of fish, then this I am fish apk game is for you this game allows you to explore various places during your journey home.

I am fish mobile game that comes with a realistic demonstration environment that makes you feel that you are in the water. Most importantly,  You will need to be in the water all the time, like a fish, and want to navigate the right path. Moreover, you will face many challenges during your path which you have to go through to get back home. This fish simulation game is very interesting to play because of its gameplay, realistic graphics, challenges, and many more. So, in this post, we will discuss the entire information about this game, its gameplay, challenges, and many more.

About Of I Am Fish APK

I Am Fish APK

The game is a popular fish simulation game which is offered by Bossa Studio and published by curve games. It is a physics-based adventure video game that allows you to understand the life of fish in the ocean.  This I am fish game comes with simple gameplay but difficult challenges which they face during their journey. The main aim of the game is to guide the goldfish to return home without injury.

Features Of I Am Fish Android

I Am Fish APK
I Am Fish APK

This video game is based on four brave fish friends who are forced by others to leave their homes. Most importantly, this I am fish game can be played on various devices. Such as Xbox, PC, PSP, windows, android, iOS, and many other devices. So, you have to complete various missions to reach home. As to avoid injury the gamers can roll, swim, fly, glide, inflate, or bite their way. Back to the ocean to cover the obstacles during their journey.

Powerful Collection Of Effects

In this game, you will be able to enjoy various special effects. Which you will see while you move the goldfish. Also, you will also enjoy the swish effects in this I am fish download android game that is added by the developer during the latest update.

Give A Realistic Feeling

The game that comes with excellent 3D graphics that make you feel real. Moreover, the sound of the game makes you feel that you are in the sea. That’s why this I am fish game is the best among all other fish simulations games because of its extremely high graphics which you will not see in any other game.

Simple Controls

I am fish iOS is a fun simulation game that allows you to roam the buildings and return to your home on the beach. You can control your bowl and can point to anything you like. Most importantly, this fish simulation game comes with simple controls that make it easier for gamers to play this game.

Play As Fish

In addition, the gamers will play the role of fish in this i am fish simulator android game to understand ocean life. You will face many difficulties during the journey which the gamers have to cover to complete that level.

Gameplay Of I Am Fish Mobile APK

No doubt, this i am fish game download apk comes with interesting gameplay that is loved by many gamers. In this i am fish apk game, the gamers have to experience the life of fish and how they survive in the ocean. Most importantly, the gamers have a goal to steer the goldfish into the sea without dying. Moreover, they will face many obstacles during their journey which the players have to cover. You have to choose the path carefully; if the goldfish collides with the obstacle or other things, the fish will die and your journey comes to an end.

The test areas are scattered at all levels, so when the fish dies, the player is returned to the previous position. Sometimes, you have to inflate your fish to make the fish float and even you can quickly move by flipping the wings. No matter how many times a fish passes, a player needs to go through that level to get the distance and the minimum number of stars. Most importantly, you have to think and use your ability to bring that fish back to its home.

Mind Engaging Challenges

This I am fish free download for the android game comes with lots of challenges that make it more exciting and fun to play. Even you will be amazed at the ingenuity of the engineers in this. Moreover, you have to think about what steps can be taken to complete that level in this I am fish apk game. Also, you have to get your goldfish safely at home without getting hurt along the way. The levels are not so easy for the gamers to clear but very funny and compelling even if you fail after several attempts.

In this I am fish apk game, the gamers can unlock various other fish once they have completed the levels. That’s why it will enhance your gaming experience and make you feel funny and excited while playing it on your mobile device. You will also find yourself enjoying various places while the journey of your golden fish continues towards home.

Realistic 3D Feel

Your goldfish is healthy in this i am fish apk download for the android game that works like our lives. They may face many challenges and need to cope with them to survive. You can even decide whether your fish wants to battle with other fish or not as they can interact with them.

Most importantly, this I am fish game is full of fun, engaging, and immersive gameplay that is loved by many gamers. It comes with an interesting 3-D animated environment that makes it enjoyable while playing this fish game. Moreover, the animation in this game is very smooth, and the sounds of the game are real which makes you feel that you are on a sea voyage.

Additional Information Of I Am Fish Mod APK

Game NameI Am Fish
App Size200 MB
OBB Size1.50 GB
Developed ByBossa Studio
Operating SystemAndroid/iOS
Version Of GameV1.1,5

How To Download I Am Fish APK OBB For Android

It’s very easy for gamers to download the I am fish game on their mobile device. They only have to follow or read the steps mentioned below to install this I am fish apk game on your mobile device.

  • First of all, click on the link and get the I am fish apk and OBB file from there.
  • After downloading, open the setting, and inside the security option enable the unknown source permission.
  • Once you enable it, tap on the apk file of this I am fish game and start installing it.
  • Once it gets installed, copy the I am fish OBB file to the right folder inside the file manager of your phone.
  • After copying, open this fish game and grant access to all necessary permission.
  • Finally, start playing this fish simulation game with your friends.


That’s all!!  We are confident that all your queries or questions regarding this I am fish apk game. This fish simulation game is the best choice for gamers who want to experience the life of fish. No doubt, I am fish game is very famous among people due to its gameplay, gaming modes, storyline, graphics, and many more.

Most importantly, we have provided the direct downloading button from where you can get I am fish game for totally free of cost. Overall, this game is so exciting to play. So, we recommend you to play this I am fish game on your mobile device and enjoy its gaming modes.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is I am fish available on android?

Yes, of course, this I am fish game available on android devices. Moreover, to play this fish simulation game you should have the latest android device with a minimum of 6GB free space in internal storage. Most importantly, your android phone should have at least 4GB RAM to enjoy the lag-free gaming experience on their mobile device.

Is I am fish game multiplayer?

This I am fish game is not a multiplayer game which means you can not play with your friends or other players. Most importantly, it is a single-player game which you can play without an internet connection.

Which platform is I am fish on?

You can play this I am fish game on various platforms such as PC, Xbox, PlayStation 5, windows, MAC, PlayStation 4, android, iOS, and many more other devices.

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