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Secret Neighbor Apk OBB Download For Android

Hello everyone!! Do you love to play horror games? Are you the one who has interested in watching horror movies? If yes, then today we bring an amazing game secret neighbor apk obb which is loved by many people due to its graphics and gameplay. As we know technology and the particular internet are growing due to which the demand for that game has increased. You can easily download secret Neighbor apk without verification from our website.

In addition, every day, new online games and apk are regularly launched. In this particular post, you will definitely learn about this kind of rare game secret neighbor apk mobile game for both IOS and android users, and provide the secret neighbor apk mediafıre link, which is especially for people who are interested in dealing with secret neighbors.

About Of Secret Neighbor Apk OBB

Secret Neighbor Apk

Secret neighbor apk mobile is a horror game that mixes bold design features with teamwork, downloading Secret Neighbor Mobile is the best approach for you at this moment. Hello neighbors, this is an awesome game created by the same guys who gave us dynamic pixels. They will improve the game and remove all the flaws and difficulties now.

Therefore, we all get cheerful horror-action production instead, which separates us from the competition, due to the tone and smooth scenes. It is important to understand that people can customize and play with one o many children in this secret neighbor free download apk game. A particular neighbor may be a group or try to gain the trust of each person in general. Neighbors have to wait until you are a player yourself before trying to get them.

Features Of Secret Neighbor Mobile Apk

Secret Neighbor Apk
Secret Neighbor Apk
  • The game comes with Simple and attractive user interface which is loved by many gamers who play this amazing secret neighbor android.
  • Doesn’t require advanced IT knowledge to use. A small child can play this game.
  • This game is responsive and fast and can be play and use by people of all ages.
  • Save your friends from the secret neighbor and You will Gain trust from your friends.
  • The house is your territory! Use it to separate, scare and confuse intruders.
  • Use your gadgets in this boostapk com secret neighbor game  to get an advantage over the kids’ team.
  • This secret neighbour apk comes with amazing gameplay, graphics, sound quality and so many characters which will enhance you overall gaming experience.

How To Play Secret Neighbor Apk Game On Android

In this secret neighbor, mobile game Putting enough stuff in a player will get these types of hips and legs and crawls. Within this level, these individuals really reveal what other players can do to this fallen player. If the fallen player is a neighbor, they have 2 choices, give up or not. When they drop, you will see that they disappear and the point dissolves.

It Can help a child who has fallen down. If the child who fell down is not next door, they may wake up on their own or have someone else help. You see someone interacting with one of the bookshelves, you will automatically know that the person attached to the room is a neighbor because it is not possible to connect it with other children. A person can hear odd sounds when the neighbors change. Try to determine where the sound came from.

If there is a player near the place where you noticed the sound, they may actually be neighbors. (Note: The volume and distance of the specific change sound are actually reduced and can only be noticed occasionally when you are usually close to neighbors.). In the event in this game, the two players have the same name and appearance, after which one of them will be the hidden neighbor. Through voice speech, you can determine who the particular child is.

Spacial Tips For Winning Game

  • Sticking together is suggested, as splitting up-wards or going this may very easily make you vulnerable to the Neighbors.
  • Make sure that a person have always a product in your provide. This way, in case the Neighbors will be attacking your teammates, you can toss items at the specific Neighbors’ to stun your dog, leading to being able to him dropping the particular child.
  • The crow will mark the place of the last key needed to be able to unlock the basement door. In case you continue to the crow, you simply need to show up in the crows’ general area. Once the Neighbors have introduced the crow, folks eventually are an extra crow that seems.

Game Characters Information

Introduced in the specific Easter Update, right now there are 6 various classes you explore. Each course provides an ability that is you going to can utilize to your benefit:

  • Leader – Fans the speed of almost all local players, plus can blind the particular Neighbors if close by. Useful if the particular Neighbors are attacking your teammates.
  • Brave – Could get away the Neighbor’s keep, which stuns your pet on the way.
  • Inventor – Products can be made using coke wheels. A person can usually create adjacent items: a new trash hammer, with regard to 1 item related to equipment.
  • Scout – Working nuts in a nearby fireplace with a female collar. In the situation around you, you can refill a substantial bag stuffed with nuts. 2nd-floor hall, green apartment, kitchen, and an individual within the carport area.
  • Detective – Includes graphic of the location of a key. Some other children may start looking at the photo so you can describe where you are with them.
  • Baker – Provides an additional supply slot. If you keep your inventory for a long time, an individual will get extra space. It helps to keep more things in your luggage.

