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Pokemon Sword and Shield APK + OBB Download (GBA) For Android

The world of anime has seen quite a lot of things ranging from alien beings venturing into the galaxy, as well as humans turning into titans. It started from samurai fights, pixelated like cartoons to some of the most amazing animations that you can see today. However as we go back into the 90s era, we would be greeted with anime such as  Doraemon, Detective Conan, Dragon Ball Z, and Pokemon. Today this article discusses Pokémon, mainly the Pokemon Sword and Shield APK download without verification game. Pokemon Sword and Shield Android game is one of the most famous games ever. With some of the original main characters incorporated into this RPG style game.

pokemon sword and shield apk obb

It hosts a variety of new pokémon that are original to this series. As well as some of the oldest that we knew from the start. It uses the original idea of training your to the maximum level to deal with the highest level trainers in the game. The objective of this game is to make sure that you can train your to fight with the boss that would be available at the last stage. The Pokemon Sword and Shield APK OBB download are truly one of the most unique style games on the internet.

What Is Pokemon Sword and Shield APK?

Pokemon Sword and Shield for Android was first originally released by Game Freak in 2019. Since then it has made millions to the developers, and the character of Ash was first introduced in this game. The main motive of your character in Pokemon Sword and Shield mobile is to salvage from various terrorist groups. That are and captured by the different that were distributed in the area during the crisis. You have to train your to fight with these terrorists. As well as collect as many as you can throughout your journey.

Gameplay For Pokemon Sword and Shield Android

pokemon sword and shield apk mod
pokemon sword and shield apk android

The Nintendo Alter point currently hosts two different narratives of the game, namely the double multiplayer mode, as well as the single-player mode. Fortunately, Pokemon Sword and Shield IPA have the Hop, which is the sole guidance for the main player. You have to first verify the different types of spots that you are going to visit in the game. As well as understand the different types of Pokemon that are available on the playground. As the journey advances in the Pokemon Sword and Shield APK MOB. You would have to collect the different types of Pokemon as well as battle with hostile Pokemon to win them over to your side.

Features of Pokemon Sword and Shield Mobile

In this feature, by using a combination of different moves, you can enlarge your Pokemon to mega-size. This would not only increase your hit capacity but also increase your chances of winning the battle.

Dynamax Battle System

The new Pokemon Sword and Shield APK highly compressed game features the Dynamax battle system. Which is unique to this game only. This feature has not been seen in any of the Pokemon games. And this feature involves the gigantism of your Pokemon. All the Z moves that could end your opponent in one single hit, have been removed as well. This is for the Dynamax battle system to work.

Max Raid Battles

As mentioned in the previous point, pokemon can now turn into gigantic sizes which are not only deadly but also scary. This would in turn make any Pokemon scurry away in fear of losing. You cannot even challenge a Pokemon that has been upgraded to its maximum size. Thus, for Pokemon Sword and Shield APK without verification download game. Where you want to capture pokemon that are mega-sized, you can participate in max Raid battles. These max Raid battles are designed to make sure that about 4 participants can take part in one raid. And then the loot would be distributed evenly.

Wild Area

Every Pokemon lover knows that the game has several spots where you can access quite a lot of pokemon. You should also know the fact that terrorist groups and other hostile characters are more common in these areas, and they are generally termed wild areas. However, in this Pokemon Sword and Shield mobile APK, you can get several ultimate and pro pokemon in the wild area. Not only is it filled with some of the most amazing and intense max raid battles, but it also has a variety of Pokemon to capture.

Raise Your Level

If you have watched the original anime, you know how important Ash is to Pikachu. They basically cannot live without each other, and Pikachu almost destroys the world when Ash dies in an episode. It is also seen that Ash cannot go anywhere with Pikachu and that he has trained Pikachu to live with him instead of being inside the Pokeball. This friendship can be seen in the game as well. You can go to wild areas and spend time with your favourite Pokemon, and you would be able to raise your levels with the time spent. You can even play with them, and train them to earn points that can be used to level up inside the game.

Eat and Work Pikachu

The curry feature in this Pokemon Sword and Shield game MOD APK allows you to make several curries and eat them inside the game. You can get all the ingredients from the wild area, as well as the Galar’s region. In this way, you can cook the curries and then eat them with your Pokemon, which would increase your friendship level, as well as experience points. You can also send your Pokemon to different areas in the game for jobs, where they would work for experience and coins. The Pokemon that would come back to you would be far stronger and better than how it went before.

Latest Version Pokemon Sword and Shield APK File Information

App NamePokemon Sword and Shield
File Size27.8MB + 566MB
Latest VersionV22.3
Android VersionAndroid 6.0 and Above
DeveloperGame Freak
Last UpdatedMay 2022
Total Downloads50M+

How To Download Pokemon Sword and Shield APK & OBB

With an array of different pokemon present in the game, it is surely one of the most entertaining Pokemon games out there. The sword and shield version also adds a punch to the existing Pokemon as well as makes them suitable to be trained inside the wild area. To download the game, you need to have at least 100 MB of free space on your device, no matter whether it’s iOS or Android. Make sure that you can download it from your browser, and follow the steps below to avoid any mistakes. They are as follows: –

  • Go to the settings option on your phone and make sure that you allow installation from unknown sources option.
  • This would be available in the app installation menu of your device.
  • Next, use the download buttons mentioned on this page to get the installation files.
  • Save both files in your device’s storage and click on the APK file.
  • Install the file like every other APK file and don’t run it once installed.
  • Now, copy the Pokemon Sword and Shield OBB file and extract its contents into – Android/OBB.
  • Use the game’s shortcut created on the home screen to run the game.

Final Words

The original Pokemon anime featuring Ash, Pikachu, Team Rocket, and so many original characters are the actual faces of Pokemon. In this game, you would not only meet all your favourite characters but also have a chance to play and train Pokemon with them. Hop, as the main guide, is also available in the game.

The game features some of the most well defined 3D graphics, interactive gameplay, a classic RPG styled world and unlimited freedom. It is not only good to play, but it is also easy to download and takes up very little space on your device. So, don’t wait and download Pokemon Sword and Shield APK OBB from this page today.

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