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NBA 2K20 Apk+OBB Highly Compressed Download For Android/iOS

As we know, the basketball game is a famous sports game loved by millions of people across the world. So, we come back with a unique and exciting mobile game for these people. The game we will discuss today is the NBA 2k20 apk game, the top-rated basketball game developed for gamers who like to play sports games on their mobile device moreover, this video game fun comes with many new players that you will not see in any other basketball game. So, if you want to know more about this game, its gameplay, gaming mode, features, and many more, read this post until the end.

Description Of NBA 2K20 Apk OBB

NBA 2K20 Apk

NBA 2k20 mobile apk Game is a famous basketball simulation game offered by 2k sports and created by Visual concept. Moreover, this basketball game from the National Basketball Association tournament is popularly known as NBA. This NBA 2020 game is another famous NBA series game like NBA 2k18, 2k19, and many more. But this latest version of the NBA 2k mobile apk game comes with new features and updates such as the addition of a new gaming mode, improving its graphics, sound quality, gameplay, and many more, which will enhance the gamers’ gaming experience.

Features Of NBA 2K20 Mobile Apk

  • This game comes with many new NBA stories that were added in this mobile game to give a unique feel.
  • You don’t have to pay money inside this NBA 2k20 mod apk game as you will get everything for free such as dream players, T-shirts, shoes, and many more.
  • In this NBA 2k20 android game, you can travel around the world in a series of 3vs3 streetball basketball games.
  • It comes with leaderboard features that help them to compete with gamers worldwide.
  • Playing the practice mode or various other modes helps the gamers sharpen their skills to lead the championship.
  • My career mode in this NBA 2k20 apk download game helps the gamers to count their records.
  • Your skills will be responsible for creating a record for My Player.
  • The Quick Match feature selects competitors faster than ever.
  • Play 5 out of 5 games by connecting players via LAN.
  • New 2k20 soundtracks are added, such as Drake, Diplo, T-pain, which enhance the gaming experience.
  • This NBA 2k20 apk OBB 76.0 1 download game with High-quality graphics provides a realistic feel.
  • Here you can imitate the famous players found in the game.
  • It will provide a lag-free gaming experience and new updates from time to time

Gameplay Of NBA 2K20 Android

NBA 2K20 Apk
NBA 2K20 Apk

No doubt, the gameplay of this NBA game is so exciting and interesting to play. You have to create your club by making contracts with various basketball players. After that, look for similarities against unknown players, and take the victory to move on. The video game hosts the competition on a large scale. You will start with qualifying, defeating individual opponents in turns, and looking forward to the tournament.

However, the NBA 2k20 mobile apk is not a straightforward way. There are many challenges to overcome, such as you may have to compete with experienced basketball teams. So, you have to improve the skills and ability of your team in such a way that they can defeat any team. You also have to understand how to control the players in the game from defence to attack.

New Gaming Modes

Most importantly, the game is trendy because of its design which you may see in another role-playing basketball mobile game. Also, in the match, you can perform different skills such as stealing the ball, supporting, passing the ball to your teammates, adjusting the angle, shooting the ball into the basket, and many more. For each result, the system will collect your team points. If you win the basketball match, you will get a decent bonus character card.

Street Mode

The gamers select their players to compete in a 3vs3 street basketball game. This mode is so exciting to play on their mobile device. In this mode, you have to build an individual player’s career to become an NBA player. It will increase the ability and skills of that player.

NBAXtories Mode

Another mode you can play is NBA stories mode, which helps gamers play with the NBA famous player. They compete with other real players in a 5vs5 basketball match. Quick match mode: Again, it is the best gaming mode as you will have to compete with other gamers in 3vs3 or 5vs5 matches.

My GM Mode

In this mode, you will play the role of a team manager who can build their dream team, manage finance, skills, and position of a player, many more.

NBA 2K20 Mod Apk Unlimited Money Characters

You will play with your favourite basketball players such as Stephen Curry, James Harden, LeBron Raymone James, or Michael Jordan. Thegame comes with all the players, and you might not know some of them. Moreover, the gamers have the to play with these players and can customise their favourite player according to their own choice and interest.

You can customise many things in the player such as eyebrows, skin colour, beard, tattoos, skills and many more inside the custom panel. Most importantly, it would be best to have VC, a game currency, to purchase or customise your player.

Is NBA 2K20 Apk No Verificatiom offline

Yes, the NBA 2k20 game also supports single-player mode, which doesn’t require any internet connection. Moreover, you can play my career, quick match mode offline as you have to compete with AI or computer. Also, this mode improves the gaming skills of the gamers.


NBA games with many updates, which we have mentioned below.

  • Addition of 5 new stories to experience the history of NBA players.
  • New street mode is added, which is very excited to play
  • Improvement in gameplay, controls, graphics of the game.
  • Changes in UI of the game.
  • A New 2k20 soundtrack is added to this game. Various new things like a new T-Shirt, hair colour, shoes and many more are introduced.
  • How do you download NBA 2k20 on mobile?

Overview Summary NBA 2K20 Arcade Edition Apk

This game has 3-D graphics that give a real-life gaming experience while playing basketball matches. Moreover, this game was first available for Windows, PSP, Xbox, and Mac devices. Later, the developer made it for android and iOS devices due to its popularity among various gamers. Also, this game is available on google play store or Apple store, but you have to pay $5.56 to play this basketball game. This latest version of the game comes with real-life players, teams, and many more. It is the best choice for gamers who want to play basketball on their mobile device.

Additional Information Of NBA 2k20 iOS Free Download

Game NameNBA 2K21
Developer NameVisual Concept
App Size90 MB
Obb Size3.10GB
Published by2k Sports
Current Versionv 98.0.2
Release OnSept 4, 2019
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How To Download NBA 2K20 Apk OBB Highly Compressed V76.01 For Android

It’s straightforward for you to download NBA 2k20 apk games on your Android or iOS device. You only have to follow the instructions mentioned below to install this game on your mobile device.

  • Firstly, get the 2k20 apk file and the nba2k20 apk OBB file from the download link below.
  • Secondly, click on the apk file of this mobile game inside the download folder.
  • After clicking, a pop-up window will appear to allow the unknown source permission.
  • Then, wait for a few seconds until this amazing basketball game gets installed on your Mobile phone.
  • Now, copy the NBA 2k20 apk OBB file to the correct folder inside your phone’s file manager.
  • After copying, you have to open this basketball game and allow the necessary permission.
  • Finally, start playing this exciting basketball game with your friends.
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We are confident that after reading this post about the game, all queries regarding this amazing basketball game get resolved. Also, provide the download link to get the latest version of this game. Moreover, this is the developer’s most exciting basketball gameplay, gaming modes, graphics, and many more. Even this NBA 2020 game is developed for those gamers who love to play basketball. So, we suggest you try and play this fantastic basketball and enjoy it with friends.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1) Can you download NBA 2k20 on Android?

A1) Yes, of course, you can download and play this NBA 2k20 game on your Android and an iOS device. Moreover, to play this game on your android device without any lag, your phone should have the latest android 8.0 or more android version phone. Also, You should even have a good internet connection, 4GB RAM, 8GB free space in internal storage, a good internet connection, and the latest processor like snapdragon 625.

Q2) How do you get 2k20 for free?

A3) It’s straightforward for the gamers to get this NBA 2k20 game for free as we have provided the direct downloading link from where you can get this fantastic basketball game for free of cost. You don’t even have to purchase anything inside the game as you will get them free of charge

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