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Pikachu APK Latest v11.1.5 Download For Android/iOS

Watching live TV shows, movies and series can be confusing if you don’t know about the proper resources to utilize. While many paid streaming services and apps are already available, a majority of the streamers don’t like paying for them. In case you are looking for Android apps to watch live TV channels, movies, series, and shows, you can consider using the Pikachu movies app. This app is very underrated because not many people know about it but it has got a pretty big collection of steamtable content. We have shared complete information about the Pikachu APK on this page so make sure to read this post till the end to understand process of download what it is the best movies, shows, and live TV apps you can download right now.

Pikachu apk android

You must check out this app at least once to know what this app offers and do Pikachu movie app free download from this page.

What Is Pikachu APK Live Match?

Pikachu app download

Pikachu APK download 2022 is an app named after Pikachu, however, it has nothing to do with cartoons or pokémon. Pikachu TV on Android is actually a streaming platform where you can watch your favourite movies and TV shows completely free, You can get a variety of different shows and movies to watch. It hosts some of the best movies produced, and it regularly updates its software to keep up with the newest updates. It has one of the largest databases, and you can get over 7,000 or so movies completely for free with this application.

Features Of Pikachu APK For Android

Some amazing features of this application are as follows:-

Watch Unlimited TV Shows

Most of the time, these applications that advocate free movies and shows do not contain proper shows from your favourite television drama. They either have shows that are very famous and that too not completely. But, with the help of the Pikachu APK English version, you would be able to watch all your favourite TV shows completely. You won’t have to worry about uncompleted shows or shows with missing episodes. As they are not only a bummer but also reduces your excitement to complete the show. Pikachu APK for PC is great for underrated TV shows as well.

Watch Unlimited Movies

Speaking of movies after TV shows, the Pikachu APK movie download is at best with everything with movies as well. If you are someone that obsesses over Bollywood and you need all the spices to kickstart your entertainment. This is the perfect application for you. It has all the major Bollywood movies and even south Indian entertainment. Movies like KGF and Bahuballi have kicked the knot for some people because of the sheer thriller it provides. You’ll get all major south Indian drama as well. As for Hollywood, it is specially designed to contain all the famous genres.

OTT Shows

Nowadays, young people are more drawn toward drama series and OTT shows than movies. In a recent study. It has been revealed that teenagers and even are watching more shows from Netflix, Amazon Prime and other OTT platforms than movies. Although it is fair to say so because of the unrestricted content we can see from these platforms. They are still charged heavily. An average person cannot afford to pay so much for their entertainment, and a monthly subscription feels too much. Fortunately, with the help of the Pikachu app download for Android. You can easily watch these shows for free as well.

Key Features You Can Enjoy After Doing Pikachu App Download

To tie it all together, let me make a list of why you should download the new Pikachu app from this website in bullet points:-

  • It has most of the TV shows like Friends and American drama completely for free.
  • It charges no monthly subscription whatsoever.
  • It has one of the best user interfaces.
  • It can be used to watch movies as well.
  • It has a collection of Bollywood films ranging from the 90s.
  • It has evergreen South Indian movies as well.
  • The app has all the famous K-drama series that people are so excited about.
  • It has a variety of genres in the Hollywood genre as well.

What Would You Get Inside The Pikachu APK

To understand what would be inside the package, there are two points to denote the basics of handling the app:-

Movies, TV shows, Seasons and Much More

The new Pikachu app for Android is not just about movies and places which you can download movies from. It hosts quite a variety of different seasons and shows as well. Once you download and install the application, you would either. Be greeted with a blank screen and a search bar or you would have a list of famous and newest shows and movies to select from. The categories range from the most newly added movie/TV show to the most famous ever. You can also search for what you like in the app as well.

Clean & Easy-to-Use App Interface

When we talk about the new app interface. It is astonishingly similar to any other normal OTT platform app that you can see online. The app interface is quite a user friendly, and you can use the app without any instructions. Once you open the application after downloading, you would be greeted by Pikachu, some settings and a home button. Once you hit the play button, you would go to the actual movie and TV shows slots. Where you can download and watch your favourite as and when you like.

Pikachu MOD Apk Watch Live IPL Matches

Now the best part that no one would tell you about this application would be that you can watch live matches with the help of the TV show section of this app. Since the app hosts a variety of different TV shows. Where you can log in and watch your favourite TV shows, you would be able to watch sports as well. There are a variety of different channels available for live matches. You can get a variety of different sports with the help of Pikachu mod APK. This would help you to understand that the live matches that you would be watching would be completely free. You would not have to pay for anything, or any subscription. As the application would host all the major TV shows that support live matches.

When you think about this, there are so many different types of applications available on the internet where you can watch TV shows and movies for free, but most of the time you cannot get all types of entertainment that you want inside the same application. This is not the case for Pikachu APK for Android because it has TV shows that also host live matches.


When you think about this application, it is one of the best applications to ever exist, and you can get a variety of different TV shows, OTT platform shows, dramas, movies belonging to a different genres, and so much more. As easy as the application is, it is even easier to download the app. Make sure that you have about 12 MB of free space available on your device before clicking on the download button. If you do not know how to download the app, simply follow the instruction manual given below, step by step. The steps are as follows: –

How To Download & Install Pikachu APK 2022

  • Make sure that you have a stable internet connection before clicking on the download button present on this website.
  • Scroll down to reveal the button, and click on it to download.
  • Select your root directory in your phone memory, or SD card, whatever you have ample space for.
  • You should allow installation from the browser that you are currently downloading from, from your settings option before clicking on install.
  • Install the application and enjoy.

Final Words

If you go around and ask your friends how to download and watch all the famous movies and episodes that are in trend right now, they would either guide you to an online website, or they would tell you how to download it or watch it from the mainstream OTT platforms. The problem with downloading movies and TV shows on internet websites is that you would have to make sure the availability of the content.

This is so confusing when you can just download Pikachu APK for Android, and not worry about anything. You can not only watch all your favourite movies and TV shows, but you can also watch live matches. No matter what kind of entertainment you want, everything would be available on Pikachu APK. So, don’t wait and do Pikachu movies app download today to enjoy its amazing features yourself.

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