New Anime Mugen Apk with 540 Characters Download

New Anime Mugen Apk with 540 Characters Download

Hello gamer, I am back after a long time with another New Anime Mugen Apk. This New Anime Mugen Apk is awesome because this game supports three Platforms. I mean you can play this New Anime Mugen Apk game on these three devices. Like Android, iOS, and windows, this is the first such anime Mugen game that supports all the devices.

Oh man, I got scared when I played this game for the first time because this game was running without emulators on my android phone. This game comes with 540 anime characters is every one of you in this new anime Mugen. You will get to see anime characters like dragon ball, naruto, one punch man, etc.

If you want to download this Mugen Apk with 540 Characters or wish to download it. Then you should read the entire end of this article because will give you a good explanation in this amazing Mugen gaming post that. How to New Anime Mugen Apk with 540 Characters Download.

About Of New Anime Mugen Apk

New Anime Mugen Apk

The developer of this Mugen apk game has smartly improved the game very much like this game comes with new combos and very much more characters. This is a Bleach Vs Naruto Mugen-only mode but this game has a lot of changes. The game name has been changed from bleach vs naruto to Anime Mugen Apk.

In this New Anime Mugen Apk, you will get to see some super coolest players whose name is as follows.

  • Naruto:- This is absolutely a fresh New Anime Mugen Apk that comes with the most famous player of anime, naruto and all the characters have four attacks of ownership. Three of the genes are specials.
  • Goku & Vegeta:- Goku and Vegeta are the most liked characters of dragon ball which come with this Mugen Apk and this game includes all the transformation forms of these two characters.
  • One-Punch Man:- This Mugen apk is really amazing because this Mugen game comes with one Punch Man character.

More Information Mugen & Game Play

New Anime Mugen Apk

In this M.U.G.E.N Apk you will get to see a lot of games modes, which are given below.

  1. Joy Set:- Through Joy set, you can change the joystick of the Mugen Apk, in this game you will get to see three types of the joystick. Which makes this game much better than before.
  2. Joy Alpha:- Through Joy Alpha, you can reduce and improve the pixel quality of the game, according to your device. If your device has 1GB ram, then you have played by reducing the pixel quality of this Mugen Apk.
  3. Com Level:- You can play this Mugen apk in three modes like very easy, easy, hard, etc.
  4. Life:- I want to tell you that through this option. You can reduce and increase the life of the player of the Mugen Apk according to yourself.
  5. Time:- When you play the Mugen Apk, a timer runs in it. Which you can reduce with the help of this option.
  6. Screen Mode:- You can also customize the size of the screen of this game, so how many amazing functions are there within this game.
  7. Quality:- All the functions of this game, all come to you in the windows Mugen game. It has given a very amazing function named quality which is specially designed to customize the graphics of the game.

Requirements Of Game

To play New Anime Mugen Apkin your mobile phone, you must have a capacity of 1Gb radio access memory in your mobile phone with android version lollipop 5.0.1 to be a good GPU like 1.4GHz only then you can play this Mugen game on your mobile phone Can.

This New Anime Mugen Apk made exactly like the Mugen of windows. The pixel quality of the game is quite cool.

If your mobile phone supports all these requirements then you should not forget to download this game and play the game, why this game can be played on an Android phone without an emulator and the size of the game is more than 2GB.

Anime Mugen Apk Download With Information

Game NameNew Anime Mugen Apk
Size Of Game3Gb
Ram Need1Gb
Version Of GameV5.0.1
Game ByAndroid1


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