Dragon Ball Z: Extreme Butoden Mugen Apk

Dragon Ball Z: Extreme Butoden Mugen Apk

Hello friends to today I am bringing you new amazing dragon ball z extreme butoden Mugen game for android. Guys it is a 3Ds game and also the work by citra emulator friends. I am want to say only Dragon Ball Z: Extreme Butoden not is a apk file you need emulator to run this game. Friends you need in your phone minimum 3gb ram and snap dragon seven series proccesior for example. Snapdragon 710, 720 & 730g all latest mobile phone come with seven series snap dragon proccesior. Friends in your phone have 1gb or 2gb ram phone so you will see very much lag in this game. The download now DBZ Extreme Butoden mugen game in android phone.

The dragon ball z extreme butoden come with two version the first version have only dragon ball z character. The second version come with dragon ball super and dragon ball gt character. Game controls just like the play station 2 controls in. Other words friends you can feel play station 2 control to playing this game.

This is not a open world game the game graphics type is 2d pixel mugen type. But the game have all dragon ball character. Friends I am provide you second version download link becouse the second version is very amazing. To compare first version of dragon ball z extreme butoden.

About DBZ Extreme Butoden Mugen Apk

Friends, you will get to see players of Dragon Ball Super & Dragon Ball Z and Dragon Ball Gt in this game as you can see in. The images below that the games are amazing and the graphics of this game are better. Than the other Dragon Ball games. And in this game you will get to see two story lines, the first story line is based. On Dragon Z or the second story line is based on Dragon Ball Super Anime. Which comes the players of the game Dragon Ball gt, but friends in this game you will Dragon ball gt story line will not be seen.

Friends let know it which new characters and maps has been coming in this game so full read this post till the end.

  1. Goku – In this game you will see the Goku all form super Saiyan 4 form and Goku super Saiyan blue god form. With all attack are just based on anime attack so it a very amazing game.
  2. Bardock – Father of son Goku bardock has been coming in this game with three diffrent type attack. The game is official game so it means the game has been coming orignal story line of dragon ball. The game much better to other Mugen game namely bleach vs naruto and. Power warriors so download now this game in your device.
  3. Vegeta – The Prince of Saiyan Vegeta has been coming in this game with there all five form my means. Vegeta super Saiyan, super Saiyan 2, majin Vegeta, Vegeta super Saiyan blue god. And super Saiyan 4 form has been coming in this game.

Game Features

DBZ Extreme Butoden
DBZ Extreme Butoden

Friends, as you can see, I have provided you the download link of the latest version of dbz extreme butoden and you can easily download this game through media fire and friends, the size of this game is about 800 MB and friends. I have already told you that this game will run through an emulator and you will have a good mobile phone to play this game. If you do not have good RAM and proccesior in your phone, then you have to do something while playing this game. lag or crash will be seen.

The game has been come around five option so lets know. Friends which new option has been come in this game.

  • Z Story :- It is first option on this game and you can enjoy. The dragon ball z and dragon ball super story line to using this option.
  • Versus Mode :- This is second option of this game friends the option based on arcade battle type mode.
  • Extreme World Tournament :- Friends you know that in the all dragon ball z games come with world tournament option. So friends the world tournament features has been come in this game.
  • Quest Mode :- It a multiplayer mod and you can this game with. Your friends to using wifi so game are so good.
  • Battle Mode :- The game have two battle mode versus mod and. Battle mode option and the option are same to using.

DBZ Extreme Butoden Apk Download

Friends, this game is based on Dragon Ball Super and Dragon Ball Z anime, and the game was first released on 11 June 2011 in Japan. Then that the game was released for Australia and Europe in October 2016. Was around 95% of people liked this game and I am given some information about this game with the screenshot of this game, hope you enjoy this game

Name Of The GameDragon Ball Z: Extreme Butoden
Game Size408 MB
Type Of GameFighting And Mugen Game
Game ByAndroid1
Graphics Type Of The GameMugen Pixel 2D
2D Game Requirements4GB Ram, Android 8.0.1
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