YouTubers Life 2 Apk+OBB Free Download For Android/iOS

Becoming a popular creator is everyone’s dream! That’s why we have brought an amazing and interesting game that helps the gamers to experience the game is Youtubers Life 2 apk which teaches you what stars do in their life and get infected.

You will also get to know various things about your favourite YouTuber’s life and get to know more about him. youtubers life 2 mobile apk combines inactivity with time management into the ultimate influence template. The game comes with 3-D animated graphics that make it more exciting to play. Most importantly, it’s an offline simulation game in which you have to manage your time to grow the YouTube channel and upload weekly videos. In this post, we will discuss everything about this game, its features, future updates, and many more.

What Is YouTubers Life 2 Apk

YouTubers Life 2 Apk

YouTuber life 2 is a popular YouTube simulator game offered by UPLAY online developers. In this game, you will experience the things that happen in the YouTuber. Moreover, you may get to learn more about how they live like social media stars. The youtubers life 2 android games can played on various devices such as PSP, Xbox, PlayStation, Android, iOS devices, and many more.

Also, this youtubers life 2 iOS game gives you all experience how they manage their time, channel,  money, and many more. Most importantly,  as an individual YouTuber, you don’t have to stop uploading the video to your channel as it will reduce the number of subscribers. You can also do shopping to update your wardrobe, cook to eat and do many more activities in-game. Going viral is easy for everyone but the responsibility of being an influencer is very hard for everyone. That’s why it is the best and top-rated simulation game which is loved by many gamers. gamers.

YouTubers Life 2 Android Important Points About The Experience

YouTubers Life 2 Apk
YouTubers Life 2 Apk

Most importantly, the gamers can customize the avatar according to their choices like changing the hairstyle, colour, clothes, and many more in-game. You can also customize the setting according to your choice which makes it easier for the gamers to play this game.

Excellent Gaming Experience

You will love to play this youtubers life 2 apk android game because of its animated graphics and gameplay. Moreover,  you can play with your favourite titles, and you will even be able to create your own video games. Most importantly, you will experience the same thing that a YouTuber experiences in their life. Also, you can record gameplay videos, reviews videos, and many other videos.

Music Collection

In addition, this youtubers life 2 IPA game comes with lots of music collections that will enhance your gaming experience. It comes with more than 10 different genres of music and even plays 30 different instruments. Most importantly, the game gives more exciting things such as live concerts, submitting the best covers, lessons, duets, and composing the best songs.

Gameplay Of YouTubers Life 2 Mobile

The basic setup is provided, so you can play the youtubers life 2 mobile game and comment on the videos. You will also find a drone cam, or ‘Personal Recording Assistant,’ so you can interact with street patrons. If you want to survive, you must start collecting money, spectators, subscribers, and other unusual community points when you are down the stairs.

This video game is similar to the Black Mirror game that gives you a general message of relaxation, exploring various places that you have never visited in the game. Most importantly, create a mind map of the city, and unlock hashtag keywords. A few hours at a time is the best time to play. YouTubers Life 2 can do more with Animal Crossing, in real-time making it clear that sometimes coming back tomorrow is the best course of action. U-PLAY probably wants you to play Youtubers Life 2 in a relaxed way, so it can make the game show that.


You can wear various clothes that you have made for yourself in this YouTubers life 2 android apk game. Do all the aspects of your life. Feel the top model lifestyle by attending fashion events and interviewing celebrities.

Cooking Experience

In this youtubers life 2 android free download game, the gamers can do various cooking activities such as preparing new, unusual dishes by mixing different types of food. Also, you can create your restaurant and upload your tips, tutorials, and dishes.

New Updates YouTubers Life 2 Mod Apk

In the upcoming updates, the youTubers life 2 apk obb game becomes more exciting to play as the developer has add-on various features. Major updates mentioned below:

  • The developer has added a new category i.e. fashion channel which allows you to create your own set. 
  • Moreover, you can even plan each season and conduct Fashion workshops
  • Also, they have added a new feature of Google Cloud which helps the gamers to save their game data.
  • Most importantly the developer made changes in the gameplay which make it more exciting.
  • It comes with piper’s new interaction and up and down thumb tracking system which makes it easier for the gamers to play.
  • Network and company shares affect the behavior of subscribers
  • You will get detailed product information and company relationships
  • Analysis and Speed ​​run combos are now easier to access
  • Waiting times when setting up a restaurant gig and live show is shortened.

Overall Summary

After reading the article till now, I hope your queries regarding this video game get resolved. Moreover, this amazing and unique game comes with lots of features that you will not see in any game. In this game, you will experience the life of your favourite YouTubers that makes it a more exciting game to play. You can even download the latest version of this Youtubers life 2 games from the below-mentioned downloading link. Overall, it is considered to be the best role-playing game that is loved by many people. So, we suggest you play this game and enjoy its gameplay.

Additional Information Of YouTubers Life 2 Free Download For Android

Name Of GameYouTuber Life 2
Version Of GameV2.1.1
Developed ByUplay online
Operating SystemAndroid/iOS
Game VersionV1.6.5

How To Download YouTubers Life 2 Apk OBB For Android

It’s straightforward for people to download this Youtubers life 2 apk game on your mobile device. You have to follow the instructions given below to install this Youtubers life 2 app.

  • Firstly, click on the download button which is mentioned below in this post.
  • Then you will redirect to the next page from where you can get the apk file of this Youtubers life 2 apps.
  • Once it gets downloaded, go to the security option and give access to unknown source permission.
  • After this, simply click on the Youtubers life 2 apk file and start installing it.
  • Then wait for a few seconds until this Youtubers life 2 application gets installed on your android device.
  • Once it gets installed, open this application on your android device and enable all the necessary permission.
  • Finally, start using this Youtubers 2 apk and enjoy the experience of running a YouTube channel

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Youtubers life 2 available for android?

Yes, the YouTubers life 2 game is available for the android device. You can easily get this game for free from the link which we have provided in this post. Moreover, to play this amazing game your phone should have the latest version of Android and have at least 4 GB RAM. If your phone has these system requirements, then you will experience lag-free.

Where can I play Youtubers life 2?

You can play these Youtubers life 2 games on various platforms such as Xbox, PC, MAC, PlayStation, windows, android, iOS devices. But your devices should meet the system requirements to play this game.

Is Youtubers life 2 a good game?

Yes, of course, this YouTubers life 2 game is a good game that is played by many gamers due to its dynamic gameplay, animated graphics, and many more. Moreover,  you will enjoy the concept of this game as it is based on what the YouTubers face while growing their channel.

How many GB is Youtubers life 2?

The size of the game varies from device to device. In android, the Youtubers life 2 game size is  514 MB and needs 3 GB space in the internal storage. Whereas in PSP, PC its size is 4 GB game.

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