Power Warriors 13.2 APK Download With New Characters

Power Warriors 13.2 APK Download With New Characters

Hello, friends today I am introducing, the new version of the Power Warriors game. As you know power warriors is a very liked Mugen game and a few months ago came the power warriors 13.0 which was very much liked. So today I have brought Power Warriors 13.2 Apk Download to all of your android mobile phones. If you are wondering how to download this mugen. Then you should read this post well because I have said in this post. How to download and install this game.

Power Warriors 13.2 Apk there have been many changes like new combos, new characters have been added. You all know that this game is very addictive and it is a fan-made game. The game has been modified very well is.

Some of the famous characters of this game-like. Broly, Gogeta, and Goku mui have been made much better than before as well. As the bugs that were in the game have also been corrected.

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About Of Power Warriors 13.2 Apk

Power Warriors 13.2 Apk has been created by you-tuber of ariel name. Then you can download our site is a type of 2D game. Which is of two hundred characters Comes with and the game size is approximately 125MB and the game is absolutely offline.

Then I want to tell you for your information that game is very similar to pocket dragon ball z Mugen apk. This game works without an emulator because it’s is the Mugen apk game.

This is the most recent Mugen game that comes with all the universe players. As well as this game, comes with the battle mode of a tournament of power. Which you will have to choose a character from any universe and make your universe Have to be safe and you will not be bored while playing the game.

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Game Play Of Power Warriors V13.2 Apk

Power Warriors 13.2 Apk

You will get to see all the characters of the dragon ball in this game and all the characters’ attacks or combo are based on the original anime. The developer of this game is ariel, having given his OneVoice to all the players of this game. That is what makes this game so much better.

This game comes with some battle modes which have the following name like mission mod, battle mod, etc. All modes are completely different from each other. This is a very excellent Mugen game for android phones. This game has been liked by ninety-seven percent of dragon ball fans. Let’s see which battle modes come with this game.

  • Mission Battle: This battle mod has been recently added to this game. It is a completely new battle play mode, in this, you will have to complete about 10 missions.
  • Mod Of Story: Dragon ball fans were very much in demand to add story mode to the Power Warriors. So now there is good news for you, now this game comes with a story mode in which you will get to see all kinds of dragon ball story will get.
  • Quick Battle: Quick battle mode is a fairly good battle mode in which you can play three types of battle mode like 1 vs 1, 2 vs 2, 3 vs 3, and all the battles will be with CPU. This is not a Multiplayer game.

I hope you all understand what battle mode you will get to see in this game.

Others Information

Power Warriors 13.2 Apk is not yet made for ios mobile phones. But game will be made soon for the ios device. This game does not come with unlimited coins, this means that you will be beyond unlocking the characters of the game, you will be able to enjoy the game even more.

If you are going to download this game. Then you must read the requirement of the game, although there is no special requirement of this game, yet you can read the requirements of this game once.

If you want to play game on an android phone. Then your android phone should have a 2GB ram as well as the processor of android version 5.0 and 1.2GHz are mandatory.

Power Warriors V13.2 Download With Information

Game Name -> Power Warriors 13.2 APK
Genres ->2D Pixel Fighting Game
Size ->125Mb
Ram ->2GB
Version ->5.0.1
Click Here To Download Power Warriors V13.0 Apk
Final Words

If you liked this article, then I humbly request you to share this post with your friends on social media platforms. So that your friends can also take the power warriors 13.2 APK game if you take the game there is a problem while running as if the game is not installed in your mobile, then you can comment. We will definitely troubleshoot your problem.


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