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Bleach Vs Naruto 400+ Characters Download Mugen Apk

Hello friends today I am back with new dragon ball z mugen game. Friends the game name is bleach vs naruto with 400 characters. Guys are you know that the mugen game are amazing. This i a mega update of this game and now this game size about 2GB. It’s very amazing mugen game come with 400+ characters and different type of maps, all anime characters. Friends are you know that the power warriors are very popular mugen game. Then friends if you want to download Power Warriros 12.0 apk that then click on Link.

Bleach Vs Naruto Mugen Apk Game Characters

Bleach Vs Naruto
Bleach Vs Naruto

Goku Ui – Goku ui and goku mui with immaculate pixel graphics textures. The goku is most power full and struggle character in dragon history line. Goku ultra instinct and mui form are available in this game then you can play with there character.

Goku – In this game have goku all form my means base, super saiyan, ssb kaioken are available in. This mugen apk goku base form have sprit bomb attacks.

Vegeta – Vegeta super saiyan god, super saiyan blue has been coming in this game. With galick gun port so download in your phone bleach vs naruto mugen game.

One Punch Man – Friends one punch man a new anime and this anime is very famous so friends. You can play bleach vs naruto mugen game on your android phone with one punch man character.

Cooler And Naruto – The cooler all form are available in this game cooler base form. Meta cooler golden cooler with new port naruto is other anime character. Friends you can play this game with naruto character easily.

Final Jiren Form – Jiren is a most popular character and friends you can play this game easily. With final jiren form Jiren base form.

The game coming with 400+ character and you can called this game bleach vs naruto 400+ character mugen apk. My opinion is download this game now because the game around ten option and 400+ characters the game have much reasons.

Bleach Vs Naruto Mugen Apk Options

Bleach Vs Naruto

Sound Quality – Friends i am recommend play this game with earphone because the sound quality is very good. The characters voice are available in this mugen game with English language. The game gernal sound is super best you like very much this mugen game.

All Characters Unlock – The other mugen game no have 400+ character but the bleach vs naruto mugen game have 400+ characters. Friends you don’t need to unlock the characters.

Option Mod – Friends you can controls easily your game sound and game quality easily and also you set the layout of controller.

400+ Characters – This game is very unique to other mugen game because bleach vs naruto mugen apk have all famous characters. My means the bleach vs naruto game have different type of anime characters.

Story Line – The game not have any story line of anime game because this is a fan mad game.

Team Play – It a battle type mod and you can play in this game with maximum three characters. And you can select the different type of maps and the game have two option the first option name is that team play so you like the team play battle so select this option. The second option name is arcade battle.

Friends our site available many different type mugen game and dragon ball z ttt mod so friends are love the dragon ball z and dragon ball super so try the other dragon ball z game so let’s check out the other games of our site.

How To Download The Game

  1. Friends you need a very good phone and minimum 4gb ram and snap dragon 665 processor and 32 empty space in your mobile phone other wise game is very lag in your phone.
  2. Click on the download link and download the game 2gb apk.
  3. After you download the game so you need to extract file and extract your game help us by z archiver app.
  4. Friends after you extract your game so make sure enable the unknown sources in your mobile phone.
  5. Open your game which you can see the bleach vs naruto mugen game work in your mobile phone. Now enjoy your game with 400+ characters.

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