The Game Storyline

Nicky Roth, a vibrant boy, tries to play in the street and he or she may hear a new cry from a neighbor. Usually, the young boy Nicky inquires and recognizes that someone is tied tightly to the basement of their neighbor. Since then Nicky usually gets cellars and garages for neighbors.

Key and the door open. He or she or a neighbor or neighbor flipped his or her basement into a makeshift underground prison, but usually had no sign of any prisoners. Nicky then meets Mr. Peterson, a neighbor, who was additionally arrested. Nikki woke up in the basement and garage dungeon of their next-door neighbor.

Nikki usually has to solve many puzzles to buy property related to her neighbor. He or she may or may not go back to his or her home after crossing the fencing, but Mr. Peterson did not need to follow him.

Nikki, it matures today and can go to his house. Following eviction from his / her home, he/she returns to make sure it is a childhood home. His old house is in generally dilapidated trouble, and his neighbor is additionally in ruins. Nicky is basically going to be hunted by a dark shadow-like beast when evaluating specific ruins, and as a result, they return home and rest in the fall.

Reviews On Secret Neighbour Android

When I first played this secret neighbor apk game was expecting the game just like other mobile hello neighbor online games, so I was not expecting high pictures, but the controls stumbled a bit in my first game as well. In one place you accidentally press a lot of other buttons but in the best game in general. My second problem with my first game was that in the lobby I played with, every player under the age of 10 was playing on their mom’s phone, not even one of them spoke loudly in the background or spoke any echoes that required a better component.

 All kids are just like your own game because we played a few days, we didn’t think we were in a match and didn’t get anyone under the age of 10, which is very annoying when not everyone (or the kids in this case) wants to play the overall game properly.


  • This secret neighbor game has fantastic graphics which will enhance your gaming experience and comes with an exciting atmosphere. 
  • The best part is that this secret neighbor mobile game comes for both the users android as well as iOS and based on cooperation aid. 
  • Its sounds quality is so good, and it is exciting to hear the character’s voice.
  • You will get gold coins every day in this game as a reward. It will help them to purchase skins in the game. 
  • You will get regular updates within this secret neighbor android game.


  • This game may crash or lag if you continuously play for 6-7 hours.
  • Sometimes, you might see advertisements while playing this Secret neighbor android game. 
  • It’s needed a good internet connection to play this video game. Otherwise, It will take your time to open the game on your android device.
  • You have to use real money or gold coins to purchase anything in this game such as skins.
  • This video game comes with only one map which is the important improvement this game should do.
  • There is a lack of penalties given to players of this game.

Secret Neighbor Apk Download Without Verification Additional Information

Game NameSecret Neighbor game
DeveloperTiny Build
Apk size26MB
Published byDynamic Pixel Studio
PlatformiOS / Android
Android/iOS device5.0+ & iOS 10+
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How to Download Secret Neighbor Apk OBB Data For Mobile

It’s straightforward for everyone to download the Secret neighbor mobile apk no verification from our website. As you know that, we provide a fanatic game that you can download without verification. This Secret neighbor android apk game is free and easy to download for your IOS as well as Android device. You have to read the steps given below to download this secret neighbor android game.

  • Firstly, scroll down and click on the download link to download the secret neighbor apk file+obb file. 
  • Before the installation process, you have to enable “unknown source” from the browser setting of your IOS or Android device.
  • After enabling, start the installation process of this secret neighbor apk on your mobile device.
  • Before opening the game, copy the secret neighbor apk obb file to start playing this game. To copy, you have to go to File manager>>Android>>DATA>>OBB data folder and copy the file there. (Make sure that you copy the OBB file in the correct folder. Otherwise, you will not be able to play this game as it might show an error of “download file error”)
  • Then, open the Secret neighbour apk game on your IOS device or Android device and grant all required permissions.
  • Finally, start playing this video game and enjoy it with other people.

The game is definitely a multiplayer scary video game in an irregular format inspired by easy titles. Unlike many people associated with this type of game, the key is to allow the neighbor-specific monster or, in this particular situation, the particular neighbor to hide the child and gain the trust of some other gamer, and this is family-friendly.

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