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Infinity Blade 3 APK+OBB Download For Android/iOS 2022

App NameInfinity Blade 3 APK OBB
File Size67.45MB + 1.54GB
Latest VersionV2.87
Android VersionAndroid 6.0 and Above
DeveloperChair Entertainment
CategoryRPG Games
Total Downloads80M+

Various games can be obtained from the internet and you don’t have to move a bit to get them. Thousands of free and paid games are available on the app store of your device but a lot of them get unnoticed. Sometimes you might consider playing games that are different from others because they serve the best purpose. Infinity Blade 3 APK is one among them because even being in the action role-playing genre, the gameplay is pretty different from other games of this category. We have played it personally and liked it very much and that is why this post created so other gamers can enjoy it too.

You can learn everything about the Infinity Blade 3 game in this post and it can be really helpful to you if you don’t know much about this game. As the name says, the game is the third part of the Infinity Blade video game series. With improved graphics, controls, actions, and almost everything, you must be ready to take your hands on it. While the official Infinity Blade 3 game was released for iOS devices like iPhone and iPad, we made it available for Android devices. You can actually do Infinity Blade 3 APK and OBB download from this page, to install the game manually and enjoy it to the core.

What Is Infinity Blade 3 APK Android?

Infinity Blade 3 APK OBB

Developed by Chair Entertainment and published by Epic Games. Infinity Blade 3 was among the best-selling games on the Apple App Store. The game was released to the public back in 2013 and within a few weeks, millions of people started playing it. Just because Apple App Store and Epic Games are having a legal battle over the commission and fees issue. The game was taken down from the iTunes Store. Not even Apple device users can get it from their store and Android users have to settle with the manual installation files of this game. Do try it once if you are using an Android device because it has got pretty good gameplay.

Infinity Blade 3 APK 2022 Gameplay

Infinity Blade 3 APK
Infinity Blade 3 Android

The Infinity Blade 3 game is all about fighting the enemies and defeating them to move ahead in the story. A player can use different types of attacking as well as defensive skills to become better than his enemies. Not only this but doing defenses a number of times will stun. The enemy and the player get a chance to steal the health of the enemy quickly. You can also train your player to cast the super attack that deals tremendous health damage to the enemy. When you will start the game, it will ask you to select a character you want to play it. There are two available: Isa and Siris. Both of these have different skills and abilities.

Infinity Blade 3 APK iOS Version Features

High-Quality Graphics

Everyone loves playing games that look good to the eyes and this game will not let you down. Even after being a video game for mobile devices, the visual graphics and video quality of this game are top-notch. You will be able to play it in a fully optimized condition without doing anything yourself.

Add Your Friends To The Game

The game can played as a 2 player combo too and for that. You can invite your friends to join your journey. This option might be available only via in-game invites because social logins are no longer working in many countries. Though, you can give it a try to test it out.

Play With Joysticks

Gamepad and Bluetooth controller devices can paired with mobile devices to make them work with the game. Developers have added support for external controllers in the game. So hardcore gamers can find it interesting and easy to play. Key binding and mapping can done via the Settings menu.

No Payment Required

Until the game was removed from the iOS App Store. It was offering in-game purchases for extra benefits. But the Android version will not have this feature and users will able to get unlimited resources in it by default. You can play it without worrying about the gold, coins, and in-game currency limit.

Completely Free & Safe

While many web portals are asking users to verify their identity before they can get the installation files, we are an exception. You can download Infinity Blade 3 for Android without any payment or verification. Also, both of these files are safe as we have scanned them before uploading them to the servers.

How To Update Infinity Blade 3 Game For Android?

Only a few editions and versions of this game released and that is the only reason you might not get any further updates. Although, minor changes can made by the developers who have compressed the file and, in that case, you can reach out to this exact page. The Infinity Blade 3 download links will updated with the latest version.

How To Download Infinity Blade 3 APK OBB For Android

Enough information shared above related to the Infinity Blade 3 mobile game and if you have gone through the list of features we have mentioned, you might have understood the working of it. There could be a slight difference in the graphics and audio quality of the game because it is a compressed version of the official Infinity Blade 3 game. To play it on your PC, you can get the Infinity Blade 3 emulator version which works with all major Android player apps. For novice users who can’t get through the manual installation of the game themselves. We have mentioned the guide below that can be followed.

  • The links mentioned above must used to get the installation files of this game.
  • You need to save them somewhere on the device you want to play this game on.
  • Also, enable the “Unknown Sources” option on your Android OS mobile or tablet device.
  • It can be found under the Device Administration tab when you go into Android Settings -> Security Settings.
  • Next, use the Infinity Blade 3 APK file to install the base game but do not run it.
  • You have to use the Infinity Blade 3 OBB file and extract it into the Android/OBB folder.
  • This will save the resources of the game for successful execution.

FAQs Related To Infinity Blade 3 Download 2022

Is Infinity Blade 3 APK Download Safe?

Many websites including us scan every file before providing it to others. We have done the same with Infinity Blade 3 Android game too and you can play it without worrying about your device’s security and data. If you are still concerned, then you can also use an anti-virus or malware scanning app to test the files yourself.

How To Do Infinity Blade 3 MOD APK Download?

You don’t really need Infinity Blade 3 APK MOD file because the version shared on this page comes with all in-app purchases. Also, you will notice that the number of currency and items won’t get deducted because the server can’t fetch the live status of the in-app purchase limits because of the Epic Games and Apple Inc. dispute.

Can You Get Infinity Blade 3 IPA File?

Well, the files shared on this page will work only with the devices powered by the Android operating system. For iOS users with iPhone and iPad devices, an IPA installation file is required. Right now, the files can’t be shared publicly because the game is still available on the Epic Games website.

Where To Do Infinity Blade 3 iOS Download?

The official website of Infinity Blade 3 has all information related to the game. How you can download it for iOS devices legally and follow the same manual installation procedure as Android OS to install it on your iOS devices. We will recommend you have a look at the game’s website before getting it from anywhere else.

Final Words

There are literally thousands of action role-playing games for Android and iOS devices available. Nothing can be termed as the best unless it has got a unique storyline, action, and gameplay. Once you have played the game yourself, you will understand the reason behind its popularity around the world.

More information related to the Infinity Blade 3 APK can obtained from the Epic Games website. We have tried to mention every little detail on this page about the game and installation files, still, some users might have questions in their minds. Feel free to shoot them and get answers from us regarding this game.

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