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Tekken Mobile Apk

Mobile games are the first choice of people these days. Since you can carry them anywhere, it becomes very easy for everyone to play games whenever they want. Also, these games are smaller in size but give the same gaming experience as PC and console games. While there are thousands of games for mobile devices available out there. Only a few of them are widely popular around the world. One of them is the tekken mobile apk which has a lot more fans than any other similar game right now there are many games in the TEKKEN game series available but one 1 game was made available for Android devices.

What Is Tekken Mobile Game For Android?

TEKKEN is a fighting game series that was first introduced back in 1994. The developer, Bandai Namco Studios were making. This game for fighting game lovers but was amazed to see the craze of the game around the world. To date, more than 9 games of the TEKKEN series have been launched and most of them are available only for PC, console, and video game players. The only TEKKEN game for mobile devices ever launched was TEKKEN Mobile. Sometime later, the game was taken down from all official app stores. The only way to play the game right now is by downloading and installing the TEKKEN mobile APK and OBB files.

Tekken Mobile APK Gameplay

Tekken Mobile Android
Tekken Mobile

Everyone knows about the TEKKEN game and how it actually works. Well, the TEKKEN Android game is very similar to other games. The game features 40 characters which a player can use to fight with another character. There are various modes like Arcade, Story, 2v2, Practice, etc. available in the TEKKEN mobile. Access the friend’s list in the game, invite or add people to the list and start playing the game with them. Both online and offline Tekken versions are available so play it as per your choice. You can also search for TEKKEN mobile gameplay on YouTube to see how this game actually looks on Android devices.

Tekken Mobile Mod APK Game Features

This post talks about everything about TEKKEN mobile game and provides the link to do the TEKKEN mobile APK download. If you have never played the TEKKEN game on mobile devices then it is the right time to do the needful. You can learn more about the game and its features to understand its working and characteristics. Never use random websites or portals for downloading a game or app that is not available on the official app stores. Since the TEKKEN game is taken down by the developers themselves, some TEKKEN lovers have re-created the installer files and made them available to the world for free.

Different Game Modes

Unlike other fighting games for Android, TEKKEN has different game modes that make it interesting to everyone. You can play the story mode to find out what is the storyline of the game or you can play the Arcade mode to have fights with different characters in the game. Also, there are some other modes like Practice, 2v2, Vs Computer, etc. available to let users enjoy the game to the fullest. First time TEKKEN players can visit the FAQ or Help section to learn more about the game. The game will teach you how to play and select different characters in the game so don’t worry about that.

More Than 40 Characters

The main reason why people prefer and love playing TEKKEN games is because of the characters available in this game. Currently, there are more than 40 different characters available in TEKKEN mobile game which you can use to play the game. Only a few will come unlocked in the beginning and the rest you will have to unlock after defeating other characters, completing missions, opening bonus crates, etc. As you start winning fights in the game, you will be able to enjoy benefits such as upgrading your character, changing the way it looks, and many more to make the game run as you want.

Good Graphics

Entire TEKKEN series is very popular and serves the same gameplay and storyline. Only a few things are different in each version but characters, moves, and the gameplay is same. Once you have started playing the game, there’s no coming back and we can bet on that. TEKKEN and its amazing gameplay/graphics will definitely make you feel amazed. You are free to select any character you want and play the game with it. The graphics are not as good as other games but they serve the purpose when it comes to fighter games for Android.

Runs On All Android Devices

Unlike other games that focus more on the graphics, TEKKEN has focused more on the gameplay. Before the launch of its mobile version, this game was already very popular so the developers have paid attention to the performance of the game to gain a more user base. This game runs on Android devices that have low-end configuration, so don’t look for the requirements before downloading it. You just need a device with Android 5.0 or Above Android OS and a minimum of 2GB RAM to run the game smoothly. If the player wants, then he/she can adjust the settings to further improve the gameplay.

Free & Safe Game

Since the game needs to be downloaded as an installer file, the main concern of people around the world is related to safety. You don’t have to worry about it because we test every game or app, including TEKKEN Mobile before providing it on this blog. This is not a random TEKKEN-like game developed by anyone but the official Bandai Namco TEKKEN game files. Since you can compress and make installer files of the installed applications, some users were able to make it before the official game was taken down. So, you can download and play the TEKKEN game without any worries.

Reviews/Rating Of Game

You must have understood everything about the. TEKKEN Mobile APK by now and we think you are now ready for TEKKEN download 2022. We have uploaded the game on our own servers so you can directly download it without any ads or surveys. Right now, you will be able to do TEKKEN mobile game download only for Android mobile and tablet devices. If you are searching for TEKKEN mobile iOS download link, then this is not for you. TEKKEN mobile download without survey is what everyone asks for and we understand the need. Sometimes you might have to solve the captcha and that is only to keep the system protected from the bots.

Latest Version Of Game Tekken Mobile APK OBB

App NameTekken Mobile
File Size52.6MB + 1.6GB
Latest VersionV3.2
Android VersionAndroid 5.0 and Above
DeveloperBandai Namco
Last UpdatedMarch 2022
Total Downloads100M+

How to Download Tekken Mobile APK Free Download

APK files can be installed in just a few clicks on Android devices and we are sure a lot of you have already done it before.

  • The installation process remains the same for all devices and there are only a few changes depending on the Android device you are using.
  • The process of installing APK and OBB files is completely safe as it just sideloads an app or game on your devices.
  • TEKKEN Mobile, not being on the Play Store, must be installed by the players using its installer files which we have shared above.
  • You can also follow our TEKKEN game installation guide posted below if you have not installed an APK or OBB file before on Android to install the game without any assistance.

Final Words

Tekken 7 Apk for Android is very popular and searched a lot by gamers around the world. We hope you got to know new things about the TEKKEN mobile game from this page. New users are going to try it. Many services are offering TEKKEN mobile MOD APK files. But you must stay away from them to keep your device and information safe.

We keep this page constantly updated with the. Latest version TEKKEN mobile APK OBB offline download link, so bookmark this page. Also, if you are facing any issues or want to know more about the TEKKEN game for. You are free to contact us by visiting the Contact page or using the comments section below.

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