Dragon Ball Z: Mugen APK Download For Android (100MB)

Dragon Ball Mugen APK
App NameDragon Ball Mugen APK
File Size357.12MB
Latest VersionV9.54
Android VersionAndroid 6.0 and Above
Last UpdatedSeptember 2022
Total Downloads20M+

Anime has got fans all over the world and a lot of people like it because of its unique storyline and characters. Whether it is an anime series, show, or video game. You will always find something fascinating in every anime thing you watch/play. There are some anime shows that got popular all over the world and Dragon Ball Z is one among them. If you have watched this series before, then you might be interested in downloading Dragon Ball Mugen APK game for Android the game is not available on the official app store, i.e. Google Play Store. So you will have to get its APK file for manual installation.

You can learn more about the Dragon Ball Mugen Android game on this page and also do Dragon Ball Mugen APK download right from here. The best thing about this game is that it is based on the official Dragon Ball series and contains every major character of it. It is developed by independent creators and since it has got characters from an original series. It can’t be listed on official app stores. You can download Dragon Ball Mugen APK and use the file to play this game without any issues. So, don’t wait and read more about this game before downloading. It so you can be sure it is what you wanted.

What Is Dragon Ball Mugen APK For Android

Dragon Ball Mugen For Android

Dragon Ball Mugen is developed by Gojo Gamer and BVN Sasuke XD who are independent game developers. The game features the main characters of the show and has many different fighting sequences. You will find this game very interesting if you like the original game series. We have played this game ourselves and loved it very much. Because it comes with easy-to-control options and very amazing gameplay. Right now, the game is being played by millions of people out there. So you will be able to use the online mode of it to compete and fight with other players from around the world.

Dragon Ball Mugen Mobile APK Gameplay

Dragon Ball Mugen APK 100MB
Dragon Ball Mugen Download For Android
Dragon Ball Z Mugen APK
Dragon Ball Super Mugen APK For Android

Since it is a fighting game, you will have to use the available characters to fight with your competitors. There are several modes like Arcade, PvP, Tournament, etc. available in it and every mode comes with different rules. If you are new to the game then you can use the Practice mode to learn different attacking and defence tactics before competing with other players. Although the game was launched a few years back, it is still worth downloading because of its amazing gameplay. It might look very similar to the TEKKEN game. But the characters are very different and perfect for every Dragon Ball lover.

Dragon Ball Super Mugen APK Features

Original Dragon Ball Characters

Dragon Ball Mugen has got every major character that is available in the TV series and you will be able to play the game with them. When you will run the game for the very first them. Then the game will ask you to choose one character that you want to play the game with. Later, as you make progress in the game other characters can be unlocked. Doesn’t matter if you like Goku, Vegeta, Beerus, Gohan, Piccolo, Broly, or someone else in the series, they all are available in it. So, don’t wait more and start enjoying the game right on your mobile devices.

Different Game Modes

To make the more interesting for everyone to play, there are different types of game modes available in it. You can play the Arcade mode. If you want to play with every available character in the game or you can use the Practice mode to master your skills. A PVP mode is also available that allows you to play against real players from around the world. Social network login can also be used to add your friends to the game and you will be able to compete with your friends to earn various types of rewards and currencies.

Works On All Types of Devices

No need to worry about the type of device you are using or the configuration of it, the game works perfectly fine on all Android devices. We have tested this game on different Android OS mobile phones and it worked without any lag. The minimum requirements to run this game would be 2GB of RAM, and 4GB of storage space and the device must be running on Android OS 6.0 or higher. Once you have installed the game, it will optimize itself to work perfectly fine on your device and if you want then you can visit the settings panel to further optimize it for smoother gameplay.

No Payment Required

You don’t have to pay anything either to download Dragon Ball Mugen APK for Android or to play it. Some websites might be asking users to generate the in-game currency by completing the surveys but that is completely fake. Do not fall for such tricks and consider using the original game file to play it. We are looking for a working Dragon Ball Mugen MOD APK so you can get unlimited gems, coins, and every character unlocked by default. Until then you can enjoy playing the version we have shared here and it will let you dive deep into the world of Dragon Ball.

Completely Free & Safe

Installation files like APK, EXE, etc. must be downloaded only from trusted sources. A fake file would install and run unnecessary background processes on your device and it can be risky. That is why we will take responsibility for the Dragon Ball Mugen APK file shared on this page and not anywhere else. You must use the link we have provided here to get this game and follow the exact same procedure to install it. Soon, more characters might be added to the game, so keep an eye on this page if you want to enjoy an upgraded version of this game.

How To Download Dragon Ball Mugen APK 100MB For Android

If you have read the Dragon Ball Mugen features we have mentioned above, then you already know much about the game. Our recommendation will be to move to the download section and get this game for your devices. It can be done by using the link we have provided below and it will get you the latest version Dragon Ball Mugen APK file for the installation. A manual APK installation procedure must be followed to get started with the game and it is pretty easy to do so. If you have not done it before, you might need someone’s help but don’t worry because we are here for the rescue. Follow our steps mentioned below to install this game yourself easily.

  • Get the Dragon Ball Mugen APK file by using the link mentioned above.
  • Save it anywhere on your device because you will need it later.
  • Now open the Settings app of your smartphone and go to Security Settings.
  • Scroll down to the Device Administration section.
  • Find and enable the option that says “Unknown Sources”.
  • Once done, use the downloaded APK file to install the game.
  • Wait for it to install. Once done, open it and start playing it right away.

FAQs Related To Dragon Ball Mugen APK MOD Download

Is Dragon Ball Mugen Android APK Download Safe?

Yes, the installation file provided here is tested by our team and it is completely safe to install on all types of Android OS devices. Since there is no information about the developers and the official website of the game is available, you will always have to get it from external websites like us. For additional security, scan the file before installing.

How To Update Dragon Ball Mugen APK 200MB?

The most recent and updated file of the game will always be available on this page. If you think a newer version of the game might be available, you have to come back again here to get the new file. Once downloaded, follow the same APK installation procedure we’ve mentioned above to install the new updates to your game.

What Are Other Dragon Ball Mugen Games?

Not only Dragon Ball Mugen but there are many other games based on it available out there. Some of them worth trying are Jump Force Mugen, Anime Mugen, Anime All Stars, and Dragon Ball Super. We are going to share all of these games right on this website, so you can use the search function to locate them.

How Many Dragon Ball Mugen Characters Are There?

This game is based on the real Dragon Ball series so it has got every popular characters of it. When you will start the game, then you will be able to play with certain characters first. More characters can be unlocked by using the in-game currency that can be earned after completing the tasks and winning the matches.

Can You Do Dragon Ball Mugen APK Free Download For iOS?

There is no information on Dragon Ball Mugen for iOS available out there and the file we have provided here will work only with Android devices. If you are searching Dragon Ball Mugen for iPhone or iPad, then you will have to wait for some more time. We will add the Dragon Ball Mugen IPA download link once we’ve found a reliable source for it.

Final Words

Dragon Ball Mugen is definitely a worth downloading game if you are a Dragon Ball fan. If you have not played it before or want to try a game based on the Dragon Ball series. Then you can’t find anything better than this right now. Also, we have provided the latest version here so you will be able to enjoy it even more.

Recent news related to this game will be shared on this page so if you are interested. You can keep visiting our blog to know about it. Although we have mentioned everything pretty clearly. If you want more help in playing the game, optimizing it, or with general installation. Don’t forget to contact us with your questions.


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