Dragon Ball Super Extreme Butoden Android Download

Dragon Ball Super Extreme Butoden Android Download

Hello friends today I am bringing you Dragon Ball Super Extreme Butoden PS2 DBZ game for android device. Friends recently I am brought you dragon ball z extreme butoden Mugen game but this game are very different to previous game. Because guys this game has been come dragon ball super & dragon ball gt character. This is a latest PS2 DBZ game and the game just based on dragon ball super but is not made by any official developer. Then the game not come any story line & some port not like official.

The game textures and pixel quality is so good to compare dragon ball z extreme butoden Mugen game. I am provide the some screen of the dbs extreme butoden Mugen game and also provide the information about of this game. You can play this game on Lowe’s android phone. Which mean you can run this game on 1gb & 2gb ram smarthvphone easily. Friends I am want inform you about of the game which is you can’t not play this game in ios phone. But the game run in easily on any computer then it mean you need a emulator to run the game in your phone.

It is a 2D game which has been come with pixel graphics and the all ports are based on real attack. So guys lets know more about the dragon ball super extreme Mugen game.

About Of Dragon Ball Super Extreme Butoden Mugen Game

Dragon Ball Super Extreme Butoden

Friends which you can see the image of this game then friends I am want to say that the game background look like. Pc mugen game & and the game has benn come with 48 character. The game have all dragon ball super maps which you can see the images of the game. So game look like to better to other Mugen game actually it a pc game but you can run this game in your phone. Help us by exagear emulator and the game is fully offline and you not need internet connection to play this game.

  • Gogeta SSJ4 :- Friends in this game you will see dragon ball super character so the game has been come with Goku SSJ4 form. Also the game come with gogeta blue form which mean this Mugen game come with two gogeta dragon ball gt and dragon ball super.
  • All Forms Of Goku :- The Goku all form has come in this game Goku base form, super Saiyan one, super Saiyan 3, super Saiyan god red & ssg blue. The all attack are just like real in this game.
  • Golden Frieza – The Frieza is very popular character in dragon ball z and golden Frieza is a dragon ball super character so friends the game so epic and game animation style are very amazing.
  • Buu – The buu all form has been come in this game the buu form names majin buu, kid buu, super buu. I am already say you all attack just based on dragon ball super anime.
  • Berru’s & Whis – Whis and berru’s has been come in this game with new attack.

Friends the game come with character official voice. Which mean the game fully look like real and I am recommend you use the headphone to play this game. Becouse the game sound is very good.

Game play & Information

Dragon Ball Super Extreme Butoden
Dragon Ball Super Extreme Butoden

Guys which you can see the three images of this game so game look like is very epic. This is PS2 DBZ game so I am want to only say this is not any apk game. It a pc game so you need emulator run the game in android phone. The game come with arcade, vs mode, team arcade, team vs. So friends let’s know some information about of the game.

  1. Team Cop – The option are based on multiplayer mode and you can play this game with your friends. Guys you need wifi to using the multiplayer mode on this game.
  2. Vs Mode – It a battle mode in other word you can play single fighting game on this game.
  3. Team Arcade – Team arcade based on team vs mode which mean you need select you favorite character to using this option.
  4. Game Size – Friends dbs extreme butoden game size around 1.2gb I know that the game size is very high. But friends this Mugen game are very amazing.
  5. Genre – Friends you can play this game in two platform pc and android phone.
  6. Transformation Button – The game has come with ps2 style control and the developer added transformation button on this game.
  7. Spacial Attack – Friends in this game all attacks are based on anime attack. The attacks name goku kamehameha, vegito super attack.
  8. All Characters Unlock – You not need to unlock any character on this game because his game is all unlocked already.

DBS Extreme Butoden

Name Of The GameDragon Ball Super Extreme Butoden
Game Size208 MB
Type Of GameFighting And Mugen Game
Graphics Type Of The GameMugen Pixel 2D
2D Game Requirements2GB Ram, Android 6.0


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