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God Of War 3 APK + OBB File Download For Android (Offline)

Hello everyone!! Do you love to play action-adventure games on your device? Are you looking for an adventure game? If so, then you have clicked the right article. Today we have brought a unique and exciting game, i.e. God of war 3 APK game, full of action.

Before starting the article, let us know something about this android game. It’s a single-player and most famous adventure game. Most importantly, you play with Kratos’ character, which you have to use to defeat the enemies in the god of war 3 mobile apk game. So, in this post, we will discuss everything about this god of war 3 apk game. Soryline, gameplay, features and how to download on mobile, and many more.

God Of War 3 Apk OBB Information

God Of War 3 Apk

God of War 3 mobile was released on 16 March 2010 by Sony Computer Entertainment(SCE) and created by Santa Monica Studio (SMC). If you love Greek mythology, you should try this god of war 3 apk game on your mobile device based on this mythology. Moreover, this game was the first launch for PC, Xbox, and PSP devices. But the developer released this game for mobile users due to demand. Most importantly, it is a single-player game. By controlling the kratos, the gamers can defeat various enemies like centaurs, chimaeras, harpies, satyrs, cyclopes, minotaurs, Cerberus, Sirens, Gorgons, etc.

Features Of God Of War 3 Android

  • The god of war 3 android  game is exciting due to its high-quality realistic graphics that feel like you are playing a real game.
  • Undoubtedly, this game is considered the most popular adventure game because of its unique Storyline and gameplay based on Greek mythology.
  • Moreover, the UI of this game is more attractive and straightforward, making it easier for the gamers to understand the game’s controls.
  • God of war 3 apk download for android provides you with a secure and safe platform that you don’t have to worry about your privacy and data.
  • You will get various weapons, especially blades of Exile, which the Kratos use to defeat enemies in the god of war 3 android apk obb download game.
  • Most importantly, the god of war 3 download apk is free to play on android or iOS devices. You don’t have to purchase anything inside this game as it is also free.
  • The best part, you can save your game and continue from there when you start playing it again. You can even take screenshots and make videos of the gameplay.
  • This game runs and works smoothly on each device, including Android, iOS, PC, PSP and many more. But this game on mobile will not give that much enjoyment because of the graphics you feel while playing the PC or PSP version of this game.
  • In addition, you will not see any paid ads while opening the game. That’s why you will never be distracted, and you will enjoy playing this game.

Characters In God Of War 3 Mobile

God Of War 3 Apk
God Of War 3 Apk

This god of war 3 download apk game is full of thrills and excitement because the gamers have to do various things like climbing the walls and ladders, swinging on ropes, jumping across the charms, and many more. Moreover, they have to solve multiple puzzles, which may be complex or straightforward. You may sometimes only have to place the specific object in a particular place to solve the mystery. Sometimes, you may need time and precision. Overall, this game is imposing to play because of its unique and fantastic Storyline and gameplay. Also, the gamers have given a 4.2 rating out of 5.0 that makes it an excellent game.


It is the game’s main hero, which ends up in an uproar, and half a year later, he breaks this oath with Ares because of the death of his wife and children. This double fall brought him to Furies’ trial. Three pre-Titans sisters and two Gods, Furies are terrible punishments for people who break their promises.

The Restored Hero

The restored hero used for most players looks a bit like a prisoner at the start of a game. Kratos is sent by ship to Delphi to receive Oracle, which may help him as he continues to seek opportunities. The girl of Kratos appears in dreams in Kratos.


Mathematician, physicist, architect, creator, and certified astronaut who creates the incredible sculpture of Apollo on Delos. The principal person was arrested by the Furies. He has kept records since his arrest, which Kratos found near the Jail. Oath-keeper helps Kratos by breaking ties and dismissing sisters.

GamePlay Of God of War 3 Remastered Apk

The gameplay of this god of war 3 android download game is similar to the previous version, which aims at battle based on combination with the help of a significant player weapon, Blades of Exile and second weapons found throughout the game. It is a fast-paced game where the player plays well-planned to defeat bosses and potential enemies.

During the god of war 3 ios game, gamers can acquire four weapons such as Claws of Hades, Blades of Exile, Nemesis Whip and Nemean Cestus, which can defeat various enemies in the game. Moreover, you will get three secondary ones: Bow of Apollo, Boots of Hermes, and Head of Helios, which the player can use to complete. Most importantly, you will get a challenge mode in which you have defeated various enemies in a limited time to get multiple rewards.


This god of war 3 apk download game story is based on mythology in which Kratos teamed up with the Titans to defeat the enemies but failed. The game introduces many new jobs and outstanding mechanics. The game continues as Kratos returns to life to avenge the mythological gods for his joined titans. Still, as he sees, they are pushed back too far because of the power of the mythical gods.

There we can fight human titans and giant monsters too. This god of war 3 download for the android game continues as we eliminate the various enemies by playing with Kratos. The game is trendy among players of this generation as it is prevalent in the PlayStation era of the game.

Description Of Game

The player can use four wizard attacks and power upgrades as acting combat options. There are exciting features such as field elements and puzzles which the gamers have to solve during the game. Compared to previous versions, the god of war 3 mobile game offers an improved magic machine, fewer opponents and new programs, new camera angles, and easier to download content.

God Of War 3 Download For Android Overall Summary

Unfortunately, this god of war 3 game download for android mobile game is the top-rated and famous game ever made by the developer. It is a fifth instalment in the most popular action-adventure series, i.e. god of war. As we know, the game is inspired by Greek mythology. Kartos is a Legend of Sparta and the most important or main character of the mobile game that the gamers have to control to defeat various enemies, especially Olympian Gods.

How To Download God Of War 3 Apk For Android

It’s easy for gamers to download god of war 3 for android and iOS devices. You only have to carefully follow the instructions below to install these video game on your mobile device.

  • First of all, get the god of war 3 apk file and OBB data file from the below-mentioned download button and start downloading it on your mobile device.
  • Then, allow the unknown source permissions from your phone setting.
  • After enabling, find the apk file and OBB file inside the download folder and click on it to start the installation process.
  • Wait for a while until this God of 3 game gets installed on your mobile device.
  • Then, copy the god of war 3 apk obb file in the correct folder; otherwise, it will not run on your mobile device or may show an error.
  • Now, open this god of war 3 game on your android or iOS device and allow necessary permissions.
  • Finally, start playing this action game on your mobile device and enjoy its gameplay.


God of war 3 APK is an action-packed and fast-paced game that comes with a fantastic storyline. We hope that we have discussed everything about this game in this article. Also, provide a direct download link to download the God of war 3 games without verification. Many gamers love the game due to the Greek mythology storyline, making it worth playing on any device. So, we recommend you try this game on your android or iOS device.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Q1) Can we play God Of War 3 on mobile?

A1) Yes, this God of war 3 game is available for mobile users. Due to its demand, the developer made this game for android and iOS users. Moreover, you will not experience the same gaming experience as what you feel on a PC. Also, you can download this game from the above mentioned downloading button.

Q2) Is God of War 3 the best?

A2) You sometimes confuse whether this God of war 3 is worth playing or not. If so, then don’t worry as it is the most popular and best game made in the God of war series due to its gameplay, Storyline and many other features.

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