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tag after school apk
App NameTag After School APK OBB
File Size68.12MB + 2.5GB
Latest VersionV2.5
Android VersionAndroid 6.0 and Above
Last UpdatedSep 2023
Total Downloads20M+

Tag After School APK the of the infamous new movie Jujutsu Kaizen, the horror genre has been flourishing in the gaming industry. With the new wave of horror anime this season, horror games have been quite popular lately. Plus, in this genre, you would usually see something like zombie killing or jump scares. However, school horror is still the best option in this category. Tag after school APK is a horror game based on this school drama. Japanese schools are famous for their all-inclusive curriculum, where they not only focus on academics but also on sports and other club activities. The story is webbed around the same activities.

Tag after school is a narrative game, and the story shapes itself based on your decisions. The best part about it is that there are actually numerous endings to the game. Most of the time, games like these tend to have point endings, either from multiple pathways or through a maze of hopeless results. In this game, the story ends based on your perspective. It is a single-player, free game developed by Genius Studios, Japan. You need to have at least 150MB of free space and Android 5.0+ to install the game. Let’s dive further into this article.

What Is Tag After School Horror APK

tag after school apk for android

Tag After School horror APK is an offline, single-player game based on the horror genre. It is simple to play, easy with controls and very exciting. Shoto-Kun is a Japanese student that is currently studying at the most famous school in a fictional city. There are other characters as well, but you have to either help them win with you in the game or use them to win yourself. Like every other student, everyone here at this school is expected to succeed in all activities as well as academics. To join the club activities, Shoto-Kun has to go through the haunted parts of the school and face his difficulties head-on. As the player, it is your responsibility to make sure that he succeeds.

Tag After School APK Android Latest Version Gameplay

tag after school apk download
tag after school mobile
Tag after school apk download
Tag after school apk

The graphics of the game are surrealistic enough to make you feel inside the game, although it has quite a pixelated atmosphere. Controls are free, as you can move your player down a 2D plane, but it is more based on the beautiful storyline. As you progress through the game, it gives you choices that determine the results. These choices are predated by glimpses of the story at the school and how the characters are. You really have to put yourself in Shoto-Kun’s shoes to fully enjoy the game. There are certain gory scenes as well, so it is going to be a lot of fun once you have started playing this game.

Tag After School Mobile APK Version Features

Some features of this game are as follows:-

Amazing Gameplay & Plotline

This had to be the number one thing. Most of the time, it is quite irritating to see that some games have so much potential, and yet there is no story in the game. All you get is to shoot, kill, or do stuff. Tag After School has that distinction from the start because you are playing with the whole school here. Everyone is an NPC, yet they hold every bit of significance in the story. They all have unique personalities, and you would experience all of them in the game. There is an aura of the dead among the students, and I could feel this while interacting with them.

New Halls Of Learning

As you first start to get a hold of the game, you are introduced to the halls of learning. This is where you understand that everyone has left the school and you are the only one left. You need to make sure that you cross this section. Otherwise, you would become a permanent member of the long halls. Spooky right? But this is the best part. This section is filled with tricks and hidden traps that would advance you through the game. The halls become difficult with strange mazes and mirrors as you progress, but you need to trust your wits to win this game.

The Multiverse of Horror

What happens when you end the game, playing it completely safe and reaching a happy conclusion? You uninstall it and search for more articles on this website, right? Not with this game. Every choice leads to a different ending where you would feel every single character. Maybe you chose the swimmer to lead you, and it led you through the swimming pools in the game; you could choose the door guard for the next time. The emotional level of this game is also top notch, and you would ricochet with their emotions. You can feel their pain as you rally for their help.

Live In A Virtual World

So what’s it like to play? This is the question that can easily be answered with this game. Once you start with the game, you will feel like the character, not like a player controlling the character. You feel with them, walk while hearing your own footsteps, and the audio feels like Dolby Atmos. Isolation is considered to be an aspect of top-notch games, but in this 150MB game, you can experience the same. Plus, shoutout to the music developers for the audio. It’s beautiful, melodious, mellifluous and yet ghastly. The response to the environment, rain, rustling of the leaves, footsteps in the distant background, and so many things have been incorporated so beautifully.

Get Help From The Clues

Of course, there are clues to help you win the game. Since the structure of this game is quite non-linear, you see so many different types of stories embedded in the game. You can move at your own pace, determine your own ending and explore your decisions. This makes it easier to move around. There is an inventory (your bag/pouch) that helps you store keys, knives, sharp objects and other things that you find during the game. A good tip that I would love to give you here is that you shouldn’t leave any region inside the school. You would miss out on several clues if you miss a certain region.

How To Download Tag After School APK OBB For Android

Now that you know all about this game let’s jump to download it. Before that, make sure that you have allowed installation from this browser before downloading the game. You need to have an Android version of Jellybean and above to download the game. Make sure that you have at least 180 MB of free space available on your device. The game is smaller as compared to its features, but that doesn’t mean that it is any less fun. Click on the download button below to download the APK file for Tag After School APK. Make sure that you close any ads that might pop up during the download process.

  • Use the link provided above to get the Tag After School game’s installation file for your device.
  • When you are downloading, save the file and do not install it right away.
  • You will have to use the Security Settings on your Android device to enable the “Unknown Sources” option.
  • Once done, use the Tag After School APK file to install the game by clicking on the Install button.
  • Wait for the game to install, and it will take just a couple of seconds (depending on your device’s configuration).
  • Next, you have to use the shortcut created on the home screen to run the game.

FAQs Related To Tag After School APK Free Download

Is Tag After School Horror Game APK Download Safe?

The Tag After School game is not available on the official websites or on the app stores so you will always have to use its installation files to play it. That being said, using third-party websites can be risky if you don’t know about their trust level. That is why you must use only this page to get this game.

Where To See Tag After School All Deaths?

While the game is not very long and it can be completed in just a few weeks of gameplay. Though the Tag After School APK mobile version will not let you finish it quickly because your decisions will influence how the game moves forwards. So, make sure to take some time before interacting and doing something in the game.

Can You Do Tag After School MOD APK Download?

Despite looking for a MOD version of this game, we will recommend you enjoy the original game. There’s literally nothing that you might want help with as there are very limited resources available in the game. We are pretty sure you will enjoy the Tag After School original version more than the MOD or unlimited version.

How To Update Tag After School 2022?

You will have to visit this page whenever a new version of the game is available. We update the Tag After School download link with the newest version as soon as it is released by the developers. Since the game is launched on a Japanese website you won’t be able to get it directly from there and you will have to use this page only.

Is There Tag After School iOS Version Available?

According to some sources, the official makers of the Tag After School game are thinking of releasing an iOS version of it very soon. Though it might not be available on the iTunes Store so you will have to download Tag After School IPA file and use it to install the game on your iPhones and iPad devices manually.

Final Words

In the end, all we can say is that it is worth the download. We have played it ourselves and found it really entertaining so you must try it at least once if you have not played it before. There are no jump scares which we love about the horror genre, and it makes it much scarier. You are not so scared and approach suddenly, but when death stares at you eye to eye, and it runs towards you, it gets really good. Tag After School APK has simple graphics but an amazing plotline, button controls and a beautiful soundtrack. It fits perfectly with the Japanese anime vibes of old-school horror like Parasite or Tokyo Ghoul.


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