Tekken 4 APK Download For Offline Android

Tekken 4 APK Download For Offline Android

Hello everyone, we will know how to download and install Tekken 4 Apk on android mobile in today’s post. You can download Tekken 4 apk from the Android4Game site. I have provided the link of Tekken 4 apk + OBB data full version, which is also media fire. You can download Tekken 4 apk via direct media fire. Suggests that you do not need to do any verification process Tekken 4 apk download. You can also play this game on your personal computer. This game does not hang, lag and crash at all on Android phones. So let’s know how to download Tekken 4 Game For Android offline.

What Is Tekke 4 Apk

Tekken 4 apk is a combo of android, fighting, and arcade video game created by official Namco. This game was first released for Sony Playstation 2 and arcade video game consoles, however many people search for this game for Tekken 4 PPSSPP apk. However, I want to inform you that this game is still released for PlayStation Portable Has not been done, and this game will probably never be released for PSP. In other words, the PSP ISO file of this game is not available yet, but you can still play this game on your phone.

Tekken 4 Apk Amazing Features

Tekken 4 APK Download

Tekken 4 apk has eight unique features, and all the features are much more awesome than each other. All the feature names that come with the Tekken 4 apk are given below.

  • 3D Graphics:- The graphics of this game is entirely based in 3D. The graphics of Tekken 4 are much significant, and the sound FX (music) in the game is also exemplified. The texture of the stadium is also realistic. It is a perfect arcade video game especially Android, for a smartphone.
  • New Fighting Skills:- The design of the character of this game has also been changed; the character’s style has been modified as well as their fighting style has also held varied for example Jin Kazama Shoulder Flip attack and Over the Shoulder Reverse, which is quite incredible.
  • Easily Unlocked All Characters:- There is no need to unlock the cast in Tekken 4 game because I have given you a Tekken mod apk file, in which you will get to see all characters unlocked.
  • Full offline Game:- Note that it is offline, which means you will not need any mobile data / Wifi data. Once you download the game, it will be offline forever.
  • Smoothly Play:- This game works smoothly in Android / Windows; above all, this game is offline also means that it will not hang on your mobile phone, and you can play this game on an Android phone (2Gb Ram) at 50 Fps in Windows. Tekken 4 game will work smoothly at 60 Fps fast speed.

Name Of Characters

This game recently added six new characters. Also, this video game has come with old characters of Tekken 3 and Tekken 2.

  • Jin Kazama.
  • Kazuya Mishima.
  • Heihachi Mishima.
  • Yoshimitsu.
  • Ling Xiaoyu.
  • Bryan Fury.
  • Hwoarang.
  • Lee Chaolan.
  • Christie Monteiro.
  • Julia Chang.
  • Eddy Gordo.
  • Lei Wulong.
  • Steve Fox.
  • Combot Tekken.
  • The Tekken King.
  • Phoenix Paul.
  • Craig.
  • Mokujin.
  • Tetsujin.
  • Tekken Force.

Game Options Names

Tekken 4 APK Download
Tekken 4 APK Download
Tekken 4 APK Download
  1. Tekken History:- Tekken history mod This game is considered one of the best battle modes because through this, you can unlock all the special characters; in this game, you will have to beat the last stage boos.
  2. Battle Arcade:- There are more than 8 Tekken battle tournaments in Battle arcade mode, in which you will need every match as much as in this game you will also get to see the final boos, whose name is heihachi .
  3. Versus Battle:- Versus battle mode is the battle mode in which you have to beat the CPU; in this game, you can self-choose the opponent of your favorite character.
  4. Multiplayer:- Yes, this game also has a multiplayer feature. You can play this game through your friends’ mobile hotspot or wifi, but your friend’s mobile should also have the exact specifications meant to be on your device that the specifications of both mobile phones should be the same.
  5. Battle With Team:- In this, you can create a team of your own that too will be four players, and your enemy team will also have such a volume of characters.

Can Download Tekken 4 For Android From Play Store?

For the moment, you cannot download Tekken 4 apk from Google Play Store and Windows Store because the biggest reason for this is that this game was released for ps2, but maybe in the coming time, this game will be available on Google Play Store become available.

Tekken 4 Available For PlayStation 1?

No Tekken 4 is not available for PlayStation because PlayStation 1 cannot play Tekken 4 games. After all, the main reason for this is that the arcade game engine is used exclusively. But you can be played tekken 3 on PlayStation one.

Tekken 4 Apk Game Size

I have provided you the Tekken 4 apk game in the only 300Mb; it is a highly compressed game; if you extract it, its size will be up to 2Gb. With which you will be able to install a device with the low specification easily. Many people want to download this Tekken 4 Apk 35mb, but you cannot because the textures of that Tekken 4 game is high. Then you go and download Tekken 4, Highly compressed in 300MB zip file for Android phone.

Which Requirements Of This Game

  • OS Version 7.0.1
  • At Least 6Gb Ram
  • Snapdragon Qualcomm 730G
  • Free 6Gb Space
  • 4100mAh Battery

How To Setup Tekken 4 Apk Android

  • First of all, download the Tekken 4 Apk on an android mobile phone.
  • Setup (Install) the Tekken 4 android apk file on mobile phone via file manager application.
  • Now extract the Tekken 4 ISO data file to help us by Zarchiver app.
  • The ISO data file (password kavruktekken4ps2), so use this password to extract your game file.
  • Now all processes are done, open the application on an android phone and start play tekken 4 on android mobile.


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