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Project Zomboid APK

Have you ever dreamed about surviving a zombie apocalypse? You wake up in the middle of the night, only to find out that your heroic actions were nothing but a dream. Back when zombie games were a thing, Teenagers often had these strange dreams every night where they dreamed of turning into a zombie & hurting their loved ones; They were traumatized for life by it. To find out why these teenagers were getting these dreams? A group of researchers who studied the data of young teenagers who were prey to this effect explained that because of the simulation. The project zomboid apk obb for android, we try to live in it, and our mind panics that it may happen in real life.

What Is Project Zomboid APK

Project Zomboid Mobile

The Zombie apocalypse games strengthen our minds as they threaten our lives in the simulation, so we act on our real-life survival instincts to ace the game. Teenagers who played these games like Project Zomboid Android survived the trauma as they realized that the simulation not real life & they moved on. This article is about the Android game Project Zomboid, and you can get the Project Zomboid APK PC or Android from this page. If you also want to strengthen your mind, then is for you. Also, on this page, we have included all the available information about the Project Zomboid game for Android. To get the Project Zomboid android download, keep reading.

Project Zomboid Android Gameplay

Project Zomboid Mod Apk
Project Zomboid Android

A country has affected by drugs & the citizens of that country started turning into zombies. As soon as the government receives this information, they start putting barriers to the country & the entire country locked & quarantined. People who still have their human forms are trying to survive with anything & the goal of this game is to survive as long as possible in the locked country fighting the zombies that were once human. The zombies slow-paced & the players alter their characters. As they like & the last ones surviving in this apocalyptic world of Kentucky. Which now abandoned by the government.

Features Of Project Zomboid Mobile Apk

The game is a zombie apocalypse survival game, where you’re in one of the planet’s lands. You don’t want to get infected with a disease that will turn a large number of people into zombies. There are some essential things that gamers should acquire, such as food. At Project Zomboid, there are a lot of resources, but they’re all limited. You’ll also need a place to unwind in the evenings. This Haven should be well-protected to be an excellent location for people of lands just like you.  Many people must guard against zombies. If you want to save them, you can construct a better haven for them to get more points. At the point where you must evacuate this spot, your life is in danger.


In the abandoned country of Kentucky, you are given four maps to choose from, in which you can either play solo or you can invite your friends and play with them. The map of this game is very huge and full of interactive things that you can use to make the gameplay even more interesting. In each update, game’s map keep getting updated and new missions/tasks are added so keep your game updated to the latest version all the time.

Play with Friends

To survive in this hell, You’ll need comrades to rely on. You can play with friends from all over the world. You’ll have to steal everything & use the advanced crafting system to build everything, Food, weapons, shelter, barricades, traps, and a variety of other essential items to help you & your friends.

Sandbox Survival Mode

In this mode, you will have to face a horde of zombies craving to eat your brain and make you one of them. You will have to collect resources and construct your shelter to put up a fight against inevitable death. The aim of this mode is to make you the best of the best in survival, It’s more like a practice survival game. You will also have to build up defenses to become a real survivor.

Latest Version Of Project Zomboid Mod Apk

This page includes the game, which is also the latest version of the this game. This page will be updated with the project zomboid android apk download link, so bookmark it. You may also seek our assistance if you are having any difficulties playing or downloading.

Graphics and Dark Interface

The graphics, which are viewed from a top-down perspective and have a retro design, give you the feeling of unease you’ll need to play this enjoyable game. The vision feature is also scary. You’ll only see what your character sees and there’s no way to see what’s behind as the rest of the map will be dark for you.

Completely Safe And Free

Since the game hasn’t been officially released, you won’t have to pay anything to get it. Some websites may ask for money in exchange for a game free download, but you don’t have to because this game is free. We have personally played the game and found it to be rather enjoyable. Also, keep in mind that Project Zomboid mobile iOS is not that good as the APK file runs better on Android devices. If you receive an updated notification in game, return to this page and download the latest APK file.

Will Project Zomboid Be On Android?

Some sites and YouTubers are saying that game has been published in a mobile version that can be downloaded as an APK file. But that’s not the truth, the game is not out on android yet. If we were to look at the results the original game is generating, It’s pretty safe to assume that project zomboid will be available on Android soon.

Overall Summary Project Zomboid Free APK Download

Quite a lot of information about video game is shared by us on this page. We know about game features, the game file, and everything related to this game. Since the game is not available on Android officially, you will have to download the APK file along with the OBB file (data file) and manually install both of them. Below, we have shared the exact steps to it done and if you clueless about. How to install Project Zomboid on Android then you can follow these steps to install it without any assistance.

Additional Information Of Project Zomboid Android Apk

App NameProject Zomboid APK OBB
File Size56MB + 1.2GB
Latest Versionv0.1.4c
Android VersionAndroid 5.0 and Above
DeveloperThe Indie Stone
Last UpdatedFeb 2022
Total Downloads10M+

How To Download Project Zomboid APK OBB Data For Android

To download game, you need to install the Project Zomboid Android emulator APK on your Android from unknown third-party sites or you can get it from here only. To play the game on your phone, load the game and you will see a pop-up warning stating that to continue, you must prove you’re human. Finish the process and enjoy the game. However, your game may get completely shut down sometimes as the game is yet to be out for mobile officially.

  • First of all, download project zomboid apk and OBB files and save them in your device storage.
  • Open your Android device Settings, and navigate to Security Settings.
  • Under Device Administration settings, enable the “Unknown Sources” option.
  • Navigate back to the Downloads folder and click on the file.
  • Tap on Install and wait for the installation to finish.
  • Once it done, don’t open the game yet.
  • Go back to downloads folder and copy the Project Zomboid OBB file into Android/OBB folder.
  • Now, use the Project Zomboid shortcut from the home screen to run the game.

Final Words

Project zomboid is a game of facing your fears. As I said before some people have traumatized by the thought of a zombie apocalypse, so this game is a very good choice to kick those fears out of your life. You also get the feeling of survival as you play this game because your fate is in your hands. As You need to survive, your aim is both simple and challenging. That means you’ll have to sleep, eat, steal things, fight zombies, and assist other survivors.

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