Pubg New State APK & iOS Download 2021

Pubg New State APK & iOS Download 2021

Hello Pubg Fans, The best news of the year 2021 is for you. As you all know that fifty nine Chinese applications were imposed as per the order of the Government of India, of which Pubg Mobile was also included. You can download the Pubg New State Apk from our site and take the trail of the game.

People are still playing Pubg Mobile, although Pubg Mobile has been removed from google play store. But many people are downloading this game from third party websites.

The preregistration of the game which is game has started, except in India. As I have told you above that Pubg Mobile is banned in India. So this game was not released in India.

What Is The Pubg New State

Pubg New State Apk
Pubg New State Apk

This game is an all new latest battle royal and multiplayer game created by krafton games.

The graphics of this game is absolutely fantastic. The graphics of the game is exactly the same as pc games. This is going to be the best battle royal game. So far because you will get all the cars and features in this game for the year 2051. Which makes this game much better.

If you do not know what game is. Then I want to tell you that PUBG is an online video game. This game is one of the most popular game. Which was very much liked by all the games lovers.

This game is created by krafton company and krafton own pubg. It is a south Korean company.

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Pubg New State Apk Features Information

Although some features of game and Pubg Mobile are similar. But some new features have been included in game. Which are given below if you per-registration this game in advance. Then you will get permanent vichicle and helmet skin for free.

  • Graphics: The graphics of the have been greatly improved. The graphics of this are very high resolution and high dimation.
  • Skins: In this game you will get to see different types of skins. Such as car or bag skins, you can use all skins for free.
  • Cloths: Another feature of game is this is a completely new game. So you get to see lots of free cloths in this game.
  • Match Of Players: This game is similar to the rest of the battle royals games. This means that it has a match of 100 players.

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Others Game Features

Some other features of this game are as follows.

  1. Multiplayer: This game is a multiplayer game that you can play with your friends. It is an online game, so you need internet connection like wifi and mobile data.
  2. High Graphics: As you know, in 2021 the graphic of the game is very much matter . The graphics of this game are absolutely futuristic. The graphics of this game is based on version 2.0. Which means that the graphics of this game is very advanced level.
  3. Sound Effects: The sound effects of this game is much more impressive.
  4. New Maps: You will get to see a completely new and latest map in this game. Which is about 8 * 8 km in length.
  5. Different Types Modes: You will get different typed modes like TDM etc. In this game.

How To Download Pubg Mobile State Apk & iOS

If you want to download the Pubg New State Apk. Then you should read the five steps below carefully. If you do not follow any of the five steps mentioned above. Then may be you download this game on your android mobile phone. Then don’t be able to access your Android and ios Mobile phone.

  1. The first step is that you will have to download the Pubg New State Apk file of this game. Which you can download from our site.
  2. The second step is that you need to download the obb file of this game. This is the data file of this game.
  3. You will now have to install the Pubg New State Apk in your mobile phone. Then you will also have to extract the data file of the game you have downloaded. You can do the game file by application of Compressor 7zip file name.
  4. Four steps is that now you have to put obb file of the game in your phone’s internal storage in the folder of Android name.
  5. Open the on your Android mobile phone and enjoy the game.

Hope you understand from the above steps how to download and install game.

System Requirements

The system requirements of app are given below. Which are as follows.

  • Ram: If you want to play this game. Then your mobile phone should have radio access memory of at least 1.5gb or above.
  • Processor: To run this game in android phone, your phone should have Snapdragon 675 or above processor.
  • Android Version: This game runs through android version 6.0.1. So your android phone should have android version 6.0.1.

Please note if you are an iso mobile user. Then this game’s per-registration has not started for iso mobile phone yet. But will start soon and you can download from our site for Pubg New State iso devices.

Pubg New State Download For Android And Information

Game NamePubg New State
File TypeApk
PlatformsAndroid & iOS
Ram1.5GB Above
ProcessorSnapdragon 655
Name Of The DeveloperKrafton
Download FromGoogle Play Store

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