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The Forest APK+OBB Download For Android (No Verification) 2022

App NameThe Forest APK OBB
File Size49.35MB + 1.56GB
Latest VersionV6.87
Android VersionAndroid 6.0 and Above
DeveloperEndnight Games
CategoryRPG Games
Total Downloads50M+

Horror games can be entertaining a lot when you are playing the right one. The Forest is among those video games that have amazed everyone with its amazing gameplay and storyline. Although the game came out a few years back, it is still one of the best games you can download for your mobile devices. The original The Forest APK game was launched for Windows and PlayStation devices but now it is available for Android devices as well. You might have to use the right set of files in order to run it on your mobile devices and it can be tricky for newbies and novice users to find and install those files.

The forest apk download for android

In this post, you can get to know everything about The Forest Android game and how you can download the installation files of it. If you like playing horror games, then you must not miss this chance of trying your hands at them. The game was developed to let gamers test their decision-making power as there’s no dedicated storyline available in the game. It all depends on the user’s decision on how the game will move ahead in the story. Not only the installation files but you can also find the right set of steps to get started with it. So, don’t waste time and download The Forest APK today.

What Is The Forest APK OBB

The forest android apk

The Forest video game is developed by Endnight Games and was launched back in 2018 for Windows PC devices. Following the success, a PlayStation version of the game was also launched in the same year and the total users of the game rose to 10 million in the same year. Right now, the game is being played by more than 50 million gamers around the world and you can be the next. An Android version of this game has been developed by an unnamed developer and made available for everyone else. You can download The Forest APK OBB Android files and use them to install the game yourself to try it out.

The Forest Android Gameplay

The forest apk obb
The forest mod apk

This game revolves around a remote peninsula where a plane crashes and everyone literally got injured or lost. You will have to play the role of Eric LeBlanc who is on his mission to find his lost son, Timmy. While searching, you come to know that the island is filled with cannibalistic monsters and other dangerous things. Also, you must build your own shelter, weapons, and other tools that might help you in making progress in the game. There are optional endings to the game and they all depend on the decisions you make while moving ahead. Go ahead, make progressive decisions, find your son, and go out of the jungle in this epic adventure with The Forest.

The Forest Mobile APK Features

High-Quality Graphics

Since the game is developed to run on Windows PC and PlayStation devices, it has got pretty good graphics. Even the Android version is developed to run the same set of graphics and that is why most mobile gamers are loving it. You will not feel like playing a mobile game at all because of its amazing visuals.

Different Types of Elements

The Forest game features scary monsters that might attack humans but they get afraid too. You don’t have to fight them or hide from them because they will not encounter you directly. Just a small tip from our side, always keep fire or some torch with yourself as they will help you in keeping everything away.

Good Decision-Making Power

Not every game is like The Forest where the ending and the storyline are created by the user himself. As you make decisions in the game, the story will turn around and will create a different type of ending. So, take some time before making any decision and always try to do what’s best for you.

Play In A Single-Mode

This game is not made as a multiplayer game so you have to play it yourself. Though a player can invite his friends into the game and share different things with them. The Forest Android game also allows you to play the game offline which is not possible with the Windows and PlayStation versions.

Completely Free & Safe

Official The Forest game cost around $6.50 on the Steam Store but the Android version is available for free. If you want to enjoy the game while supporting the developers, then go buy it for your PC or console devices. Else, you can use The Forest APK download link mentioned on this page.

Overall Summary On The Forest MOD APK

No further introduction to the game is required as there’s nothing much to know about it. We have a shared storyline as well as the main concept of the game, which is quite fine to get started with it. Rest you can find it out yourself by playing the game on your Android devices using the installation files we have shared here. Use The Fox In The Forest APK no verification download links shared below to get the game. If you are a novice Android OS user with no prior experience in installing the APK and OBB files, you can follow our The Forest game installation guide posted below to do it on your own.

How To Download The Forest APK OBB For Android

  • Download both APK and OBB files we have mentioned above.
  • Save them anywhere in your Android device’s storage.
  • Next, open the Security Settings by going to the Android Settings.
  • Find the Device Administration section and enable the option that says “Unknown Sources”.
  • Go back to the folder where you have saved the download files.
  • Click on The Forest APK file and tap on the Install to begin the installation.
  • Next, use The Forest OBB file and extract it into the Android/OBB folder.
  • Once done, use The Forest shortcut created on the home screen to run the game.

How To Download The Forest APK PC Version

Yes, the game is available officially for both Windows PC and PlayStation devices. It can be purchased either from the official website or by using the Stream Store. Also, if you want to do The Forest free download, then you might have to utilize services or web portals like ours that provide free installation files.

FAQs Related To The Forest APK Download No Verification

What Is Sons of The Forest APK Full Release Date?

The Forest’s newest version is going to be released this year and it will be a sequence to the original game. Its release date is set to be anywhere in the next month and we will keep you all posted about it. You will find The Forest download link of the newer version right on this page, so keep visiting.

Is There Any Survival The Forest APK iOS Version Available?

The game can’t be played on iOS devices like iPhones and iPad. Though many other games like The Forest are available for iOS devices can you can play them to enjoy similar gameplay. Soon, we might come up with The Forest IPA file for iPhone and iPad so bookmark this page or keep visiting our website if you want to download it.

How To Update Siren Head The Forest APK Mobile Game?

Remember that after installing the game from this page, you won’t be able to update it from anywhere else. If you are using third-party app stores, even then you must not update the game from there. For the latest updates and installation files, consider using this page only else the game’s installation might get corrupt.

Is The Forest APK Download Safe?

Gamers who are doing The Forest download APK from this page do not have to worry about anything because both of these files are completely safe. You can keep using them as long as you want without worrying about your device’s security. For additional confirmation, you can scan these files locally and then begin using them.

Final Words

The Forest game is very special because it does not share gameplay or missions with any other similar game. Also, since it is a horror game, you will enjoy it more than any other random first-person perspective mobile game. Developers were able to compress the official game to an extent that it works perfectly fine on mobile devices.

Both The Forest APK and OBB files are required for the game to work properly. This page will keep you all updated with the latest editions and updates related to The Forest video game, so keep visiting our blog and if you want more help in running or installing the game, then don’t forget to visit our Contact Us page.

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