Power Warriors 13.5 Apk Download

Power Warriors 13.5 Apk Download

Hello everyone, Do you like the power warriors Mugen game, and do you want to download Power Warriors 13.5 Apk, then you have come to the right website. Thev has been released this month, let us tell you that Mugen apk is an updated version of Power Warriors 13.2 Apk. According to our sources, after the Mugen apk. The power warriors 14.0 apk will come, which will include more new characters. Let’s see which characters and attacks are included in this Mugen game.

If you do not know what the Power Warriors are, then let me tell you that this is a Mugen game that has been liked by many people. This is a fan-made Mugen game and it has been created by Ariel. This game comes with 2D pixel graphics. In other words, the graphics of this game are 8 Bit style. So when you play this game, you will love it a lot.

You must have played other Mugen. But this Mugen game is much different because this game runs on an Android phone without an emulator. The size of the game is 150Mb.

Power Warriors 13.5 Apk Features

Power Warriors 13.5
  • New Maps:- New Battle Maps are included in this game like the Namik Shenron map and tournament of power map. All these maps make the game looks very full. It is also very fun to play the game.
  • Unlocked The Characters Easily:- I have also provided you the version of Power Warriors 13.5 mod apk, with the help of which you can unlock characters, this means that you do not need to play a fight challenge to unlock characters, this will save you a lot of time.
  • New Fan-Made Character:-This Mugen game has recently included some new fan-made characters. For example, characters of the great Dragon Ball like Vegeta Mastered Ultra Instinct and Gogito, etc. have been added to this game.
  • New Cpu Vs Cpu Mode:- This game previously did not have CPU vs CPU modes but now in this new version you get to see these features. This is the feature that you get to see the option of watch name in other Mugen games. With the use of this option, you will be able to watch the battle of CPU vs CPU, and in fact. If you play this game, you will have a lot of fun.

By the way, games comes with many features. t is one of the better games out of all the Mugen games so far. The first version of this game was released on January 3, 2018, on the Google Play Store. The developer of the game has made every part of this game very well.


Power Warriors 13.5
Power Warriors 13.5

The gameplay of resembles the images given above. The versions of the Power Warriors game before this all came with 250 characters but this game comes with 300 characters. This game is like a classic game. This game has more than 20 arenas and this game has been made by using the new Mugen engine. Which is quite a good thing for me.

  1. Super Saiyan Damaged Vegeta:- This Mugen game comes with super Saiyan Vegeta damage. This game comes with all forms of Vegeta and this game has also recently added Vegeta Ultra Instinct.
  2. Kefla All Forms:- kale and Caulifla’s fusion character Kefla all comes with this game.
  3. Frieza:- You will get to see all the forms of Frieza in this game like Frieza golden etc. Which makes this game even more fun.
  4. Goku:- Goku is a Mugen game in which the game becomes a much better game. The is a Mugen game that comes with all forms of Goku.
  5. Prince Vegeta & Bardock:- Prince Vegeta i.e. Father of Vegeta will be seen in this game and this game also comes with Bardock character.

Power Warriors 13.5 Apk Download With Additional Information

 Name Of The App Power Warriors
 Version V13.5
 Size 150Mb
 Available Platforms Android & Windows
 Type Of Graphics 2D Pixel 8bit
 Game Offline Yes
 Ram Required 1.5Gb
 Rom 2Gb


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