Pokemon Legends Arceus APK Free Download For Android

Hey, Pokemon fans! Do you love to watch Pokemon shows? If so, you have landed at the right post as we have discussed an exciting and thrilling game inspired by this show. The game is Pokemon legends Arceus apk which is very popular among gamers due to its unique concept and gameplay.

Pokémon legends Arceus android is an open-world role-playing game that comes with an ancient fighting style and comes with many modern things. As you know, it is an open-world game which means you get a chance to explore the Hisui region. Moreover, you will get a good experience and enjoy the Pokemon world’s glory. In this world, you can do various things like capturing Pokemon, battle with rivalries in title matches, and many more.

Description Of Pokemon Legends Arceus APK

Pokemon Legends Arceus APK

Pokemon Legends Arceus Mobile apk is a popular open-world RPG game that focuses on the Pokemon characters and its combat fighting style. This action-packed game was created by Game Freak and released by Nintendo Switch for many devices such as Android, Microsoft Windows, iOS, PlayStation, Xbox, and many more. The Pokemon legends Arceus apk game is the eighth installment in the famous Pokemon series, launched on 28 Jan 2022.

Pokemon Legends Arceus Android Features

Pokemon Legends Arceus Android
Pokemon Legends Arceus Mobile

As usual, in this pokemon legends arceus game, you will have to conquer many titles and glory as a Pokemon trainer. Moreover, the exciting thing about this game is that it is set in Hisui, which is an island of legends where you have to counter various types of Pokemon. Most importantly, this Pokemon legend Arceus apk game is a mode for those gamers who want to explore a 3-D animated environment full of action and challenges.

High Attractive Graphics

No doubt, this pokémon legends arceus download apk game comes with high-quality graphics which give the player a realistic look. Moreover, you will see that the developers have made the environment and things more realistic and detailed than previous games. Also, they have added HD texture to various elements in the game and made the movement smooth.

Catch Pokemons

Most fascinating; you have to catch the Pokemon in this pokemon legends arceus apk download game which you can do in two ways. One way is to fight with them or build sympathy with Pokemon. Also, these poke balls are only created at Dr. Laventon’s research lab using natural ingredients, not at the Mart.

Pokemon Battle

You will also love the new battle mechanics of this pokemon legends arceus ios game, which is inspired by the ancient fighting style. Also, you have to battle with Pokemon to catch them, which you have to choose according to your interest. Once you win the battle, you can throw the ball to capture them.

New Version Of Pokemon Legends Arceus Mobile

This game’s features make this game more unique than its previous games. You can perform a new dodging movement that helps you temporarily be invulnerable to attacks. So, if you are curious to know more about the Pokemon legends Arceus apk game, installation process, new Pokemons, gameplay, and many more, follow the post till the end.

Item Crafting

Moreover, in this Pokemon Legends Arceus game, the gamers have to collect various resources to combine to craft new items like electric bombs, poke balls, smoke bombs, traps. So, to create a regular poke ball, the gamers can combine Apricorn and Tumblestone. This feature makes it unique because you had to purchase the poke ball from the store in the previous game but not in this.

Challenging Missions

This Pokemon game has many challenging missions, making the plot more exciting and enjoyable. You will get lots of missions in your way, such as seeing a particular Pokemon, capturing the Pokemons, or finding a particular item that you have to complete.

Conquer Mounts

The pokemon legends arceus apk game also has an exciting feature that allows you to move fast. But to use this feature, you need a Celestica flute key which you will get when the investigation mission is completed. In the game, there are three mounts such as Wyrdeer, Basculacion, and Hisui Braviary, which have different abilities.

Use Two Variants Of Moves

In this Pokemon Legends Arceus game, you can use two moves that are a Strong and Agile Style. Strong Style move helps you increase the power but decrease the speed of the Pokemon movie. At the same time, the Agile Style decreases power but increases the speed of Pokemon moves.


No doubt, this pokemon legends arceus apk game comes with an exciting plot that makes it more exciting to play. It takes the trainers to a vast place in the Hisui region which comes with an excellent Pokemons ecosystem close to each other. The gamers have to visit Jubilife Village, a densely populated location and workshop.

Most importantly, the gamers have a  goal to explore the world of Hisui with the Diamond and Pearl families. The player is finally drawn to the puzzles around Arceus, the creator god of the game universe. The game structure has a connection between Pokémon Diamond and Pearl.

Latest Updates On Pokemon Legends Arceus Mod Apk

  • As you know, the pokemon legends arceus apk game is an action role-playing game in which their Akari or Rei is the main character and set in his region. Before starting the Pokémon Rowlet, you can explore various locations, battle with Pokemon, capture them, and many more.
  • No doubt, the gameplay of this latest game is different from the previous game of this franchise. The player can choose which Pokemon they have to capture and encounter them without going to the forest.
  • In the battle, this pokemon legends arceus android game is similar to the other Pokemon games. The Pokemon can acquire 4 abilities and can be used for a limited time. Moreover, the player can have a max of 6 Pokemon with them. Also, the side whose Pokemon health point drops to 0; then Pokemon has lost the ability to fight.
  • In addition, the gamers can use mid-battle weapons during the battle, such as PokeBalls for capturing, Renew to rejuvenate, Potions to complete HP, and Berries to heal side effects. Most importantly, the gamers can not capture the Pokemon of other trainers. 

Overall Summary

You will be surprised to know that the developers of this Pokémon legends arceus Mobile apk game have added new Pokemon, making it more exciting and thrilling to play. Like other previous games of the Pokemon franchise, this pokemon legends arceus apk game also comes with a massive list of Pokemons, some of which are new.

Moreover, each Pokemon has abilities like speed, moves, attacks, powers, and many more. So, below we have mentioned some of the new Pokemon added, which you can capture and train in this game.

How To Download Pokemon Legends Arceus APK OBB Data For Android

  • The first process is to go inside the browser setting and access unknown sources permissions.
  • Secondly, get the apk file of this Pokemon legend Arceus game from the link we provided in this post.
  • Once it gets downloaded, you have to click on the Pokemon legends Arceus apk file and wait for a few while the game is installing.
  • Once installed, take the pokemon legends arceus apk OBB file and copy it to the correct folder inside the file manager.
  • Now, open this Pokemon legend Arceus game and enable all necessary permissions.
  • Finally, start enjoying the gameplay and gaming modes of this Pokemon game.

Final Words

Hope you guys love this post and the Pokemon legends Arceus apk game. As you already know, this game is inspired by the popular animated Pokemon show, which means you will enjoy all its battles, title matches, characters, and Pokemon. No doubt, this is the best game made by the franchise because of its high-quality graphics and addition of the new Pokemon.

Moreover, you will love to explore various places inside this game, making it more enjoyable and exciting to play. So, we suggest you try and play this Pokemon legend Arceus game and enjoy its gaming modes and Pokemons.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. Can you play Pokemon legends Arceus on android?

A1. You can easily play this Pokemon legend Arceus game on android devices, but you will not experience the same graphics as you experience on a PC. Moreover, to play this Pokemon game, your phone should have minimum specifications like 4GB RAM, the latest android version phone, and a minimum of 8 GB internal storage.

Q2. Is Pokemon legend Arceus worth it?

A2. Yes, of course, this Pokemon legend Arceus game is worth playing on any device because of its gameplay mechanics, which is different from other games of this Pokemon series. Moreover, in this latest game, many new modern elements are added to make it more enjoyable to play.

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