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Valorant Mobile APK+OBB Download 2022 For Android (No Verification)

Have you ever wished you could play FPP and PVP games on your Android device? We can say with conviction that, as technology advances, we can build and play whatever we desire. Of course, it includes FPP Shooter games like VALORANT too. In fact, this post is about the 5v5 tactical shooting game. Yes, you heard it right, you can now play Valorant Mobile APK No Verification Mod on your android phone But how? As per the sources, RIOT GAMES, the developers of this game noticed improved progress in the VALORANT PC version, so they decided to launch it on Android as well. In this game, you can run the game without any verification.

What Is Valorant Mobile APK MOD?

valorant mobile apk android

VALORANT is a first-person shooting game that consists of a team of 5 players. After the demise of PUBG mobile, the traffic at has increased by 10x times, as all of the gamers went through the mobile to PC transition in a year. It was released by RIOT Games & Microsoft in October 2019. & In 2020, the traffic jumped very high on the PC version. So the developers tried making a beta mobile version, & that is the ga,e Concept. Moreover, in this game, Gamers pick an agent of their choice & use their skills and abilities to kill the opponents. Different types and styles of modes and maps are available in this game. In the recent update, new agents & new maps were added to the game. Now, Let’s talk about the Gameplay of this ga,e.

Gameplay Of Valorant Mobile Android APK

valorant mobile apk mod
valorant mobile apk obb

The Valorant Mobile APK MOD Gameplay is no different from the PC version. Before entering the arena, the players must select a team of agents. However, these agents are based on many countries’ cultures and traditions. As a result, gamers can select agents based on their country of origin or the abilities these agents acquire. After practicing the skills, players can unlock new agents who can help them ace in rank. Players allotted to teams with 5 agents on each side. After which they appointed to either defend or attack. It’s not much different from the concept of CSGO, but the skills & rare composition of the agents & maps give it a unique feeling. Each team has five players, and the team that defends first must eventually attack to balance the match points. The game continues in this manner; now, let us discuss the game’s features.

Features Of Valorant Mobile APK No Verification

There is an inbuilt mic option where you can chat with your teammates, which makes this game even more interesting. So, one needs to keep an eye on the valorant Mobile game download for Android.

High-Quality Graphics & Audio

When this game was first released, it was criticized as the graphics were not up to the mark. But the developers made some narrative changes, such as giving each map and mode a different type of graphics. The agents were given a unique design that drew in a large number of players. If you want then you can change the appearance and customize your player according to your needs. When it comes to audio, each agent has a unique voice and a favorite phrase, such as Brimstone saying “Open up the sky” when he uses his ultimate.

FPP Game Modes

As we all know, FPP games are known for their modes & arenas. Valorant no different, there are many modes with various maps added to the mainframe. These modes include the most famous Spike rush, unrated (Not ranked), competitive (Ranked), Escalation & Deathmatch. Unrated is famous for practicing skills with real-time opponents without affecting the career rank. Deathmatch is famous for having fun with teammates. The competitive mode is the advanced version of unrated where professional players aces their rankings. Escalation the newest added mode. The game free download for Android can be a difficult task on some websites. That’s why we provided this article for every Valorant Fan.

Geo-Based Maps & Agents

Sources say that each map is designed for a set of agents, so your luck decides whether your agent will be beneficial to the map or it’ll be the opposite. Some agents are Cypher, Brimstone, Reyna, Raze, Sova, Killjoy, Breach, and Skye. These agents have their unique set of abilities and they’re designed for each role, for example, Sova is an initiator whereas Killjoy & cypher are the sentinels. Omen is a controller and Raze is a duelist. If we talk about the maps, we have Bind, Haven, Split, Ascent, Icebox & the newly added breeze. These maps were designed based on the agents & their country of origin.

Play Online With The Community

This game created an era of Esports again, just like PUBG Mobile did it on mobile, this game did it on PC and now it is ready for android too. With creating many opportunities in the Esports hub, this game has made it to the top 10 games of 2022. You need to download Valorant Mobile game APK if you want to pursue an Esports career & to do that, the latest version game is mentioned in this post. To play as an Esports player, one must enhance their skill set with an agent. In other words, you need to master an agent. Hone your abilities and the agent you choose should bind with your mindset. For example, if you like to play stealth you must become a sentinel and play like a cipher or killjoy. Your mindset should connect with your agent’s role.

Completely Safe and Free

Now, you’re probably wondering how much money you’d have to spend on these great features and agents to get this game. The good news is that the game is completely free, that’s why you should read this article. The game free download is the best thing about this post. The game is safe to download. You will also learn how to get the VALORANT Mobile APK latest version with the best OBB files. Keep on reading to grab your VALORANT Mobile Android APK. These files are safe to use, and no virus complaints have been received up to date. Here’s how to download Valorant iOS version.

Can I Play Valorant Mobile iOS Devices?

Every new gen gamer is a fan, so they took this opportunity of launching the beta version i.e “VALORANT Mobile beta download for android.” If we look at the statistics of this game, it has been one of the best FPS shooting games ever. Because of its unique game structure, it has recently attracted a large number of players. In this game, players take on the role of one of the agents, which can be unlocked through skills. The best part is that these agents are based on different countries cultures. As if each agent represented a different country. Now, let’s understand what exactly is VALORANT Mobile APK 2022? Here’s what is Valorant Mobile iOS download?

Quick Information Of Version Valorant Mobile Beta APK File

App NameValorant Mobile APK OBB
File Size64.1MB + 1.3GB
Latest VersionV1.0.3
Android VersionAndroid 5.0 and Above
DeveloperRiot Games
Last UpdatedApril 2022
Total Downloads30M+

How To Download Valorant Mobile APK OBB For Android

You may now have a good understanding of the game’s concept and are ready to download the VALORANT APK. Since this game must be downloaded externally, the Valorant Android installation files can be found below. To get your game to work properly, you’ll need to install both the APK and OBB files at the same time. If you’re seeking a VALORANT APK that’s less than 50 MB, this game isn’t for you. The APK and OBB files are fairly large because the game contains Real Agents and HD graphics, as well as a variety of modes and maps. If you’re wondering, “Is Valorant on mobile?”  Yes, it is. Valorant Mobile Android release date was October 2020. Nevertheless, the Valorant Mobile game download APK is a great initiative. & to get the Valorant Mobile Android download, follow the instructions below.

  • You need to download both Valorant APK and Valorant OBB files from the above links.
  • Open the Android Settings app and on the list, tap on the Security option.
  • Scroll down a little and enable the option “Install Apps From Unknown Sources”.
  • Now, go back to your Downloads folder and click on the VALORANT APK file, and tap Install.
  • Once it is installed, copy the VALORANT OBB file and extract its content into the Android/OBB folder.
  • Use the Valorant game shortcut created on the home screen to run the game.

Final Words

If you want to play a 5v5 tactical shooter game with your buddies and roast each other at the same time, this is the game for you. On that note, this game is also appropriate for anyone looking to enter the world of Esports. Many gamers have unintentionally made it to the top-rated teams, competed in tournaments, and earned a substantial sum of money while playing this game.

However, one must RAZE themselves up through sheer determination. Anyhow, the game has good reviews with an overall rating of 8.5 on gamer’s club. That is why Valorant Mobile APK search is trending all over the world. In our opinion, if you’re an FPP shooting game fan, you should not miss this golden chance to get on your mobile. So, don’t wait and download Valorant Android APK today.

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