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Ranch Simulator APK+OBB Download For (Unlimited Money) Android/iOS

Do you want to experience the life of farmers and want to manage Farmland? If you get bored by playing the same old shooting and car simulation games, then you should play something new. Fortunately, you have come to the right post as we have shared an amazing and interesting game i.e. Ranch Simulator apk game which is different from other simulations games. It is the best choice for gamers who want to experience the life of a farmer.

In this ranch simulator android game, it totally depends upon you what you will do to manage your family land. As you can do various activities such as plant crops, hunt wildlife, breed animals, and develop the Farmland by getting the resources. Most importantly, you can also have pets to earn extra money. In this article, we will share the entire information about this mobile game, its gameplay, and many more things.

What Is Ranch Simulator APK

Ranch Simulator APK

Ranch Simulator game is one the most famous open-world farming simulator games which are offered by  Toxic dogs. Most importantly, this simulation game provides 3-D environments that make you feel more realistic. In the ranch simulator download apk Game, the family farm is not in a good situation; that’s why the grandfather called you so that you can reconstruct this farmland and fix the problem.

Moreover, you have to develop a big house, raise some animals to build a crowded house, and rebuild your farmland. Also, this android game is developed for the PSP, PlayStation, Xbox,  PC, Windows, Android, iOS devices. In addition to building and repairing, you will have to perform various things such as upgrade your buildings, trucks and prepare for the worst, namely, bears, wolves, and other wildlife. Most importantly, by doing these various activities, you will earn various points in the game which you can use to purchase various items in the game. 

Ranch Simulator Android APK Features

Ranch Simulator APK
Ranch Simulator APK

The most important thing you have to do in this ranch simulator download apk for the android game is to build or develop a family fand and enhance its reputation. You might need resources that you have to search or purchase to build it quickly. Moreover, you have to rebuild your land to bring back its glory. You can also add 3 friends which will help you to build your farm as soon as possible.

Go For Hunting

Moreover, you can go hunting various wildlife such as deer, bears, and many other animals for survival in this ranch simulator download android apk game. Also,  if you need food to eat then hunting is the best choice for you to survive. But keep in mind that the forest has its own rules and regulations which everyone has to follow such as moving quietly, don’t disturb other wildlife, and don’t irritate any wild animal as they might attack you. You should try something new in the android video game.

Take Care Of Your Pet

In addition, you can take care of your pet in this game by feeding them regularly, giving them water, and many other things in the game to keep them healthy. Moreover, you will earn points while taking care of them. Also, you can sell them and make more money which you can use to develop your farm.

Rebuild Your Ranch

The basic requirement of the ranch simulator download for the android game is that you have to prepare the farm by yourself. The old farm will not hold much as you may have to collect new items and try to renovate the farmland to bring back its glory.

Obviously, an old farm and the problems your family went through last year will cost you your time and money but it is worth it. Start buying tools, hardware, and more to meet every need. Rebuild a large house where you live with your family. Also, decide which animals you want on your farm. This is a basic requirement for the game that you should focus on.

Manage Family Land Ranch Simulator Mobile

No doubt, the ranch simulator download free apk game is the best ever game made by the developer in terms of gameplay. In this game, the player will face many challenges in their way but the main purpose is00 to manage their ranch. Moreover, you have to reconstruct your family farm in the game which has been in crisis for a long period. You have to take various resources or other important things to build the building, farms and many more things in this open world.

Plant Crops

As you know, in this farm simulation game, you are playing the role of a farm owner who has to manage its land. So, you can grow various plants in your land which you sell to earn lots of money from them. There are many plants you need to grow, and you will need to be well behaved so that they do not die. Most importantly, by harvesting and selling these crops in the market, you can earn money in this ranch simulator game which you can use to purchase resources for building the farm.

3D Environment

What makes this ranch simulator game so much fun is that you can move around and do everything yourself. It will give you the best farm information as you will need to do things instead of doing them automatically.

Requirements Of Ranch Simulator Mod APK Unlimited Money

If you want to play this ranch simulator game on any mobile device, then your phone should have these minimum requirements.

  • At least 4GB RAM mobile phone.
  • Minimum 6GB free space in internal storage
  • Need android version 8.0 or up.
  • Latest mobile processor
  • The Speaker should be in good condition.

Description Of Game

In this video game, the players can do various things but need to do it alone. Most importantly, you can perform various activities such as building houses, barns, farmlands, planting crops, and many more things which make your farm more developed and beautiful than others. You can even hunt various animals, take care of livestock, etc for survival. Most importantly, you can do lots of things such as sell various animals, plant crops, and do many other things to make money in this game.

Version Information Of Ranch Simulator APK For Android

Game Name Ranch Simulator
Apk Size70MB
Developed ByToxic Dog
Game VersionV1.8.3
Android Version8.0 And More
Operating SystemAndroid/iOS
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How To Download Ranch Simulator APK OBB For Android

Downloading a ranch simulator apk game on your mobile device is straightforward for gamers. They only have to read the instructions carefully which we have mentioned below to install this Ranch Simulator game on your mobile device.

  • First of all, get the Ranch Simulator apk file and OBB file from the below-mentioned downloading link.
  • Then inside the security option, you have to enable the unknown source permission.
  • After enabling, tap on the apk file of this Ranch Simulator game and wait for a few seconds until this game gets installed.
  • Once it gets installed, take the ranch simulator download the android apk OBB file, and copy it to the right folder.
  • After copying, simply open this ranch simulator game on your mobile device and grant access to all necessary permission.
  • Finally, start playing this amazing game with your friends and enjoy its gameplay.


That’s all!!  We hope that after reading this article, all your queries regarding this game get resolved. No doubt, the idea of this ranch simulator game is good but this game comes with some bugs or errors which might be fixed in the upcoming update.

Overall, this simulation game is the best ever game made by a developer in terms of gameplay, gaming modes, graphics, and many more things which make it different from any other game. Most importantly, we have provided a link in this post from where you can download this game totally free of cost. So, we recommend you try this simulation game with your friends and enjoy its gameplay and gaming modes.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1) Is the Ranch simulator for free?

A1) You can easily get this Ranch simulator apk game that is totally free to play on each device. If you download this simulation game from this website, you will get it for free. Otherwise, you might have to pay for this game to play on any device.

Q2) Is the Ranch simulator available on android?

A2) Yes, this Ranch simulator game is available for android users. They can get the apk file of this Ranch simulator android game from the link which we have provided in this post. Most importantly, to play this simulation game your phone should meet minimum system requirements to enjoy the lag-free gaming experience.

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