Dragon Ball Z Arena Mugen Apk 100+ Characters

Dragon Ball Z Arena Mugen Apk 100+ Characters

Hello friends i had brought the many Mugen Dragon Ball Z games in previous day. So friends today i am back with new dragon ball z mugen apk. This game name is dragon ball z mugen arean apk. Friends you know that the dragon ball mugen game developed for pc but you can play this game help us by emulator. In other word you need a exagear emulator to play this. But friends the emulator charge some fees but the exagear emulator have free services so. It’s mean you can play this mugen game in your mobile phone easily. So this is best DBZ Mugen Apk for android mobile phone.

Friends the game support only highest mobile phone and you need 2gb ram in your mobile not have 2gb ram so you feel the some lag in this game.

More About Of The DBZ Mugen Apk

DBZ Mugen Apk

The dbz mugen game are so good because all dragon ball z mugen game have very much characters with anime attacks. Friends this game have around 100+ characters this is first dbz mugen game has been come. With 100+ characters and this game have 2d pixel graphics are very good to compare the others dragon ball z games Power Warriors 12.0 and Bleach vs Naruto. Friends you need a emulator to play this game in your mobile phone i am already say you.

This is version 5 of this game the old version not have any dragon ball super and dragon ball gt characters. but the version 5 have the characters and this is a real DBZ apk other wise guys the dbz mugen game are so epic but is a 2d fighting. The game has been coming only dragon ball characters so in this game not have other anime characters.

Dragon Ball Z Arena come with some features which you can see the image the game have around seven option. In this game you get the arcade vs mod and team arcade mod. There are some other option you can see the team vs and team cop.

Arcade – In the all fighting game arcade option are available the option just like that one vs one battle to like the other games.

Vs Mode – The vs mode are just based on 1 vs 1 fighting mod the vs mode are available in all mugen and other dbz games.

Team Arcade – Friends you can play this game with your team so using the team arcade mod you need to select your favorite characters of dragon ball z and dragon ball super also dragon ball gt so this is a three famous series of characters has been coming in this game.

Game Play And Characters

DBZ Mugen Apk
DBZ Mugen Apk

Combos – The game have combos features to just like the others fighting mugen game but the controls are fully different to other dragon ball z mugen game because. It a emulator game so you can see the image of this game the controls are so cool.

2D Graphics – The game graphics type is 2d pixel graphics i am inform you this is not 3d dragon ball z game.

New Health Bar – In this mugen apk has been coming with new health bar mod also the game have around thirty five maps of dragon ball z mugen game.

Fusion Characters – Gokhan and gogeta all forms vegito all forms has been coming in this mugen apk. With fusion dance and potara earrings fusion anime also the game have new ki charging style.

Kelfla – In this mugen game have kelfla character and the kelfa base and super siayn form are available in this game.

  • Goku Kid Gt
  • Goku All Forms
  • Gohan
  • Teen Gohan SSJ
  • Gohan
  • Saiyaman Gohan
  • Vegeta
  • Majin Vegeta
  • Beerus
  • Broly
  • Gogeta Blue
  • Vegito Blue
  • Trunks
  • Bardock SSJ2
  • UUB
  • Android 18
  • Hit
  • Jiren
  • Golden Cell
  • Ize

DBZ Mugen Game Infromation

Name Of The GameDBZ Mugen Apk
Game Size206 Mega Bite
Type Of GameFighting And Open World
Game ByAndroid1
Graphics Type Of The GameMugen Pixel 2D
2D Game Requirements2GB Ram, Android 6.0

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