Power Warriors 13.6 Apk Download

Power Warriors 13.6 Apk Download

Hello everyone, today we will know how to download power warriors 13.6 apk, PW series, via the Mediafire direct link. Including the characters of the new dragon ball earlier, we told about game. As we know that game cannot unlock characters with coins. If you want to unlock characters, you will have to play challenges modes that take a lot of time, so we give you game file in which each character will be unlocked. Follow all the directions in this article to download Mugen game.

Power warriors v13.6 apk is a perfect Mugen game. This is the only Mugen game that can play on an android phone without any emulator as well as you can also play this game on a windows device.

Power Warriors 13.6 Apk

Power Warriors 13.6 Apk
  • Maps:-A lot of maps are seen in Power warriors. Let us tell you that more than 20 maps come in game.
  • Character:- This game includes some new characters like xicor, evil Goku, turtles, and black Goku mastered ultra instinct, etc.
  • Watch:- This mode is seen a lot, especially in the Windows Mugen game. You can see CPU vs. CPU battle through this mode. You will feel like you are watching anime in bit quality.
  • Versus:- Choose your favorite warrior and start playing versus battle mod, as the name suggests. You have to stay in the field until rivals capture.
  • Arcade:- This Mugen game comes with many arcade battle modes like team battle mode and two-player battle mode etc.
  • Storys:- Unfortunately, in this, you will get to of dragon ball story, but don’t be sad because, in the game, you get to see many dragon ball sagas like super Saiyan saga, DBS Broly saga, and tournament of power saga, etc.

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Other Information

Power Warriors 13.6 Apk
  • Size:-Power warriorsv 13.6 apk size is much less than other Mugen games like dragon ball climax, dragon ball z arena, etc. size is more than 600MB, but power this game size is only 170Mb.
  • Platfroms:- This game comes only for android and windows platforms; right now, this Mugen game is not available for ios devices. If you are an ios user, then you can not play this Mugen game.
  • Offline:- Yes, this game is completely online, and also, it is a multiplayer Mugen game; you can play this game with your friends via wifi.
  • Genre:- This Mugen game is based on the fighting genre. The graphics of this game are of 8-bit type. The game is published and developed by ariel. He has made all versions of power warriors.
  • Challenges Mode:-Through this option, you can unlock all the Dragon Ball characters, and it will be a lot of fun to play this mode.

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How To Download Power Warriors V13.6 Apk

  1. Click on the download link below to download Power warriors V13.6 apk.
  2. As soon as you click on the download button, then this site will take you to another page where you have to wait for 15 seconds. As soon as 15 seconds is over, then click on the get link.
  3. Now your media fire link will be unlocked.
  4. During you have downloaded game file, then click on it and allow it to install.
  5. Follow all the reasons mentioned above correctly and set up PW 13.6 apk on your mobile phone; if you face a game-related query, you contact us by commenting. We will try our best to solve your problem as soon as possible. Also, given the links of other dragon ball Mugen apk games below, download them once.


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