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Naruto Slugfest APK+OBB Download For Android (Latest Version)

App NameNaruto Slugfest APK OBB
File Size85.4MB + 1.87GB
Latest VersionV1.0.3
Android VersionAndroid 4.4 and Above
Last UpdatedAug 2022
CategoryRPG Games

There are many movies, series, and real-life events that inspired the developers to make a game out of them. While you can find a lot of them on the internet, some games get more popular than others. Naruto Slugfest is one among them and it being played by millions of people out there on daily basis. If you have not played this game yet, then you must download Naruto Slugfest APK today and experience the Naruto universe yourself the game was launched a few years back but was taken down recently by the developers because of a new version getting launched. That is Naruto SlugfestX but the original game is much better.

Naruto Slugfest APK

In this post, you can learn everything about the Naruto Slugfest for Android game and do Naruto Slugfest download. The game is available on the Google Play Store but it is not available at many locations so you might have to use the Naruto Slugfest APK file to install it yourself. We have provided the latest version of Naruto Slugfest APK for Android on this page that comes with the latest-released features and updates. If you are new to these types of installation files. Then you can also read about the installation instructions we have mentioned on this page to get started with it easily.

What Is Naruto Slugfest APK Highly Compressed?

As the name says, Naruto Slugfest is a video game featuring the anime character Naruto. The game is developed by GuiShiYi and was one of the trending games on all popular app stores before it was taken down by the officials. It is not possible to get it from the Play Store but you can use its installation file to play it on your Android devices. The Naruto Slugfest APK file can used in this case and it will work only with the devices running on Android OS. In this game, you can experience the Naruto universe with a different perspective. If you have watched Naruto series before, then you will love this game for sure.

Naruto Slugfest Android APK Latest Version Gameplay

Naruto Slugfest APK
Naruto Slugfest APK

The game features almost all Naruto series characters and you can play with all of them. It all begins when Naruto comes to his village Konoha after the training and finds Akatsuki is being a big threat to his and nearby villages. It is his duty to stop him and he need to be more powerful than before. Because his brother Sasuke has joined Orochimaru and given up all of his powers. There are different powers that you need to utilize to defeat your enemies. It is an MMORPG game, so you can play it with other players from around the world. Also, don’t forget to upgrade your skills of Naruto else you might lose the battles.

Naruto Slugfest MOD APK Unlimited Money Features

3D Visual Gameplay

This game is built in Unity player. So you can expect high-quality gameplay from it. We have tried this game ourselves and the 3D graphics look very stunning. When you play it on your mobile devices. Although you won’t need it but the graphics settings can modified by going in to the game’s settings.

4 Unique Classes

You will get 4 different types of powers in this game and you need to utilize all of them to defeat your enemies. Earth Keeper, Blazing Lotus, Thunder Assassin, and Wind Shooter those 4 unique classes that grant you to deal massive damage to opponents and keep yourself safe from getting knocked out.

Play With Your Friends

If you want then you can also add your friends to the game and play different types of modes with them. There are various tournaments and events that takes place in the game and you can create a team of your in-game friends to participate in it and win different types of rewards.

Collect Rewards & Upgrade

Each win and progress in the game will give you different types of rewards. That can used to upgrade your player. You can use the same in-game currency to buy new characters and various items for your hero. Remember that you must keep your character upgraded because every level will have stronger enemy than the previous one.

Completely Free & Safe

While the game is not available on all official app store. You have to use the Naruto Slugfest APK file to install it. We have tested this file on our own devices so you can download it without any worries. Also, the file updated to the latest version. So you don’t have to worry about it too.

What Is Naruto Slugfest APK Release Date?

The official Naruto Slugfest game will not return to the app stores again and you will have to continue using the external files to play it. Some other editions of the Naruto Slugfest games are available on the app stores and you can search for them. The latest Naruto Slugfest game getting launched this year.

How To Download Naruto Slugfest APK and OBB For Android

Enough information about the Naruto Slugfest games shared above and if you have read it, then you might have understood what this game is all about. Many users who have played it before are just looking for the installation file and it is the right time to provide you the link to do Naruto Slugfest X download for Android. Use the link mentioned below to get Naruto Slugfest APK for Android and use it to play the game. Remember that you will have to use both the APK and OBB files to install the game else it will not run at all. We have also shared the installation tutorial below and you can follow the same if you are new to these types of Android installation files.

  • Use both links we have provided above to get the installation files.
  • Save the downloaded files anywhere on your device because you will need them later.
  • Next, you need to enable the option named “Unknown Sources” from the Settings menu.
  • It can found under the Device Administration section in the Security Settings.
  • Once done, go back to the Downloads folder and click on the Naruto Slugfest APK file.
  • Tap on the Install option and the installation will start right away.
  • When it done, you need to use the Naruto Slugfest OBB file.
  • Extract the contents of this file into the Android/OBB folder on your device.
  • Now you are ready to play the game. Use the shortcut to run the game.

FAQs Related To Naruto Slugfest X APK

Is Naruto Slugfest Download For Android Safe?

It completely depends on the websites and portals you are using to obtain the installation files. If it is this page, then you don’t have to worry because we only provide safe files. Every file is tested by us before uploading and the same goes for Naruto Slugfest APK for Android. You can download and play it without worrying about the security.

Can You Get Naruto Slugfest APK iOS Version?

The game was available for both Android and iOS devices but the installation files provided on this page work only with Android OS. We are looking for updates related to the Naruto Slugfest IPA file and will update this post with the same. So, to do Naruto Slugfest download iOS APK you will have to wait for a few more months.

Where To Find Naruto Slugfest APK OBB 1.0.3 For PC?

Naruto Slugfest is a mobile game and if you want to do Naruto Slugfest download for PC, then you can use the APK and OBB files with Android players. A lot of them are available on the internet and these files supports each of them. Installation is pretty easy too so you can get started quickly with it.

How To Update Naruto Slugfest X MOD APK?

If you get any notification about an update related to the game, then you will have to visit this page again to get the latest installation files. The game can’t be updated from the Google Play Store and this is the only reason why we keep the Naruto Slugfest download links updated on this page with the latest version.

Final Words

This is all we wanted to share about the Naruto Slugfest for Android. If you have read this post since starting, then you might have understood everything. Many games like Naruto Slugfest are available out there but this game features everything official and that is why gamers like this over others. Although we have mentioned everything here, if you want more help with the installation or playing the game, you can contact us. You can also check our other posts related to Naruto games and try those games too instead of doing Naruto Slugfest MOD APK download to get unlimited resources in the game

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