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Specimen Zero iOS Download Mod APK Free For Android

In today’s generation playing games for fun and entertainment has become indispensable for all children. Even adults love playing this game. Specimen zero iOS game is all about killing the monster and winning it. Many people are highly curious as to why the game is known to be a horror game.  Yes, you heard it right, the horror game. The answer to this is because we have to kill the monsters and play carefully so that we can win the game. Contrarily, the monster will kill you.

Before playing, specimen zero apk be aware that you understand the game when otherwise you won’t be able to win it. This game has efficient and highly stunning graphics which makes you feel that you are itself at that place.

You will find that you are nabbed at someplace and you have to now exit the place on your own by escaping the devils. Its graphics are frightening and a perfect blend of balance between a horror game and a game to have fun.

Information Of Specimen Zero iOS

This game has some amazing features you must know before analyzing the entire game and playing it. It will help you realize how the game is exactly designed and what are the numerous features that you need to comprehend. The Specimen Zero on iOS works very smoothly and provides you with excellent gameplay.

Specimen Zero GamePlay

Specimen Zero iOS
Specimen Zero iOS

This Specimen zero iOS version horror game and you can play that on multiplayer also this game has incredible graphics. You must have proper skills pertinent to this game then you can win this. In the gameplay, you will find that you are kidnapped somewhere and all you need to do in the getaway without being harmed by mutants. It is designed to have some excellent graphics and gameplay.

You will find yourself at a mysterious place and the only thing you will remember is that you were kidnapped after that you have to search for different weapons and escape without being harmed by monsters. You can go with the best choice i.e Specimen Zero Mod APK iOS and Android free.


You can enjoy specimen zero iOS download-adds free without any limitations. We get frustrated when we have to play games that include ads. We always desire to play add free games because games with ads break our connection and it feels a bit frustrating. Specimen zero mod apk download is ad-free and you can enjoy it. You don’t need to add passwords and enjoy it to a great limit.

Specimen Zero iOS Numerous menus

  • Players Menu: specimen zero apk mod multiplayer has multiple menus and in the player’s menu, you can play the game with the help of Torch, Bypass door code as well as Godmode.
  • Movement menu: In this menu, you have the option to customize your action moves with the help of telekill as well as Masskill.
  • Fun menu: As the name goes in the fun menu you can adjust numerous sizes like the player size as well as enemy size. In Specimen zero apk free download you can adjust the gun sounds if you feel it to be disturbing.

Is specimen zero available on iOS?

You can have a sigh of relief if you want to play this game on iPhone because this game is now available on iPhones. The official version of the specimen zero mod ios is not available on iPhones. But don’t worry if you want to play this game. You can have a glimpse of the game through various games which are available.

Is Specimen Zero Apk Mod Real?

A specimen zero apk mod game is absolutely real and you don’t need to worry because it isn’t a fraud. You can play this game by downloading it with the help of Google Play Store or through Appking.io Don’t worry you can breathe easily. This is the Best Horror Video Game for mobile phones.

Create Room Process ?

Don’t worry if you don’t know how to create a specimen with zero room. Here you will completely understand how to create a specimen zero room. It is not difficult, you just need to follow the steps given below.

  • If you are the host of the game then tap on the multiplayer and if you aren’t the host of the game and ask the host to tap on multiplayer.
  • Secondly choose the create game.
  • Insert the name of the group at your convenience.
  • Start playing and enjoy it.

Is Specimen Zero iSO Free To Download?

If you or someone who wishes to play this game and download it for free then you can go for it because it is available for free on the google play store along with multiple websites. You don’t have to pay a single penny to download this game through Google Play Store.

Specimen zero games can be played on the mobile phone. Yes, it is a multiplayer game but you don’t need to worry because you can play it on your mobile phone also. Specimen zero is available on android as well as for apple iphone devices. You can enjoy this frightening game now on your mobile phone too.


There are certain compatibility agendas you need to look at for downloading this game into your mobile phone or iPhone. The compatibility of the phone should be 4.4. It can be more than that but it shouldn’t be less than that because you won’t be able to download it on your mobile phone if it is less than 4.4.

Mobile phones must have high capacity because they have a file size of 76M.

You can download Specimen Zero mod iOS for free to ensure fantastic gameplay. Specimen zero apk mod is free to download.

How To Download Specimen iOS Multiplayer Mod?

Numerous games are not available on all iPhones and if you want to install specimen zero and don’t know how to download it then you can go through this and install it on your iPhone. And most importantly Specimen zero is now available for iphone. Let’s have a glance at how to download this game:

  • Step 1: You need to browse Appking.io on your iPhone. You cannot use app king. on Android mobile phones because it is completely made for iPhones or iOS modes.
  • Step 2: You will come across different sections. After that, you need to browse the games sections
  • .Step 3: You will have a glance through multiple games searching for Specimen zero.
  • Step 4: You have to undergo the verification process to install the game onto your iPhone. You have to undergo all the verification processes. Lastly, you can install it on your iPhone.
  • Step 5: Now you can enjoy this gut-wrenching experience of this game.
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Q1) How to download Specimen Zero for iOS?

A1) Many people wonder how they can download specimen zero for iOS because you cannot download them through Google Play Store. To download specimen zero for iOS you need to browse Appking.io. Highly interesting games are not available on iOS so all you need to do is browse this website. You can install it in this way.

Q2) What do you need to do in specimen zero?

A2) In this game, all your memories get erased when you find yourself at a new place and the only thing you remember is that you were kidnapped. After this, you have to go in search of a gun. You can investigate the place for numerous weapons to escape from. But be aware because monsters are present everywhere and monsters shouldn't know that you are passing by. So walk deliberately! You can use a CCTV camera to navigate enemies to kill them and run away.

Q3) How can we find the key in the version of specimen zero iOS:

A3) In the search for the key, all you need to do is spawn in the room along with your teammates. It is present on the second floor so all you need to do is spawn in the room. You won't face difficulty in finding the ki because it is always present in the cabinet or the room on the second floor.

Q4) Wrapping at the end:

A4) The Specimen zero game is available on various websites as well as a Google Play Store and you can install an excellent game to entertain yourself.

Q5) Can we play this game on android phones?

A5) You can play this game on android phones because it is supported by android versions also.

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